Nothing Working? How to Start Getting Out of Pain without Getting Overwhelmed & Giving Up

Learning methods to find and diffuse tension in order to bring our bodies back into homeostasis is a fundamental skill. Neurological capacity and autonomic flexibility are the extent to which our nervous systems can handle and bounce back from stressors. In this episode, Alex Corey and Bill Parravano discuss Bill’s recent Systema seminar to start teaching this specific Russian healing practice – “disguised as a martial art.”

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Full Transcript

Neurology functions in the pattern of a fractal. Awareness and analysis at the proper level of your neurology

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

is critical to addressing pain, which we only usually detect in the densest layer, our physical body.

Neurology functions as a fractal and analysis at the correct level of the fractal is necessary to truly start at the beginning.

The first step that Bill teaches in his program, via orthobionomy, is getting you back to baseline first, into comfort, before any decisions are made in a heightened, stressed state and before any techniques are applied

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Bill Parravano

Known as the “The Knee Pain Guru,” Bill teaches people how to eliminate chronic pain without drugs, shots or surgery. With over 26 years of martial arts and bodywork experience, his knowledge and understanding of movement and tension patterns that lead to physical pain is unparalleled.

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