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Hello, it’s bill the knee pain guru, and welcome to the pain education podcast, brought to you by The comella Foundation. We have her good friend in emmanueul, Manolakakis back, I caught him right after he was just getting done with a workout over at Fight Club in Toronto, Ontario, and I wanted to check in with many… We connected on Facebook a few days ago, and I wanted to see what he was working on, what’s moving for him, ’cause it’s interesting, one thing many enjoy about your evolution as both a person as well as an instructor in a practitioner of martial arts, is that you’re always evolving. You’re always… Things are changing, and it’s really great to get a glimpse, check-in with you to see what you got going on, because I think it’s interesting for people who are watching a podcast to kinda get a sense for how a person who is really actively engaged in their life of improving and evolving, that gets stopped. When people get in pain, it’s like When pain grabs people, it stops them, stops their life, doctor evolution and so many… Welcome back. Thank layer here.

Expand, even though we’re shut down in Toronto, but I still may get a regular habit of training every day, obviously different because by myself, but one less, I still continue training and it’s been a while they build… It’s been Tula year. It’s been almost a year and a half here in specifically Ontario, like the province of… That Toronto is in… Yeah, so we’ve been locked down for quite a while, and I remember when this whole thing went down and everything, that stopped teaching and… So my life is always like go, go, go. It was always thought going on, it was like adult classes, youth classes, archery crosses, personal training classes, it was always a plethora. The depend mic kind of put a break on a lot of stuff, and for the first little bit, it was actually really refreshing because if they allow me to kinda settle down because when you teach, especially on I teach. You have a small amount of time to develop yourself, and then there’s all this other time to develop, helping other people, ’cause you’re just… And there’s also a lot of time spent to recovery because you just… I’m older, my almost mid-50s, so you’re like you need more time to recover, that’s not…

You just need a little bit more time to recharge the battery, so I… With this break now, I’ve now taken what used to be, let’s say, an hour and a half a week that I would… Let’s say work specifically on me, like my skills, like I did a lot of other stuff, let’s just put a number to it right now that just went tenfold, but that was like an hour and a half a day. Went from a week today and we felt wonderful for me, I felt brand new again, right. And I think what you’re seeing me post than what you’re seeing is this journey, it’s kind of a document the journey, and now it’s not a week, it’s not a much… It’s over a year now, so I think that’s why it’s so evident to you, because you’re actively following me, so you kind of see what you’re doing… Right, I like sharing that stuff because it shows people that it really doesn’t stop… You really don’t stop. Why people stop? Is there a reason for doing something stopped, so then they stopped. But I always see another reason… Maybe at the beginning, I started martial arts because I didn’t wanna get beat up.

Like most people are in a high school or whatever it is, you wanna be able to defend yourself. And then later on, you realize the reasons change because you’re not getting into a fight or there’s not a bully, so what do I do? Keep imagining that there’s a bully and just be on just before I forget it, ’cause I would like to mention it then, but to mention it now at the beginning, anybody, you want to see a real evolution of an athlete, ’cause I was… I boxed in the 80s, and who was the premier box and hates my place. He was has it. And if anybody has not watched any recent interviews for stuff that… But Mike has… And you’re missing something. This is a very special evolution of a man, to make no doubt about it, the man is dangerous. He’s 54. It’s almost exactly my age. I just can’t believe how dangerous this mental looks, but there is a wisdom about him now that is so different, and it’s so wonderful to see, to see that he is such better balanced person is still super dangerous. I still would wanna get in the room with them, I don’t care what 20-year-old you are, you do not wanna get in the ring to this guy, he’s still super dangerous, and he still got his faculties, but there’s a wisdom to him, there is a depth Dam, there’s an understanding.

