Body Reflex Hacking: The Best Way To Sleep For Lower Back Pain

The best way to sleep for lower back pain might now be as straight forward as you might think. When the body is designed to continue to move it’s important to understand how to move your body in a way throughout the night to keep it comfortable.

In this short live presentation we will go over 5 different strategies of the best ways to sleep for lower back pain.

The Best Way to Sleep for Lower Back Pain

If you have your favorite best position to sleep for lower back pain, please share those in the comments section below:

5 thoughts on “Body Reflex Hacking: The Best Way To Sleep For Lower Back Pain”

  1. Good info, thank you. I wondered what you would recommend for those with advanced Ankylosing Spondylitis with SIJ inflammation/ and/or fusion, and pain? Thank you, Gretchen Bergman

    1. Hi Gretchen
      Dr. Beck will cover your question in the upcoming Episode #36 on May 6th…
      Here’s the link to the video –
      Kindly subscribe to the channel and set a reminder for the video.
      Let us know if you have any further questions.

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