Body Reflex Hacking: The #1 Simplest Exercise for Lower Back Pain

The #1 Simplest Exercise For Lower back pain is what we are going to cover on today’s LIVE Presentation. It is difficult to focus on anything else when lower back pain strikes. This pain can take your breath away and make sleeping nearly impossible. In this short presentation, we will cover the #1 simplest exercise for lower back pain…

If you have questions about your own back pain or about something in the presentation please enter that in the comments section below.

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Bill Parravano

Known as the “The Knee Pain Guru,” Bill teaches people how to eliminate chronic pain without drugs, shots or surgery. With over 26 years of martial arts and bodywork experience, his knowledge and understanding of movement and tension patterns that lead to physical pain is unparalleled.

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15 comments on “Body Reflex Hacking: The #1 Simplest Exercise for Lower Back Pain

  1. Had a ladder collapse or fold under me with me about 4′ above solid a concrete surface. Came down on both feet. No apparent injury. Next day small twinge of spasm pain in the lower back. The second day, increased pain, of the same kind.

    Did the exercise you recommended. During the course of the exercise, I felt some tension in the lower back as it pressed against the floor. (I’m very tight, I know I need to stretch.) However, after I got up from the floor, the spasms have gone for now.

  2. Hi Bill,
    I have been experiencing lower back and hip area pain for months. I’m not sure of the cause – whether it is from sleeping on my sides or just getting older (I am a very young 58). It is usually worse in the morning and tends to subside very gradually throughout the day. Some days are better than others. I have been doing stretches and clamshell and sideways walking with bands, which I think have been helping, but I have to tell you that your simple exercise of lying on the floor with my calves on the couch for 5 minutes is amazingly effective. Thank you so much!
    I’d like to know more about your martial art style, and if there are any instructors of it out here in the South Shore area of Massachusetts (about 20 miles south of Boston.

  3. Bill

    Can I use a small pillow to support my neck while lying
    on the floor. Also how many times a day can I do this


    • Dennis
      Generally, it’s better to NOT to use a pillow for a number of reasons however, try it both with and without to see which feels better. Start out twice a day and see how that goes…

    • That’s awesome Matt…
      As your body let’s go of tension you being to gain more awareness of underlying painful tension patterns your body has been covering up for sometime now.
      Where did you feel the sharp pain when you got up?
      Bill Parravano
      (The Knee Pain Guru)

  4. Thank you Bill I just tried your your method with an adjustment. My adjustment is that I am in rehab for neck surgery and they have assigned me a wheelchair where I can lower it back to a flat level and have put a pillow underneath my legs to level them out. I’ve tried it once and we’ll do it at least twice a day as you suggested. I will keep you updated. It did relieve some of the aching that was going on actually a lot! I will keep you in touch. Michael

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