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0:00:04.4 S1: Hello, is Bill the Knee Pain Guru, and welcome to the Pain Education Podcast, where we dig into and discuss unique approaches to relieving chronic pain or pain in general in the body. Today we have a special guest. His name is Theo. Luciano, welcome to the podcast today, and I’d love you to introduce yourself, tell us your…

0:00:35.2 S2: Thanks for having me on. I really appreciate it. Long story short, I do, I am a health researcher, Bio-hacker, and I own a supplement company, and I specialize in hard to solve problems, and that’s actually how I got into health and wellness is ’cause I had a, what I would call an intractable problem that the traditional medical model couldn’t solve, we’re just pushing some drugs at me, and I had to go and fix myself, and after a lot of money, a lot of money and a lot of time kinda came around and fixed it, and the big part of that journey was actually my gut health and in my case, it took me about four years to fix my gut because I was throwing darts against the wall in the dark, but eventually I’ve kinda figured it out what works, what doesn’t work, and it’s actually pretty… To fix.

0:01:41.5 S1: Cool. Could you kinda give us… I’m in my mind, I’ve got a four-year timeline right now. Okay, could you give me an idea what you were struggling with at the beginning, what type of challenges you were experiencing in your body, in your life that led you on that path?

0:02:01.2 S2: Yeah, got it. So, long story short, I used to own a company, it was a commercial real estate investment company, and was one of the owners or two of us, and as we all remember in 2008, 910, the market crash, and here in California, it was a pretty dramatic event, it was a big deal. And I started the company in 2010, and that was right at the bottom of the market. So for the next several years, I ended up working in a client service business on call seven days a week, working 10 to 12 hour days were the norm, occasionally a 14-hour day, high stress never ended when all the time… And I ended up producing a lot of cortisol chronically, and one of the issues with cortisol is that it is a pro-inflammatory molecule, so I had this chronic low-level inflammation going on throughout my body the entire time, and your body can deal with that for a while two, three, four years. But I was going on four or five years, and eventually I just fell apart, man, I felt a part… I had severe burnout, I had a full anointed shut down, so basically my day would look like a wake-up tired, I’d feel horrible, I drag myself to the office, I’d have about two hours of energy where I could return emails and be on the phone and then after that, I lay on the floor in my office, stared at the ceiling, and just wondering how the heck does…

0:03:51.1 S2: And get through the rest of the day. And I had a lot of mild cognitive issues too, so short-term, long-term memory problems, problems, difficulty processing information, those sort of things, and I’m excited to talk about that a little later in the podcast ’cause that’s also inflammation-related, and just… I was in my 30s, man, mid to late 30s, I didn’t have been happening… I was an active guy, I grew up on a farm in Minnesota. I was still surfing and still trying to eat pretty clean, but this stress, it just direct me… So I went to… I did a battery of tests with your normal doctors had something like over 200 blood markers measured, I went to different neurologists, GPS, this and that, and the endocrinologist, the whole deal, and the best advice he gave me was a five-minute test and say, Cool, do you want some Adderall, you have an attention problem… It’s just like, Go on, man, you know. I mean, I wake up feeling horrible every day, and I was in my 30s, I have an attention problem, I had information problem, but if you don’t know, you don’t know.

0:05:11.4 S2: And so I stumbled across this concept of inflammation being the root cause of almost all of our diseases is a study we can talk about later that mentions is implicated in 75% to 90% of chronic disease in America today. And I started to slowly kinda get a handle on it and kind of figure out what to do the lower inflammation, and I changed my lifestyle, I change my environment. Ultimately, it changed my work ’cause it was killing me… Sure, and literally… Yeah, yeah, it’s bad, man, I mean, stress is… Stress is a killer, and you know, it’s crazy, as most people don’t even know that psychological stress causes physical inflammation in the body, and even worse, it’s a self-reinforcing feedback loop, so when you encounter psychological stress, your body and your immune system thinks it’s under attack, so it releases these signaling molecules called inflammatory side kinds, and they go throughout your whole body and then they signal, Hey, there’s something going on here, let’s send the troops and the troops are inflammation, and not all information is bad if you hit your thumb with a hammer becomes red, swollen it, throb. That’s a cute inflammation.