And it’s so wonderful to see if that’s not happening to you, you’re not training… Right, that’s that simple. Don’t get mad, you’re just not training Bryon, gotta. For different reasons, at different point in your life, and I smile when I say this because I’ve done so many things before they were cool, I’ve done so many things… Boiled before. They were cool, I love it. I hear people talk about work-life follows that is active, but a lot of bullshit, we work… I want a he crazy as businesses ever at so stressful. Nobody talked about work life. About you just suffered. Well, guess what I was doing, I was training in systema. And guess what? I was using my system of for to help me at the office to help me mitigate the stress and the pressure and all that stuff that comes with corporate life, and I was using it and I was better for it, I was calmer, I was relaxed more, I used to go to training. Not because I wanna learn how to fight. And people are like, Well, what are you doing? I said, I’m using my skills to get rid of the stress of my day at the office, I really don’t care about anything else I need to get…

It feels good to get rid of it. And then there wasn’t that focus back then, but now I… Especially look at our life now. We’re talking about… So my system is evolved drastic as I had kids, he evolved because the stresses or dealing with kids at home, and that whole life becomes tough as well, ’cause Oliveros kids, it’s a challenge. And then running a big school and I would have to use my system to deal with those kind of things. Right. And now with a pandemic, it’s very natural for me to say, Okay, now I use my skills as a march largest to deal with the anxiety, the depression. The negativity that comes from being bombarded with constant by news from whether it’s press or the uncertainty of unknown times. Right. And it’s really… Because when I first started system-a, it was a big focus on, this was a military art, and it is, it definitely is. And there was talk about, Okay, what happens to when you’re under great stress with PTSD and all that stuff, right. And I was like, I was always listening because I felt like that working in an office, it felt like I had those similar traits, the soldier had only enough, and I’m not a military guy, but I was listening, and it’s funny to see them play out now, it’s funny to see.

I think you probably haven’t talked to you about it, but I think you’re probably seeing the same things on your side that their illnesses that are associated with anxiety and depression, and how that affects the physical body… Right. So when I’ve been doing online classes now for a year and a half, and yeah, I’m teaching system, but the main goal is to help people get rid of anxiety, stress disorders, get better, night’s sleep, be better people, not get rid of the negative effects of what’s happening in our society right now, just the isolation effect, all that us… My teaching has changed drastically, right.

Yeah, you bring up a really great point because I believe the mindset of someone who gets into pain and continues to go in that direction, there’s a need of a lack of… There is a needing for more flexibility in the mind, as well as in the body in terms of what you do, and what I hear you saying is that you’ll work with things for a while and then there’s a pivot that happens, there’s a pivot in your training or your mindset or your thinking, it’s like, Oh, I’m getting kind of diminishing returns working on this skill, so instead of doubling down your efforts or increasing the workload to push through this barrier, you’re pivoting and working in or thinking in another direction, working on something, the example the lockdown. All of that. Well, we couldn’t continue to live our lives like it was before, we had to pivot, and I think a lot of people were stuck in that place mentally and emotionally. It’s like, Well, I can’t do the things that I did before, so I’m not gonna do anything. And it leads to what you’re pointing to, which is that imbalance that increases the stress and tension in the physical body and the mind, the emotions, and it causes ailments.

Yeah, and I think that on a bigger level, we had to look at things like saying, Okay, so let’s look at it from a spiritual perspective to just quickly… Right, so you have a person that, let’s say is quite spiritual, they spend a lot of time praying, if it stays there, it goes nowhere… Absolutely goes nowhere. Okay, if that doesn’t come to home, to life, everything… You’re not spiritual. If you’re a martial artist and it just says For fighting, you’re not going anywhere, it’s nowhere… If it’s not everywhere, it’s nowhere. It’s gotta be a part. It’s all part of you. You can’t… When I see somebody, let’s say over a year ago, wrestling and they were like a nasty wrestler, they would be mean and nasty with it. First thing I said is, This is what you’re like with your kids, is this way you’re like at work, you can’t just be a dirty fighter and a nice work, you’re not… You’re that same person, that’s who you go, and how has that held you back as a sacked you from… Promotions have stopped you from… And then what if you have an injury? Are you nasty with your injury, but you hurt your knee, are you leading ballistic squats because you’re…

