Relieving Neck Pain With Yoga

Neck pain can be …well…a pain in the neck. I periodically have issues with my neck when I’m dealing with a lot of stress; or from sitting long hours at work; or just from awkward sleeping posititions. When I go too long without addressing the pain I can get real cranky and the issue starts to affect other areas of my life. The neck pain will start to interfere with me being able to sleep well at night, and functioning throughout the day becomes difficult, which in turn affects my attitude and focus.

Yoga has been very helpful for me in relieving neck pain. I admit sometimes yoga can make neck pain worse if you are not moving through the appropriate postures. In the following video & flow chart I will instruct you through five postures that you can use individually or in sequence to relieve your neck pain.

Joy Maat

JoyMaat | Wellness Author, Educator & Practitioner; Owner of KemeticArts24 & MaaticFlow Yoga

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JoyMaat a spiritual teacher and health and wellness practitioner who utilizes Kemetic principles and cosmology, traditional African and indigenous spiritual rituals and divination; and mental health modalities to help individuals to identify and strengthen elements of their mind, body and spirit. Their disciplines cover: Physical Health– through plant-based food energy education, meal planning, recipes & MaaticFlow Yoga™ (Kemetic Yoga™, RYT 200 Yoga Skills certified). Spiritual Cultivation– through spiritual guidance focusing on African Traditional Religious principles and indigenous rituals; including Metu Neter Oracle divination; and cosmology charting. Mental & Behavioral Health– as a professional and advocate certified in Behavioral Mental Health; mindfulness; meditation; and self-care practices. Facilitation and advocacy for Racial Equity in healing and health services for Black Indigenous People of Color. Arts– mixed media visual artist; and crystal energy work.

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