0:06:35.1 S2: That’s good, that’s all the juice and the red blood cells and all the good things rushing in there, but chronically over time, it’s a bad thing, and so you’re stressed, you produce inflammatory settings that produces more stress and then you produce more cytokines, and this cycle will repeat it until you burn out like I did, it’s just direct. So that comes down, so you can fix the information in most parts of your body, but when the gut is a difficult one to deal with, and it’s called your second brain for the reason it has a huge amount of nerves and nervous tissue in it, the surface area is gigantic, and most people have a ledge, which we’ll talk about, and so that one, the Western medical has no answer for, they don’t even think like guts or… That’s real. And that’s proven, that’s a double-blind CBO control, randomized clinical trials, there are tight junctions in your gut and they’re a lifestyle diet and other practices that open them up, and when those are opened up, things that are supposed to be inside your gut flow through the gut, and they go into the interstitial spaces in between your cells and they cause huge body-wide inflammation and minds…

0:08:08.5 S2: Do you help me honest if mine was even worse than normal persons… Because back then, I was stressed all the time, I was working at the time, so I was drinking all the time. And not an easy beer or anything is having gin and vodka and whiskey and just terrible things and just pounding down wheat and all these things that were so bad for the guy, and so that’s why mine was a longer thing to repair, so… Yeah, what do you wanna cover next on that?

0:08:44.4 S1: Yeah, I wanna back up just a little bit, because you gave out some fantastic information that’s really valuable, but I wanna tie people in with your journey, so you were wrecked, you went through the battery of tests with all the doctors, you’re getting to a place where the doctors don’t have the answers. Correct, and there was this piece of how the gut played a huge role in this process… Yes. What was the Nexus… What was that point where it’s like you realized the doctors didn’t have the answers, and all of these pieces that you were struggling with was tied to inflammation in your gut.

0:09:36.7 S2: Well, that’s a really good question, and the answer is, it could sound trite to some, it could sound inspiring to others, but when I was in at my lowest level burnout, tired, chronic fatigue, negative, using alcohol, the coke, a friend of mine dragged me to you, Tony Robbins, seminar LA. Okay, my good friend Brad. You know, he’s the type of guy. He went to India for a year. Just meditating, I didn’t talk for six months. One of those dudes, but he got really into Tony Robbins and at the time, and even a little bit today, to be honest, I’m not a motivational seminar guy, I’m showing me the data, show me science, and then let’s pull out a practical solution that I can do today, that’s me and grew up on a farm, Minnesota, we want… We value practicality. Sure, so it drags me, this Tony Robbins seminar, and I kept trying to leave, I was like, I’m not waiting in line to register, try to leave twice, I’m looking going back to Tali kept pulling me back in, so this thing was five days long, he didn’t tell me that. So the first day I’m just hating life.

0:10:54.0 S2: And what am I doing here is people are jumping up on their chairs, and at the time I looked crazy, I’m six foot four, but I had this long beard and pare down basically down past my chest, because I just gave up on life. I was just growing here and appeared by day two, I was like, Man, I’m stuck here, so I might as well just go all in, so I did, and it was really good. And on the fifth day, he has something called a health day, and there is exposed to the mitochondrial theory of health, which I don’t really consider a theory, that’s a fact, and inflammation is the biggest determinant of your mitochondrial health, whether you’re low or high information and most other chronic problems in your life are gonna… They’re gonna come from that. And once I have that piece of information, I was able to pick it up and run with it and figure it out.

0:12:00.9 S1: Okay, mitochondrial health. And you ran with it. Where did it go from there? From the Tony Robbins seminar, did you were able to implement stuff there at the seminar, or was it when you got back home after the seminar? What was.

0:12:16.2 S2: It was back home after. And so for people listening and say, Okay, what… Mitochondrial theory health. What the heck is that? To put it simply, and people make fun of this phrase Because you hear it in every high school textbook, but the mitochondria is actually the power house of the cell, right? So these little mitochondria are actually ancient bacteria that live inside ourselves, and a very interesting thing about them is that they do not have a protein transport chain that do not have a carbohydrate transport chain, they do not have a sugar transport chain, they have an electron transport chain, so everything you eat is broken down into electrons that the mitochondria used to power your sales and the sales power your body. And so when we’re talking about inflammatory cytokines, those cause what are called free radicals, and most people have heard of free radicals and anti-oxidants, what most people don’t know is that a free radical is an electron stealer and an anti-oxidant is an electron donor. So when you think that at the very base of everything in your body that these mitochondria run on electrons, if you have electron Steelers, that’s gonna be bad and things aren’t gonna run as well, and the mitochondria will age faster, your cells will then age faster, and then you will age faster, inflammation is aging on steroids, and if you have a lot of antioxidants, specifically the right type with the right pharmacokinetics, meaning how they propagate through your body, you can back that process up and even reverse it in some cases.