You nasty to your body are you know that to yourself, but that’s what to do, right. You see it all the time, like the go hard, go home. I just feel so bad for people like that, they think… And maybe it did work, like being a prick in life works, it does sometimes work. But it’s not consistent. The results are horrible, right? So this idea of the big concept here is… And there was a book written, but I’m trying to recall, I’m ever remembered the NBR, The Obstacle is the Way. I believe that the title of the book… So people research that and whatever I… DSI, you haven’t met. Look, I have, I have a bad knee. From stuff I did years ago, that is what’s gonna teach me system, that’s what’s gonna teach me… That sold the obstacle that’s gonna teach you, that is the obstacle, that is the way… That’s where you go, you don’t go away from it, you go towards it, and that’s that interesting philosophy, right. So you find pain now, okay, you have to know that there’s been good and bad pain, but the way it’s not necessarily… It’s to understand that, don’t go away from it, don’t hide it, don’t battle go to it unless it’s talking to you, listen to a conversation with it, put it into perspective.

So these are powerful things for me, and I’ve always found a way to… People using the word pivot, it’s fine is to… Just see it, I see it for what it is, to understand. Understand what is… Be curious, I don’t hide from it, be curious about it. Like I’m at the H now, you start to see people getting sick in different ways, and you see people often get side about somebody in the year, an illness that they have cancer or something. What did you try? Getting interested in what happened to that person, why don’t you try to understanding what they’re going through, why don’t you try understanding what they will be going through and instead of doing… Sorry, to try to see how this happened or try to understand it, and all of a sudden the understanding is the beautiful thing in life, it’s amazing when I see somebody who’s had an injury I’ve had, and I read AA can connect with them because I already know the journey they’re gonna go through, and it’s really interesting, and we have a good life. If you’re able to laugh and that helps a person rather than feeling sorry…

One of the things I hear you saying when you were talking about the spiritual component or the physical component, if you’re only in that place and not in other aspects of your life, there’s a lack of congruence in the different aspects of who you are, and you can use one aspect of who you are to be a reflection of these other aspects of who you are to look at what needs to be work done, ’cause… That certainly rings true for me in different aspects of my life where I was like, Oh, well, I’m doing that same thing that I was going over there over here, and now I could use that insight I gained from praying or meditating or reflecting on things, and I could use it in a conflict or a business situation or whatever it is to understand that on a deeper level. Of course, there was another piece. I think when you were talking about an illness, what is coming to mind is the situation going on at Toronto HQ with Brandon and Adam, and the evolution I’ve seen, it’s just… Absolutely blows me away to see just the simple movements and really focusing and breathing and relaxing, and what Brandon, how he’s evolved in such a short period of time.


Amazing. It’s amazing and always we need to begin with. Prayers are real things. They help people, and he’s been on… I’m sure a lot of our people’s minded in their prayers as is mine, and support for somebody is not necessarily a Like on Facebook as it’s more than that. Sure, so we have to keep that in mind. And I think that when we see these incredible recoveries, if enough people pray and it gets the right person, sometimes pretty amazing things happen, so we keep praying for that and we keep hoping and those where we derive strength from, so I’m extremely happy about that as well, and it’s great to mention that for sure, but in many cases, we all go through those moments as well, so we look with support and we always need to prepare for those moments in life, I’ve had a few in mine, and they weren’t… And I’m sure all of us apart, we’ve all had difficult moments, and that is our training, and that’s his training now, and that’s amazing, so it seems great to see for sure some insight into this stuff to kinda prepare yourself or not prepare for bad things, but we all need to kinda be ready.

