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  1. This is John Hartman,. I had an ankle injury 30 years ago while rollerskating. Many pins and plates were used to reconstruct it. I still have the xrays which I could try to send you. I am receiving cortisone shots and usually they work very well keeping the pain at bay for about 4 months. Prior to this I was considering fusion surgery because it was really bad and I could barely walk on it. But as I say, the cortisone is very helpful. I also have a soft, velcro fastening brace prescribed by an orthopedic doctor, which I use when I am doing heavy work or when I know I will be on uneven terrain. It is helpful My questions are:
    1. .Should I continue this current practice of the shots? Is there any downside to getting them?
    2. Would it make any difference if I had the pins and or plate removed? ( A few have come out on their own) This current dr. thinks it won’t make a difference.
    3. What kind of effort should I make to strengthen or rehabilitate the ankle on my own so it will last as long as possible and what would you advise in this regard?

  2. Hello, I am a 28-year-old male patient. I had lengthening surgery and the method I used was the lon method. I had lengthening with an external fixator for three months, but during this time I was having trouble bending the knee. After the fixator was removed, I continued physical therapy. When I couldn’t get results for the first few months, I went to different physical therapy centers and tried my luck, but I couldn’t get any results. Right now my left knee reach 90 degree ( passive) and i use CPM machine everyday like 5 hour ( 2.5 left , 2.5 right ). The doctor told me to have minimal invasive Quadricepsplasty surgery. He told me that my Vastus intermedius tendon will be cut, and he said to me ,this surgery is nothing to be afraid of. I’ll post same surgery video link belo. Did you make this surgery to anyone before ? Or did u hear this surgery before ? I’m curious about your opinions on this subject, do you think I will have problems walking and running after this surgery? I heard that you are an experienced doctor and I need your help. I would be very happy if you have answers. Love and respect

  3. Hi Dr. Beck, I have a question regarding cartilage loss on the inner portion of the knee only. I know you advised prolotherapy and an unloader brace. I have an unloader brace and when I wear it for 2 hours, my knee has pain under the knee cap area (patella) for 2 weeks. A stabbing pain. I believe this is because I have severe arthritis under the knee cap as well. Is there a different type of brace that wouldn’t pull on the knee cap?

    Thanks as always for all your help!

  4. Hi, this is Nick. I have been suffering for past 2 years for unusual but very constant pain in my coccyx. To put it in practise, I can only lay down on my back for 10 min before it gets too uncomfortable that I have to roll on my side. Also sitting on very soft chairs is usually a killer and after 5 min it would start getting uncomfortable. If I site on a hard wooden surface and sit on my sitting bones then its kinda ok. I have done 3 MRIs, and everybody said I was physically fine. I have done 1 year of Chinese traditional medicine, several sessions with other alternative specialists but nothing really helped. After one year the pain is still there it is a bit lower than 1 year ago but its here and its super annoying as I can only sleep in 1 position. So now its getting to the point when my hip is starting to not feel well … so I am well aware that I need to sort this problem as soon as possible before I pile more cascading issues. I was also told by two specialists that this could all be just an emotional blockage. I could say I am pretty fit, I stretch regularly, do some body weight and weight exercises as well. The pain is only present if I press there with my hand or if I lay or sit down.

    What do you think I could do more to try to find and eliminate the root cause of this problem.? I think just turning off the pain here is not enough.

  5. What can in mean if you have muscle spasms in the leg where you have knee arthritis? I also have occasional sciatica issues. I have been told I must have spinal cord damage or MS but no MRI has been done for the spine. My spinal xrays show degeneration of the cervical and lumbar spine with calcification.

  6. 1, Dr. Beck, what were you referring to when you said “sequencing the body” as it relates to tensegrity?
    2. I had a knee replacement 18 months ago. After plenty of traditional PT, I did not achieve full extension, maybe 15 degrees short of full extension. My other TKR resulted in a similar lack of extension. I was told I have arthrofibrosis which basically describes an excessive amount of scar tissue preventing my knee from straightening. Do you think it is possible to correct this after this much time? Is there something you would see to do at this point.?I’ve been told an MUA could help but I think this makes my knee react by holding even tighter and more scar tissue develops in response. ( this is what happened after my first TKR) I am seeing results working with Bill in unwinding the tension, but by now my back is worse from this misalignment. Any ideas? Thank you.

  7. Hello, Dr. Beck.

    I hope to ask a question. I got my physical exam today and it says that I got iron deficiency anemia. It can be one of the reasons why I suffered from headache and felt dizzy and tired all the time. In addition, I have back pain and knee pain, especially on my right knee, which bothers me from doing sports like swimming and jogging.

    Can you please let me know if I can do anything to improve on my situation?

    Kind regards,


  8. Dr. Beck, how would you compare chiropractic and osteopathic hands on techniques? I know you are a highly trained and experienced physician so you will bring much more to the table when treating your patients than a chiropractor would. I am wondering about the actual hands on techniques.

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