0:14:01.9 S2: So I got back and I immediately just started reading every book I could, hiring experts doing interviews, getting tests from companies like biome, who does gut tests for information, and your bacteria did wellness FC, which is… It’s basically like a power of people lab testing company, paid experts to interpret those results, and then started adjusting my VO intake, getting a lot more, what I call bio-energetics, so things that kind of charge your mitochondria up directly, so things like sunlight, earthen and grounding, huge electron donors and exercise, when you compress, twist and move your fascia, when your fast is mechanically distorted, it’s Piezo electric, so it actually generates a small electric charge and it recharges you, so that’s why exercise and movement, or some people have energy afterwards, that’s why it’s because of the fascia moving around. So I got into movement-based disciplines, and I went all out and I joined a climbing gym, I joined a literal circus center, knows you got this 38-year-old guy training at a circus Center, but it was great ’cause I was just a complex movement. And put my body back together, so I did all that for several years, but the gut, I couldn’t fix, I kept…

0:15:37.6 S2: When I would eat something, I get really bloated. And I was taking all these anti-inflammatories and this and that, and the guy just… I couldn’t get it over the line, man, and that is when I finally figured out that leaky gut is a thing, and you have to deal with the leak you got first, and then you can deal with the inflammation part, and that took a long time for that piece to come together.

0:16:10.4 S1: So what were the things that were allowing the gut to heal? I know the axe, all of that is important in the equation of it, but how did you zero in on how to heal what was going on in your gut? There’s.

0:16:30.4 S2: A fantastic question because I invested thousands of dollars trying to fix my gut and I did a battery of alternative tests that were quite expensive, and I followed really strict elimination diet protocols, did carnivore for six weeks straight, which is basically an extreme elimination diet. Did the bio-test three times, followed all their diet recommendations and supplement recommendations, but nothing really put me over the line, but there are basically four things that anyone can do that are actually super cheap, that will fix your gut and they’ll do it pretty quick. Well, one of them’s not that cheap, but we’re talking about 50 bucks at the end of the world, so… Sure. Step one, this is gonna be kinda growth, but people need to know, and this is a fact, we all have poop place in our intestines, so our intestines have these folds increases in them or credation, and over time because the food wheat influence were exposed to, and you get the old impacted matter that gets jammed in those creases and it seals off that portion of the gut from absorbing nutrients, so you can eat this really healthy diet, but you’re not absorbing a lot of it because it’s sealed off by this footpath can go and get clinics, I tried that.

0:17:57.8 S2: I can’t say I was the most comfortable experience is, especially going in there and the assistant… It was like a 19-year-old girl. I’m like, You gotta be kidding me, man. So I didn’t… And you colonic that. And I found out about Selim has, psyllium Husk is this plant from India, and I basically imagine it, it’s like velcro for the sides of your gut for this play take pallium has and it will hook into this old stuff and actually pulls it off and it pulls it out of your body. Okay, so I started doing selling POs and I pulled out all this old stuff, and so you have to look at this is… You’re kind of paving the way. So this is your foundation. You gotta get the old stuff out, right, so I did that and we can talk about exactly what steps to do whenever you’re ready, but moving on to the second step, second step, A… No.

0:19:01.4 S1: I’m taking notes. Yeah.

0:19:02.8 S2: Yeah, it works on psyllium husks is like eight bucks for a huge jar, now it’s like… It’s nothing, you gotta make sure you get the organic though, otherwise it’s great with… By fossae and glyphosate causes leaky gut. And it’s a really big deal. We’ll talk about that later. Okay, but now what you gotta do is you’ve gotta repair your gut and to put it in perspective, imagine your gut has these things called tight junctions and it’s like a screen door, okay. So when your gut is leaky and it’s inflamed, these type junctions Pollard, and then stuff leaks out in your body, goes into your bloodstream, ’cause systemic completion, so inflation and inflation got… There’s a lot of inflation right now, but… You wanna close it. Okay, I tried everything, man, here a ton, and all these different supplements, you want to work best this classroom, a lot of people don’t know what colostrum is, but colostrum is the first milk… Humans produce it too. But you can get bovine colostrum and this stuff did instant went for bloated, just the skinny fat guy, this gut, this ET gut, and I took classroom and it was like that.

0:20:27.6 S2: And he was like, in 30 minutes, it was crazy how fast it worked, and so there’s a protocol of colostrum ’cause you can’t take it all the time, but what you do is you take it every day in the morning and at night for 30 days, and that basically gives you the building blocks to repair itself and seal up those tight-junctions, so you have to look at the colostrum has as we created the foundation and then the classroom is, you had all your contractors come in there and they’re doing the framing or kind building the house out. Now, the third thing you need to do is make sure that those tight junctions don’t open up again, and given.

0:21:14.4 S1: A Yanni, we could go back to step one with the psyllium husks, is this… Are we completing the psyllium husk step before we go on the classroom step or is the psyllium husk step in conjunction with the step to the classroom stuff?