It is very much like martial skills, you don’t know when you’re gonna use your marsh flood skills, you might be… Now, it might be at 60. Who knows? When you’ll need it, I’ve no clue. But when you need it, you’ll really need it, and that’s all that matters, it’s not… You can’t see it, and you need it in different ways, you don’t need it, just in case you get John, but branded needs it in a different way now. Right, so you need to… That’s why it’s so important to have a strong spirit first, because that will work with everything great, that you’re an amazing wrestler, but will it help you as you’re falling donates? Will it help you? It won’t, but the spirit and a strong spirit will… These are the things that matter. And it brings us back to when we’re training, we need to make sure that it’s the spirit first, the mind, the body, in that order, people just focus on the body, but the body can be taken like this, you see, it can really be taken so quickly, and so how you need to approach this is that you say to yourself, because this is what’s happened to me over the last year, it is…

People have been asking me to know it as some of the stuff I’ve been doing, and I spent a good… I would say about two months of my… Two months, that first, a little bit of the lockdown, focusing just on quieting my mind because your mind gets very busy and now I use it to repair, it could also be meditation, whatever it is that brings you back to the simplest thing that you do, which is breathing, the simplest thing, like, what is the thing you do the most? Breathing, and can you focus on your breath with nothing else online without your mind jumping… Right, and that’s hard, right? And what you’re doing is you’re cleaning your mind and you’re also… You’re also creating a place where I’m in control, like You need to grab a hold of your mind and look at what’s happen, if you ever wanna lose your mind, just watch the news for a couple of weeks and watch what happens. Right. You’ll be so depressed so fast, it’s unbelievable, so you gather your mind, you learn to control it and not… You learn to make sure you’re in control, not like your mind, your mind, you control this, and once you gain control over it, then you start to shape it with visions and you start to use maybe more visualization techniques of the types of things that you wanna think about is first I have an injury, I hurt my elbow.

Let’s say I’m just super depressed about it, I can think nothing else about my elbow, then okay, so I call my mind down and I stopped thinking about my elbow so much, it’s still there, but I don’t let it invest my mind. And once I get that, I terminated or thinking positive things about healing my elbow, but how I wanna move it, how I’m gonna use it, and the bar, and then it goes out way. So I spend a good amount of time, Saleem mind, and I spent a good amount of time about thinking and visualizing, but the person I wanna be now in my 50s, not the person that I was… I’m not going back in time, I would say I wish I was 25, but I’m not there. I don’t want anybody to go there, but… How do you wanna be a 50? What is it that you wanna do at 50? How is it that you wanna be… What is it that you want people to say about you? What do you want to feel about yourself, like what kind of a person you want it to be, and then where you have that clearly in your mind, you’ll make it…

You manifest this. It’s not that difficult. It’s your mark all. Be simple, but it’s hard. It’s hard, Windsor, the first time in my life, I would say about a year ago, I felt the difference between power and force… Actually, truly. This is it, I see it. I knew there was a difference. You can… You know what words changed into feelings. And I felt it. I said When you carried power, it’s a total different than force, and I felt powerful, but not forceful, right. Because I didn’t bother other people, I didn’t know… And then something interesting happens, because when you get that people will… It puts people off in a different place, you have to… Yeah, when people see you happy and content, it upsets people, it upsets people because they want you to be like them, and you see and to be a powerful person allows you to understand that that’s quite normal in human nature, and you have to be able to sit back, but it’s interesting, you know when you’re powerful because you’re so happy, you’re not angry. You think you’re happy? I see good, I feel happy for that person, I’m not jealous or Kiwi, see somebody injured, I don’t…

So aside for them, it’s not my thing, it’s part of their journey, it’s the faith of some sort, right. So this doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work to feel power, not force a lot of people forcing people… We see that happening in manipulating people, the differences, those things when you feel powerful. It’s so clean. It’s such a different type of energy. You’re not trying to impress somebody. You’re not trying to impress somebody. Just ’cause… Who’s there impressed? I’m in an empty room here, who gives you just a car, you know, I was working with the cane now, if you saw maybe something, he can stuff on that too. I walk with a couple of times in the head, it’s all big, master you… It’s like you have to love… I don’t care, guys. It’s really funny, but if you don’t think that’s why I always watch these guys juggling chainsaws and stuff in Boston had some blue person that’s gonna go bad bed anyway.

