Author name: Joy Maat

JoyMaat | Wellness Author, Educator & Practitioner; Owner of KemeticArts24 & MaaticFlow Yoga Pronouns: She/They JoyMaat a spiritual teacher and health and wellness practitioner who utilizes Kemetic principles and cosmology, traditional African and indigenous spiritual rituals and divination; and mental health modalities to help individuals to identify and strengthen elements of their mind, body and spirit. Their disciplines cover: Physical Health– through plant-based food energy education, meal planning, recipes & MaaticFlow Yoga™ (Kemetic Yoga™, RYT 200 Yoga Skills certified). Spiritual Cultivation– through spiritual guidance focusing on African Traditional Religious principles and indigenous rituals; including Metu Neter Oracle divination; and cosmology charting. Mental & Behavioral Health– as a professional and advocate certified in Behavioral Mental Health; mindfulness; meditation; and self-care practices. Facilitation and advocacy for Racial Equity in healing and health services for Black Indigenous People of Color. Arts– mixed media visual artist; and crystal energy work.

Yoga Sequence for Strengthening the Knees & Ankles

Strength doesn’t come without first learning to be flexible. In Kemetic Yoga the focus is to move in synch with the breath. Breathing properly throughout helps to move energy through our physical and emotional bodies. Thus bringing greater awareness and harmony to our spiritual and mental bodies. This is the practice that we take off

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