0:21:35.7 S2: That’s a really good question, and it’s gonna depend on everybody’s individual constitution, what they have going on, but the majority of people, if they do that three days in a row, they will have achieved what you need to do is just kind of clear out that area and since we’re back on psyllium husk, what you wanna do is take it on an empty stomach, then you’re probably gonna do a couple of scoops, Two, Three scoops, and they all come in the container and they’re about a universal size, and you have to flush it with a ton of water, because it expands in your gut and it’s that sticky Velcro, and then after those three days, that’s like a once a week thing, but that’s kind of a prep, and now you’ve exposed those creations in those areas, you remove that plaque and now you can get the classroom in there and allow it to repair the TI junctions, so then you do that first thing in the morning before you even drink water, you take… The classroom comes in a powder, and the best way to take it is to show it, you literally put it in your mouth and chew it, mix it with your saliva, swallow it makes it more bio-available, and then you do that at night, right before you go to bed, and that’s kind of the heavy lifting for the repair, and then so you’ve done that and say, Okay great, I don’t want my tight junctions to come in part again.

0:23:06.5 S2: What do I do well, we’re step three. We’re done three. Okay, yeah, and it’s very difficult to keep your tight junctions close because our food supply is almost universally with glyphosate, and a lot of people… I know a glyphosate is, but it is in a organophosphate. It’s commonly known as Roundup, is the most popular herbicide in the world, and it is based on World War II war chemicals. That’s where it comes from. It was based on 24rd, which is what DDT was made from the US. Changed molecule around a couple of steps. The problem with Guy has is that it blows apart the type junctions in your gut like really fast and even in trace amounts, so even a lot of organic food is contaminated because it’s dispersed through our atmosphere now, so you can have this organic field in Montana and they’re growing organic wheat, but then the farm over is not grigor Gani lead and they blow over on the organic one, it’s a real problem, but if you buy organic, you will reduce your levels at least 80%, but there is a molecule that will protect your gut from glyphosate, and it actually vacuums it up and it neutralizes it, and then on top of that, the same macula, close to junctions in your gut, and it’s something called humic and fulvic.

0:24:36.0 S2: Have you ever come across that?

0:24:37.8 S1: I’ve heard a full of the gas… The beginning part of that I’m not familiar with.

0:24:43.2 S2: Well, pollock is a type of humic. It’s just a lower molecular weight and it’s more energetic, but they’re basically that they’re essentially the same thing, it’s just one’s like humeric acid on steroids, and that would be policy Food Supply used to be full of this stuff, and it no longer is because of modern fertilizer practices which buying to minerals in the soil and wash them out, so like nitrogen binds to sulfur and it pulls it out of soil and then the plants don’t take that up, and then the things that eat the plants that we eat, like cows that… They don’t get it, and so then we don’t get it. But hymnals, it’s an ancient soil. Actually, it’s compressed plant material from the Cretaceous era, like 500 million years ago, and it’s just… When you look at it, it’s like this brown blackish mineral, very fine. And you mix it in water… Yeah, some companies sell it already in water form, you take a dropper and you put it in your glass of water, some sell it in powder form, but the basic idea is you take it before you eat, so in the morning when you wake up and take it, and then it coats your gut and it lasts for about five hours, so then a comment as glyphosate after that or just anything you eat in general, your tight junctions are closed ’cause it seals those up and it will detoxify you from the GLA fossa, and then especially before dinner, you take it and ideally take a 30 minutes for eating, but the truth is, I often throw it down minutes before eating and it seems to work just as good.

0:26:35.0 S2: So that’s humic and fulvic acid. So that’s step three. And then you said there was four… Yeah, lucky number four. So this one took the long for me to figure out and is the cheapest by far. Well, the Selim houses achieves, this is pretty cheap too, and it’s so basic, I just think everyone has forgotten about it, So enzymes, man, you produce fewer enzymes in your body as you at… Also, the majority of food that we eat in a western society is enzyme deficient, so traditional foods and traditional cultures, they come with the enzymes in them and they help you digest the food, so I like Korean food quite a bit, and that’s still a pretty traditional diet, so when you go to a Crean, you get the pan on the side dishes, and they’re all Fermin and man, you get these tiny little fish and they’re fermented, they’re not cooked, you get the Kim chi again, fermented, not cook, and so that loads your body up with all these enzymes, and then you eat the dinner, which is cooked, if you get to go here, what have you, and it helps you digest it, but oftentimes in our culture, like all of the food already cooked and you’re typically not giving that many enzymes unless you load up with a huge sale before you eat, which is why a salad traditionally comes before the dinner is the idea is loads you up with enzymes because it sells living, but the type of enzymes the Salar contains pretty much only just help digest what the salary…

0:28:19.8 S2: Exactly. So enzymes, you take three or four of these guys, these little capsules and to help you break down your food… And that made a huge difference. Man, it’s subtle. It’s not any crazy, it’s not like the classroom where you go from bloated to flat stomach in a day, but it’s something you notice over time and basically you feel less full and you feel less stuffed and you wake up with more energy because you’re body have to do as much work to break down the food that you had for dinner, and there’s all kinds of enzyme companies like enzymatic is probably the one that is the most popular, it’s like eight, nine bucks for a bottle of them last year, a month, easy. And that’s a basic four-step protocol anyone can do, the only one that could be slightly tough to source is the classroom, you’re gonna have to order that online, most places don’t carry it and he hardly anybody knows what it is, and you will wanna research that a little bit more, you pretty much don’t wanna go over a month using that and then… ’cause it really loads your body up with these growth factors big time, and you can go on a maintenance schedule after that.

