Relieving pain using mindfulness with Stanter Kandola

I am deeply committed to helping people on their journey toward self-discovery. There is a way to live in this life where we can overcome adversity and deal with struggle without feeling like we’re drowning. I can help you to surf the waves of adversity, to open to new adventures and new possibilities where once there seemed to be none.

~ Stanter Kandola

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In 2012, Stanter started professional training with Breathworks and is now a fully Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teacher. She undertakes regular supervision as part of the codes of practice to maintain her accreditation.

As part of the Health Trainer service, Stanter has played a lead role in the pilot Pain Clinic, working in partnership with GPs and physiotherapists in supporting people with chronic pain. The excellent results from this joint project were shared at a national level and the service was nominated for an outstanding performance award.

Stanter Kandola brings her knowledge and skills learned over the many years to her Mindfulness practice, working successfully with clients with a whole range of health conditions including ME, chronic pain, depression, stress, and multiple sclerosis, to name but a few.

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