Body Reflex Hacking: The #1 Simplest Exercise for Lower Back Pain

The #1 Simplest Exercise For Lower back pain is what we are going to cover on today’s LIVE Presentation. It is difficult to focus on anything else when lower back pain strikes. This pain can take your breath away and make sleeping nearly impossible. In this short presentation, we will cover the #1 simplest exercise for lower back pain…

If you have questions about your own back pain or about something in the presentation please enter that in the comments section below.

Bill Parravano

Known as the “The Knee Pain Guru,” Bill teaches people how to eliminate chronic pain without drugs, shots or surgery. With over 26 years of martial arts and bodywork experience, his knowledge and understanding of movement and tension patterns that lead to physical pain is unparalleled.

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51 comments on “Body Reflex Hacking: The #1 Simplest Exercise for Lower Back Pain

  1. Had a ladder collapse or fold under me with me about 4′ above solid a concrete surface. Came down on both feet. No apparent injury. Next day small twinge of spasm pain in the lower back. The second day, increased pain, of the same kind.

    Did the exercise you recommended. During the course of the exercise, I felt some tension in the lower back as it pressed against the floor. (I’m very tight, I know I need to stretch.) However, after I got up from the floor, the spasms have gone for now.

  2. Hi Bill,
    I have been experiencing lower back and hip area pain for months. I’m not sure of the cause – whether it is from sleeping on my sides or just getting older (I am a very young 58). It is usually worse in the morning and tends to subside very gradually throughout the day. Some days are better than others. I have been doing stretches and clamshell and sideways walking with bands, which I think have been helping, but I have to tell you that your simple exercise of lying on the floor with my calves on the couch for 5 minutes is amazingly effective. Thank you so much!
    I’d like to know more about your martial art style, and if there are any instructors of it out here in the South Shore area of Massachusetts (about 20 miles south of Boston.

  3. Bill

    Can I use a small pillow to support my neck while lying
    on the floor. Also how many times a day can I do this


    • Dennis
      Generally, it’s better to NOT to use a pillow for a number of reasons however, try it both with and without to see which feels better. Start out twice a day and see how that goes…

    • That’s awesome Matt…
      As your body let’s go of tension you being to gain more awareness of underlying painful tension patterns your body has been covering up for sometime now.
      Where did you feel the sharp pain when you got up?
      Bill Parravano
      (The Knee Pain Guru)

  4. Thank you Bill I just tried your your method with an adjustment. My adjustment is that I am in rehab for neck surgery and they have assigned me a wheelchair where I can lower it back to a flat level and have put a pillow underneath my legs to level them out. I’ve tried it once and we’ll do it at least twice a day as you suggested. I will keep you updated. It did relieve some of the aching that was going on actually a lot! I will keep you in touch. Michael

  5. Hi Bill,

    I stumbled across this page and video in desperation for some relief from my lower back. I had a slip on ice and like many others, went days with no symptoms. Woke up last Saturday and felt like a horse kicked me in my lower back. I’ve tried OTC pills, ice and heat, rest, light exercise (walking and stairs) and no relief.
    I just did the 5 minute exercise and for the first minute wanted to vomit, but after that initial 60 seconds it actually started to feel, normal again.
    I”m tender from the bruises but have to say this quick 5 minute exercise got me back to 75% of my old self for the morning. How often can/should we do this? And most importantly, THANK YOU!!!!

    • Hi Steve
      That’s awesome! You’re welcome. You can do this as often as necessary to relieve your back pain.
      Feel free to share with everyone you know and if you’d like more support absolutely reach out as we’ve got plenty more where that came from.
      Bill Parravano
      (The Knee Pain Guru)

  6. I tried it and it worked. Does this have anything to do with flexibility and mobility? I’ve been using a slide board to open and strengthen my hip flexors. I want to know the whys and hows bc I’m a scientist and skeptic. – haha. Thank you very much!

    • This can have an effect on both flexibility and mobility. You’re essentially changing the neurological signaling to move the nervous system into a parasympathetic state to speed recovery. How’s that for the scientist/skeptic?

