Yoga Sequence for Strengthening the Knees & Ankles

Strength doesn’t come without first learning to be flexible. In Kemetic Yoga the focus is to move in synch with the breath. Breathing properly throughout helps to move energy through our physical and emotional bodies. Thus bringing greater awareness and harmony to our spiritual and mental bodies. This is the practice that we take off the mats and into our daily lived moments.

Take a moment to think about the points in your life that called for more strength. Did you first have to be humbled in order to open yourself to the spaces and places that were bringing you into growth or away from pain? There you were actually being called to be more flexible. And through allowing yourself to be more flexible in other areas in your life, you gained the strength needed for the next steps in your journey.

When we practice moving through the postures in sequence, the body becomes more flexible thus gaining strength. In the above sequence you will slowly move through yoga postures that will strengthen the knees and the correlating muscles, tendons, and joints in the ankles. Use the following breathing and modification tips to prevent further pain and injury.


Always remember to follow the RULE OF 4 BREATHING as you move through each posture…

  1. Inhale filling up the abdomen….
  2. Pause (holding the breath for a moment and also pausing movement)
  3. Exhale contracting the abdomen
  4. Pause the breath and movement again before inhaling and continuing the cycle of movement

Modification tips….

  1. Practice moving into postures 1-3 while holding onto a chair and bending as deeply as your knees and ankles will allow without pain (discomfort is one thing but you should not move forward if you are in pain)
  2. Attempt to stay in one posture at minimum 1 to 3 cycles of breath before practicing the other postures (this is where you will gain strength so be patient with your process and progress)
  3. Use a folded towel to pad under the knees if you are prone to tenderness or soreness

Remember meditation after yoga helps not only your meditation practice but your body will have time to store your progress in memory. You will also find that your recovery time will be improved through this restorative practice.

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