Bill Parravano

Known as the “The Knee Pain Guru,” Bill teaches people how to eliminate chronic pain without drugs, shots or surgery. With over 26 years of martial arts and bodywork experience, his knowledge and understanding of movement and tension patterns that lead to physical pain is unparalleled.

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Scoliosis as a Self-Correcting Mechanism – Ways to Detect, Manage and Help Re-Posture #4

Join Alex Corey and Bill Parravano in discussing that Scoliosis can be derived from a tension pattern and the body’s self-correcting mechanism to keep level eyes on the horizon, not just purely anatomical (distorted bone from birth) In this episode, we discuss -How Scoliosis can originate via chronic automatic self-correcting mechanisms-Awareness and Self-Discovery as keys […]

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Learning Your Neurology to Find & Diffuse Tension | Methods to Reduce Stress Pravilo, Systema

Bill describes Systema as a means to know yourself, how you react given an external input, how your body masks pain and tension patterns, and how to find an existing patterns to diffuse. We cover the best ways to diffuse and integrate tension patterns, how to increase your neurological capacity, and ways to train the […]

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Signs of Inflammation | Small Actionable Steps to Quiet the Neurology

Inflammation is a natural response of the body to injury or infection, and it is characterized by redness, swelling, heat, and pain. Inflammation is caused by the release of chemical mediators, such as histamine and prostaglandins, which sensitize nerve endings and increase blood flow to the affected area. This increased blood flow brings immune cells […]

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Nothing Working? How to Start Getting Out of Pain without Getting Overwhelmed & Giving Up

Neurology functions in the pattern of a fractal. Awareness and analysis at the proper level of your neurology is critical to addressing pain, which we only usually detect in the densest layer, our physical body. Neurology functions as a fractal and analysis at the correct level of the fractal is necessary to truly start at […]

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Introducing Alex Corey of Cultivated Change | Heal at 286 mph

This is the first episode of our re-launched Pain Education Podcast – a weekly chat with Bill Parravano, founder and CEO of the Comella Foundation and Alex Corey of Cultivated Change. Join us Live at 1 PM EST every Tuesday as we answer your questions on pain reduction and empowering your body to heal through osteopathic healing modalities, nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle change.

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How NLP Works On Physical, Mental, and Emotional Pain With Lloyd Robrecht

“If you desire an improved quality of life, are looking for resources, and solutions, then you have taken the first step. If you have come this far, you can come a little farther. I would be honored to be a part of your journey.” ~ A. Lloyd Robrecht Important Links to A.Lloyd Robrecht: Website: Facebook: […]

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Do You Have the Right M.I.N.D.S.E.T. for Pain Relief with Dr. Deepak Ravindran

“I like to use that term, what’s called trauma-informed pain care, meaning that we need to understand that when we’ve all gone through different forms of trauma, that may be…The trauma that people experience adversity in childhood, to actually the various traumas that we’ve all been subjected to as part of covid isolation, to poverty […]

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Neuropathy, Chronic Pain, and Opioid addiction with Rose Pignataro

“My approach to patient care, as well as self-care, is focused on self-empowerment and a holistic definition of wellness that includes not only the physical body, but our emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Pain and fear are closely related, and self-empowerment helps diminish fear by taking back control over the aspects of health that are directly […]

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