0:29:47.9 S2: So I do it these days, I do it once a year at the 30-day program. The classroom you… Okay, got it. Yep, the other stuff I do, I’d say I’d probably do the sollum HUS once a week, and then the human Coolie every morning and every night. And the enzymes, any time I eat 100% of the time.

0:30:16.0 S1: Do you have… And this is what we could throw in the show notes or after links to these specific ones that you use, or is this through your company or… Let me know either way. It’s perfectly fine. I just wanna give.

0:30:32.6 S2: A year those supplements, I don’t… What I’m gonna recommend to people is, for the William has, you wanna find organic, because it can stay in your body up to 24 hours. I had a friend of mine, he went a little hard on it and he took four times I recommended and it was in his body for three, four days, Granites clean, he’s clean out now, but it… But if you don’t get organic, it has glyphosate and it’s gonna trap quite fossa in your gut for that long, so you have to get organic. There’s a company called Organic India, that’s good. And there’s a couple of others. And then for the colostrum, so you’re gonna have to go by what’s available, you do wanna make sure that it’s grass-fed classrooms, it’s hard to produce, it’s hard to find, it’s hard to make, it’s hard to sell ’cause people don’t get it so that there’s only handful of companies that do it, I will say there is a company called renegade pharmacist. He makes a very good one, that was typically the one that I use, and it’s worth it, it’s like 50 bucks or something, and the humic and folic and coming out with the human concolorous, but is not available now.

0:32:00.2 S2: So what I would recommend is that people can check out Mother Earth Labs, they make an excellent human control, a supplement that comes in a little dropper, and you can use it that way, be very careful with your human folic, anything that comes out of China contaminated with lead and usually cadmium as well, which are some heavy metals do not want in your body, and chilli is actually human control IC, so if you’ve ever heard the… I have the silage. So it’s chillin. So it’s just in the east, it’s called silage because it comes out of fishers and rocks, that’s just how they were able to harvest it traditionally, and how they still do it, and it comes in this resin, but in North America, for instance, there’s a formation, New Mexico called The Fruitland formation, that’s where all of ours comes from, there’s one in Canada, and it’s mind you literally is the mining equipment to get it, so… That’s it, be very careful. I would avoid silage if it comes anywhere from India, China, it’s almost universally contaminated… Got it. With lead up, and then the final piece of the puzzle, ’cause we got excited talking about all these selfies, EMF, and I did wanna mention that Emms.

0:33:28.5 S1: Like energy… What do you call it? Radioactive and not radioactive cellphones.

0:33:35.4 S2: Electromagnetic frequencies. It’s a big deal, man. I used to think it was kind of BS, ’cause I used to walk around Bluetooth headsets when I owned the investment company and just be blasting myself with radiation all day. I was like, I am fine. Well, I wasn’t fine. I had a leaky gut. And what most people don’t know, and it blows people away, is that your gut lining, those type junctions, your blood brain barrier is exact same tissue, so what makes your gut like he makes your blood brain barrier leaky. And when I kept mentioning that had these cognitive disorders like brain fog and difficulty processing information is… ’cause I had a leaky blood brain barrier. Yeah, there’s a lot of things that make it leaky, like lose, but what also makes it leaky is non-native electro-magnetic frequencies, so Bluetooth is a 24 gig or hurt signal that’s the same… Exact same as a Mike wave in your kitchen, it’s just a lower amplitude, it makes these blood brain barriers in your gut barrier permeable, and so the things that aren’t supposed to be in your brain get in your brain, they cause brain inflammation, which is a harder problem to solve…

0:34:58.8 S2: And then you get brain fog and fatigue issues like that, and so the first thing you need to do is really curtail and limit what you are doing with EMF, and there’s very simple things you can do for that that we talk about in a bit, but also and this, I cannot recommend this enough, and you have to be taking magnesium because it took them a long time to figure this out, and anyone that wants really hard science information on this, you can go to a website called bio initiative dot org, and there’s over 3000 studies, you can search by symptom on what EMS does, and the mechanism of damage is how it physically harms your body, is your cells have the… Basically, they have these little doorways on the cell membrane, they’re called voltage-gated calcium channels, and what EMF does is that these channels are normally closed, but it holds them open and then it floods the inside of the cell calcium way more than it should have, and then that creates inflammatory Catlin, which create the free radicals, which create the inflammation, it’s a cascading effect, and that opens up your blood brain barrier and it also causes a leaky gut, so you gotta get a handle on your EMS situation.