  7. In the first few minutes, lower back was still tight. did a few butt lifts for last 2 minutes, got up and vacuumed, feels much better. still feels tight. i will practice it daily. thank you

  8. Began exercise being sceptical about results. Read others comments during the five minute exercise on bed with pillows. While getting off bed, it hurt and I remained sceptical until I stood up. Much to my surprise, even though back had pain, it was lessened and my wife pointed out I stood much straighter. Thanks for your help. I’ll continue with this easy and simple exercise.

  9. Felt much less tension and pain. I overworked my back muscles. For about two weeks it was bad and this simple exercise works great.

  10. Hi Bill,

    your video was a little confusing in terms of how to do it with the couch–thankfully another commenter clarified. You’re supposed to lay on the floor with your calves on the couch. Yes?
    I’ve been having lower back pain nearly every day for over a month now. Usually when that happens my chiropractor helps, and it disappears for a very long time. I currently have no time to go see him, so I looked for alternate help and found your video.
    Here’s my experience: it hurt lying down (the action of lying down), then there was relief, although about midway through the five minutes a burning pain returned for a few seconds. Upon getting up it seemed slightly better, and now, sitting on my chair at my desk again, it’s slightly better. I will keep trying this and see if it can eventually give me stronger relief, and more permanent relief, since the pain is returning some as I write this.

  11. Hello Bill,
    I just tried this simple exercise for lower back pain.I laid down on the floor with pillows for 5 minutes. Set the timer and focused on my breathing.
    After a few minutes the sharp pain started going away I was able to stand up without the feeling of breaking my back and started making breakfast for my daughter. I’ll continue with this amazing exercise.So glad I found your video.
    THANK YOU so much!!!

  12. Hello, I’m going to try this at home tonight. I want to try the couch method. but had a question. Do you lay on the floor and put your legs up on the couch or are you laying on the couch? Thanks 🙂

  13. I cannot thank you enough! Your method most definitely works! I recently injured myself exercising at home and adamantly searched for a way to treat my lower back pain, until I came across your post. During the 5 minute stretch I definitely felt some moderate pain in the afflicted area, but standing up afterwards – nothing. No pain whatsoever. It felt a little to good to be true at first so I continued the process two more times to solidify my results. After weeks of pain and only doing this 3 times I now I feel better than ever.. After attempting multiple different stretching methods, I’m relieved to know that there’s an easy one out there that works!. Thanks again.

  14. Have had lower back pain on and off for years. Has gotten worse since I am aging and my job has me sitting all day at a computer. Not sure if it is sciatica or what. Never went to the Dr. or a Chiropractor. Tried stretches and exercises for my core, lower back and hips. Motrin stopped working so I happen to stumble across your video and I immediately tried it with laying on the floor and calves on the couch.
    Was very skeptical but I figured what the hell. It helped about 75% just that first time. I will continuing this a few times a day and let you know how it goes.

  15. I just tried this exercise and found immediate relief during it. When I got up I was still relaxed for a few minutes and then the pain came back again but I for sure will include it in my morning stretching routine. Any other suggestions will be gladly welcome

    • Hi Sue
      It’s important to understand this is like playing the first move in a chess match with your body. Making sure you’re properly hydrated is going to key in this process. Feel free to reach out if you’d like more support.
      Bill Parravano

  16. I was very surprised how well it worked. Thanks. Now if there was something to relieve neuropathy
    pain in my feet that would be a game changer.

    • Hi Brian
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, relieving pain can be quite simple and easy to address. I’d be happy to jump on a call and go over some remote options we have to help you with your neuropathy pain.
      Send an email to and I’ll get you over a link to my online calendar.

  17. Hi, This worked well. At first iit was difficult to get up but once I moved around for a bit of time, there was an improvement in the pain. Thank you

  18. I’m 80, but always more like 65. I was a regular at the gym and lifted weights at night while watching TV. I never thought back pain could ruin my life. Now I’m more like ninety. My husband has moved into the guest room, because me getting up to go to the bathroom and down again is a real shitshow! Here’s my question: there is no chance at all that I can get down on the floor. Will doing your exercise on my bed with pillows work for an extreme case in age and severity? I’ve been a near-invalid for 2 months now. Oddly, I’m comfortable lying on my back.

    • Patricia
      Yes, doing this exercise in bed would be a start…There’s much more to this and we’ve got much more support for you when you’re ready.
      Bill Parravano
      (The Knee Pain Guru)

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