So what do you mean?

So people watching use podcasts and stuff, and I hope they drive it, there’s just a lot of hard work here, and the hard work is first silence in your mind, and it does that to be like a… Don’t have to find some garden and sit there and watch a plant grow or something, but you just have to still your mind and then once it’s in, it’s quiet and still make sure that you give it the best through… So it’s much faster once you clean your body, give it the best food, don’t shove a hamburger there, don’t do that, your body is aching for good stuff now, read good material, watch good things, be around the good people, talk nice things, and it’s like you feel power coming… Not other stuff to do some type of energy. Right, so the same way, I hope people look at that with the way they don’t think an injury can’t make you stronger. My god, of course, again, of course, 100%, when people go to the weight room and they lift the ways, they’re ripping their muscles, and then it heals and they become stronger, the same thing happens inside like a heart or head…

It’s amazing. They don’t forsake that. It gives a great opportunity for a lot of growth. So when injuries happen to me, Yes, there’s a down ’cause we’re not… But then there’s a stronger… There’s a much stronger thing. I think you were there at that moment. I broke my arm and I had my arm in a cast. That won some… Yeah, it was crazy. It was just a fluke thing that happened and I had to teach two, three seminars while I had my cast on over a month and out period, by the third one I was using the thing… It was a part of me, I didn’t resist it. You don’t remember that. It was very interesting for me, I approached it so different than other injuries, and I should have documented that way more, I didn’t realize it would be as a profound experience as I thought… You know, I really didn’t. I look back now, I could write a book on that. It was, but now that it’s passed, it’s like it’s lost, it’s zero. But it was quite special for me, I really… That was a huge spike in system of learning, and I feel that about the pandemic, it’s a huge like, I will not go back to teaching the same way it’s changed me, I realized that people that show up to training, you gotta put in more time…

This is so valuable if I didn’t do this, but would you really gotta put in a lot of personal time, like you’ve gotta put in more time on yourself, it’s not just training, it’s not just training in a group, you gotta put in time on yourself, it’s… So important.

Sure, yeah. And I think that there’s a couple of points. One is, when I see people get injured, there’s a shrinking back and isolating from the… I’m no longer the same person, or I’m no longer this type of person, so you shrink back and you disconnect from the support systems that are there to actually help you… Your family, your friends, your loved ones, things like that, that can actually help you through that, that can see things from an outside perspective, that can give you the direction to go in that you may not see yourself because you’re in that place of fear, the pain… Oh, my arms broken. Well, I think I’m just gonna have to sit here for the next six to eight weeks until it heals and then I’ll figure out what I’m gonna do when in actuality, use that time as a way to develop in other ways or like what you were saying.

A recently have saw recently, I got that I never… It’s interesting, weapons are an interesting thing to me, I’ve used a lot, but we say I picked up a trashcan and if you saw that… Right, I’m loving it, man. It’s the tabular weapon, it’s so perfect versus them, especially… It’s a strong… It’s more of a saver, I guess. I’m not sure it’s a sword, but more of a saver, but nonetheless, it’s light enough and it’s got so much flexibility, but yet it’s long, it’s got some nice range and it’s a wonderful, real weapon that you can grow from, especially for a systems perspective, but for me, I really feel it like I’m just trying to imagine, ’cause I’m still so new at it, so it feels so good to be new something that I’ve never tried, and you gotta be careful for it as you could lose, lose or things like inches. Love it, and it’s amazing because I know how to move, but This is changing my movement patterns too, so it’s really nice, it’s nice to… And that important ability to be a new student again, and people think you have to try another art or make this radical change…