0:36:32.8 S2: Most people, they say, Well, I can’t do that. It’s every where, I don’t even know. Or get started. That’s a fair point, but over 90% of Americans are deficient in magnesium anyway, and when you take magnesium, it goes into the cell and it closes the voltage-gated calcium channels, and it actually prevents that damage from happening is a really big deal, and hardly anyone… And magnesium, so cheap, many, six, eight bucks for a good quality one, life extension, a great company from Florida, they make several different types of magnesium, but for anyone just getting started, just get one that has a blend, you get magnesium, Citrate and rotate. That’d be a good one to start with, and they go in different parts of the body, essentially.

0:37:28.4 S1: Wow, this is quite a… I didn’t think we were gonna go down that much. Like talking today. This is excellent. It’s excellent information. What I’d like to do is make a connection, if I may, in a little bit into this conversation on the importance of what you’re sharing today with physical pain, and sometimes there may be a little bit of a misstep or a gap that people would say, Well, it’s going on with my gut, what does that have to do with my lower back, or what does that have to do with my neck pain, or the headaches that I’m having, or my knee pain, or whatever the situation is, and I’d like to go back. Just a moment to the beginning of something that you had said on how you have the brain fog and the lack of energy and things like that, and what I see is a mindset piece that people will get in the beat themselves up for not having the energy. That they had when they were younger. So now they’re gonna go and try to do the things they did when they was high school and in their 20s, and what ends up happening is nothing’s firing the way it did when you were in your 20s before this gut issue happened, and now the nervous system the electrical system blows a fuse, so to speak, and now something…

0:39:05.1 S1: It’s not firing the way it’s supposed to, and we move in a way that we wouldn’t think would be that big of a deal, and the back goes out and then the neck goes out happened to me, or I slept funny on my shoulder and now I can’t turn my head the other way, or knee pain, so I just wanted to bring that into the conversation that everything you’re sharing is so incredibly valuable to that pain conversation and how it relates to physical… Physical pain in the body.

0:39:42.0 S2: Yeah, I think the easiest way to explain that is pain is accentuated and often caused by inflammation, and the single largest source of information in most people’s lives, unless they have an acute injury, is their guy, ’cause almost everybody’s got is trashed. People are walking around with leaky guts, they’re shoving processed food down their cross, exacerbating a problem when they’re taken down glycan. So you get this systemic inflammation that goes through the body, releasing these inflammatory cytokines, so the immune systems are always hyped up, and these inflammatory cytokines going through the body, so then if you have knee pain, it’ll go to that site and it’ll exacerbate the existing problem through making the inflammation worse. And so you have to deal with the inflammation systemically before you can deal with it locally, and we all know the local things you do to deal with me and joint pain, God knows I’ve done a lot of them ’cause my back went out in my 30s and it was really bad. I just didn’t understand how it could happen to me, but it did, and so I did all the therapies for that locally, but I didn’t address the global inflammation until much later, and that’s when made the most progress.

0:41:16.9 S2: So for the pain aspect, a really good example of this is over the holidays, I was visiting my mom in Minnesota, and she’s 75, and she’s got quite a bit of knee pain these days and being Minnesota, and she hadn’t really mentioned it much, but then I get there, and I see she’s having problems going up and down the stairs, and I’m just like, He’s Mom… What have we got going on here? So we started working on our knees and doing stuff to bring the inflammation down, and while I was there, I had around a good clean diet, but then when I left, she got into a bunch of shares about these holiday cookies, and she said, You know the funniest thing is, is I had those cookies and she said within a couple of hours, my knees hurt, my back hurt, my shoulder hurt, those are the areas of pain, and it’s because sugar is pro-inflammatory, so she ate this pro-inflammatory molecule sugar, and then it took a couple of hours, but then the inflammation cascaded through her body and it went to these problem areas and exacerbated the existing problem and… That’s kind of the best way to explain it.

0:42:30.3 S1: Yeah, and I was thinking of the analogy of being in a flood… Your house is in a flood. That’s the systemic inflammation in your body, and you’re trying to bail out the water in your bathtub, it’s not yet…

0:42:50.5 S2: That’s perfect. Yes, perfect. ’cause you’re trying to address the problem locally, right, your entire house is flooding, and that’s what I was dealing with, and you brought up a really excellent point I wanted to address about will power. A lot of people blame themselves for not having will power, not having energy, not having drive, not having motivation for years, before I address my inflammation, I try to think my way out of the problem, I try to think my way out of burnout, and I took responsibility a very American thing to do, you blame yourself for it and take responsibility and said, Well, obviously you’re not disciplined enough, you’re procrastinating because you’re lazy, you know, you said You need more discipline and it didn’t work. And it just made me feel worse. But when I started addressing the biology of the problem, then I didn’t procrastinate, I wasn’t lazy, I had dry, had motivation. And again, that comes back to inflammation, it’s always gonna come back to that, ’cause if your brain’s inflamed, you’re gonna have these… You’re gonna have procrastination, you’re gonna have brain fog if your guts inflame, your pain is gonna be worse in your knees, your back, your shoulder, and in general, and you’re just gonna feel lousy.

0:44:12.0 S1: And I believe it’s an important pattern to recognize when we do this to ourselves, we kinda beat ourselves up best, like If I could beat myself up more than anyone else can, then it’ll be okay somehow. But what I do see though is if we get to the source, what you’re suggesting here, really cleaning out the gut, taking a 30-day period, going through that in a systematic way, the amount of energy you put into what you’re going to do and the results you get are… The input is minimal. The results are Maxim. Massive mass.

0:45:01.0 S2: Yeah, ’cause I spent all this money on this complicated gut test and do these crazy elimination diets, and I’m six of… And I wait 189 pounds most of the time, and then I lost 10 pounds on that, and it’s like I looked like the nightmare for Christmas guy. Jack callington walking around, I was like, man, this isn’t sustainable. I need to be doing a limitation due with the heck, you know, and it’s once I tried everything else and then you just still down to these four steps, and especially the classroom in the human police, those two things, man. For your gut health, that’s it, that will do it right there, and then you just… You gotta be consistent with the enzymes in the human can fall vigor time, you just… It’s like brushing your teeth. You gut health as a regular is brushed my teeth every morning, he can fall back every night he… And contain, any time I eat enzyme every time, and it’s a huge difference. And for people listening it, you might be a little confused about seeing the value of enzymes, if your food doesn’t digest enough in the upper part of your GI tract, you get a lot of undigested food that goes down into the lower part and it just sits there for men and bacteria that are not necessarily beneficial, feed on it, normally they wouldn’t be because the food would be digested by time reach, is that part of the track, but here they get this opportunity to feed on it, and then they produce by products as a part of their metabolism that are toxic and they cause inflammation, so that’s why you wanna take enzymes.

0:46:52.4 S2: If you’re in, you’re not gonna have too much of a problem. You’re producing a ton of enzyme nationally with the older you get, unless you produce… Sure.

0:47:07.0 S1: This was awesome. Are there things… Anything that we haven’t covered that you’d like to…

0:47:15.4 S2: Yeah, let me check my notes real quick to make sure, ’cause I wanna make sure that we give as much value as possible here to people listening, ’cause see, I was stuck in bad health for a long time. Yeah, the only other thing that I would wrap it up on is the EMS segment, so it’s easy… It’s easy to do the supplements and things, but if you’re dumping tons of information into your body through EMF all the time, it’s gonna be really hard for you to fix your gut, and it’s gonna be hard for you to overcome your pain, and so there’s a few resources that can offer people. But in a nutshell, the first thing you need to do, and these are so easy, consider keeping your cell phone on airplane mode as much as you can, if you can’t… Don’t walk around with the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi on all the time. Bluetooth is by far the most harmful frequency. WiFi is not that much better. Try to do that. And then with your Wi-Fi router, you gotta turn it off at night, and you can go on Amazon and you get a 7 analog Outlet timer, you plug that into the wall, plug the Wi-Fi into that, and it cuts it off at a certain time at night and it turns it back on in the morning, that’s what I do, I literally seven bucks on Amazon outlet timer, don’t get a digital one and I tried…

0:48:52.3 S2: You pretty much need a computer science degree or program, like the old school 80s analog onto do that. They’re great, and just turning the WiFi off at night, a huge difference, and if you wonder, Okay, how much of a difference can a make… Well, coffee works by holding your voltage-gated calcium channels open, the excess calcium or… That’s how coffee works. EMF does the same thing, it’s just orders of magnitude less, but chronically over time, it compromises your sleep, which as we both know, lead to more health issues and then take magnesium, especially at night, if you’re deficient, you’re gonna get really tired from it, and so take it at night, and it’ll help you sleep, but it’ll also help defend against the EMF, so those are super simple things anyone can do.

0:49:55.2 S1: Okay, so we got air plane up, we gotta turn off the Bluetooth… Yeah, possible. And then the fit, the WiFi, the Bluetooth on the phone, airplane mode for the phone during the day as much as possible, and then get the timer, the sleep timer, so it shuts off in the evening till the next morning when… At.

0:50:22.7 S2: When you wake it. Yeah, ’cause what I’ve noticed from working with people on a mitigation as they get overwhelmed, because it’s everywhere… You feel like you can’t do anything. Which is fair. That’s how I felt at first. But you just take one step at a time, you know your play mode frequently when you can’t make sure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off outlet time or for your Wi-Fi and take magnesium. Anyone can start there.

0:50:50.1 S1: Yeah, and what’s really interesting is if you just take one of these points that you’re sharing in implementing them in the next 30 days, and then another one in 30 days and another one in 30 a year. It’s gonna be completely different. I look at it as like exponential growth with things because your neurology is able to integrate those little changes without it really… You noticing that much?

0:51:19.1 S2: Yeah, and I couldn’t agree more. And for people who… If you want a simple kind of Field Guide To EMF and how to deal with it, there’s an author, his name is Nicolas penal, and he wrote a book called The non-tin foil hat Guide to PM. And it’s excellent, and it’s super practical, and he says, Hey, here’s what’s going on, and here’s the steps you take to solve it, it’s not a big book, and it’s very accessible, and it’s very practical stuff. I never hold the phone up to my head now anymore, ever, ’cause the stuff I read in there, but it’s super practical, so that’s a resource that I recommend people checking out, and Merkle has got his EMF book that he came out with last year is also quite good. I don’t remember the name of Marcos book, but it’s good. It’s a good EMF one, I would say his and nuclear are that you best out there right now.

0:52:29.8 S1: Got it. Well, we’ll put all of those links to the books and everything that you suggested in the notes, and we also have a bonus that… Given to share with the listeners. Yeah, would you share a little bit about what that is. What that looks at…

0:52:51.4 S2: So I had a lot of people ask me about 5G and EMF in particular, and Sara, you book on it. Yeah, it’s heavily referenced, has all of the science and stuff, but basically it goes through, Hey, what is 5G? Why does it matter? How do you defend against it and as well as other non-native M-frequencies. And here are the steps you take. So it’s like a practical Take You By the Hand manual of what to do, and some of the steps get a little more slightly more involved in what we just talked about. Probably my favorite one is that a lot of people don’t know that vitamin C is sacrificial in your body, so we’re one of the only animals besides guinea pigs and some type of bat that don’t produce our own Vitamin C in our bodies. We have to take it from external sources, vitamin C is a Safina antioxidant, so it acts to spare the antioxidants that we make in our own body, like glutathione, and when you run out of vitamin C, then your body starts to pleading at stores of glutathione, which is kind of hard to make. And then once that gets the pleated, you get into chronic inflammation, pain and other chronic health problems, ’cause those are antioxidants, right.

0:54:19.5 S2: And so most people are walking around completely depleted in vitamin C and non-native EMF greatly deplete vitamin C that’s active in circulation in our blood streams, and back in the 1960s, there were a bunch of ortho molecular medicine doctors that came up with a protocol that can… Instantly reset your body’s circulating levels of Vitamin C in your blood plasma, and anyone can go buy a tub of ascorbic acid for hardly anything and use that as a reset as well, and that will rapidly bring down your information, but… Yeah, I take 4000 to 5000 milligrams of vitamin C a day. So it’s always active, ’cause even sitting in here, there’s several sources of non-native BM right behind me, a computer in front of me is… It’s all over the place, rebut, you don’t need to freak out about it. You just need to do some basic steps, that’s all… Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, people can get that. It’s a free PDF, there’s no selling, you just grab it and get it, and it comes straight to your email and you can also download it on the spot, it’s called So, that’s it.

0:55:47.2 S1: We’ll have all of that included on this page as it sits on the Comella Foundation website in the pain education corner. Cool. And how do people get in touch with you? You.

0:56:02.9 S2: Know, if anyone has questions on this podcast, my email is always open and I’m happy to help, so people can feel free to email me at CEO at burnout, detox dot com, so that’s to the… At burnout to dot com. That’s an old product that used to sell, that it would help people get out of burnout ’cause that was kind of my back story.

0:56:31.4 S1: Got it. Well, cool, well, feel… It’s been awesome, a great… This has been fantastic. I appreciate having you here on the Podcast, anything else you’d like to tie up with…

0:56:45.5 S2: No, that’s pretty much all I got. I would just say your analogy of bailing out the tub when your house is flooding is Predict the inflammation. That’s the deal.

0:57:00.5 S1: Yeah, and there’s so much I’ve even gained from the information that you shared that I wanna implement myself co-Manado, hear it. Absolutely. Well, do, thank you so much for being here. You Bill Parravano, The Knee Pain Guru with the pain education podcast. On behalf of the Comella Foundation, thank you so much and we will see you on the next one.

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pat long
pat long
3 years ago

i’m still not clear please advise.
i take collustrum for a month
after a month i take the pysillium?
i don’t do the first 4 steps all at once? i work through each of the first 4 steps one at a time? thank you

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