I don’t understand that at all. I just think of the Shoshone, it’s a STEM, I know it is, but it feels so different and you just need to put different ones on things, focus on different middle aspects of training and… That’s amazing, you know, there was a year I just massage it. I learned how to relax people in as another year, I learned how to work with the chain a little bit or stick or something in a different way, not for a week, for a year, but really take time with it and really take time with it. And you realize that the more I work with… That I’m like… And I just find this interesting, you’ll get a kid who… He trains in the 100-meter sprints. Like think of it, 100 meters friends at… Is doing that for 20 years until they get to an Olympic level athlete. So how many steps is that, what… 30 or whatever you wanna get. Like that’s it, that’s all there is. Yet that person found enjoyment for 20 years, yet with all we can do in martial arts who were bored in the year, and we think we’re trading…

Come on guys here. So my car, there’s so much, so much movement, so much you can focus on us so much, take your time and try to master things, try to try to really hone them in, work with details and see what they say about you and see what it says about you… They say, look at it, really go deep if you can… That example, you were talking about the person doing the 100-meter sprint, that’s only like the tip of the iceberg, the actual sprint, they break that whole thing down into the stance, the explosion, so they’re doing specific weight training for specific muscles and for the range in the arms and the breathing, those are all elements that they’re breaking down and going deep on, so I don’t think… Go ahead. To really quickly… Not being constructor. So when I went from high school to university, when I went to… I went to York University, and at that time there was a very special place called the Track and build center, and it was Canada’s elite training, so for track athletes, and so I go there, and because I’m a varsity athlete playing rugby, I had access to this facility I wasn’t on my…

Anybody, you’re allowed, if you’re a student university of playing a varsity sport or access or an Olympic athlete, one or the other. So here I am, I go from a little high school in Toronto to this elite facility, I guess his training… Ben Johnson. Oh wow. And I’m literally, I’m literally like, I’m watching him work out, there is this sweat on the bench he just came off of, he’s that close to me, and watching his coaches work with him, I was there for an hour and a half doing a workout routine, Ben Johnson had just practiced the first three steps of his sprint for an hour and a half, over and over and over, just the first three, he was known for his explosive starts, and his coach is video taped that slow, but played it. It was unbelievable, three steps, he had more detail in his work over three steps that I did in my entire work up, and he had coaches a low rim, there was three, four coaches at any given time. Okay, and this is due… Worked out for three or four hours a day, steady, steady, and it was just for that.

And then the next work, it would have been something different, it was crazy. And to see that detail and to know we have more detail in Marsh large, we’re not exercise… That’s just one idea, right? And it’s like when somebody says, I’ve got an elbow problem and you call much there is in that… How much there is there? So to go deep for people, you have to practice going deep, you’re gonna have to practice details for people wanting to know how to start… Just observe. Seriously. Just observe, listen, good. Watch, Good. Observe. That’s so important. So when you’re talking about the sprinter, it’s interesting ’cause I was like… I was just like, I remember watching The Dude train and guys, you know… And he was powerful. Sure. Just admitted it. And he was powerful. It was still a freaking nature to watch him, the sprint full out, he really looks like the fastest patio, that’s a serious speed and relaxation valuation to the gate.

And I think that that escapes many people, is that depth of focus, like zooming in on just the first three steps. People just see it as like, Oh, I’m just gonna go out and run 100 meters. And that’s all I talk, I’m doing it. And they’re looking at it as like the snapshot, when in actuality, there is all of these little frames that Olympic level athlete is dissecting and working on just that, and then weaving it together, and then pulling it back apart, and then focusing on those different aspects, and then weaving it back together, and each time there’s an evolution of that movement, of that exercise, of that in martial arts, that punch or that kick or whatever we’re working on as a way to look deeper into ourselves as to where we need to shine the flashlight to improve.

And again, it just, it comes down to people’s… Your willingness to improve your observation skills and improve your listing skills, you gotta do A to work on that, and it’s just a just observe. Just look really closely. Everything and Otis right in front of you. It’s happening. It’s all there. You just didn’t see it. You gotta see it, you gotta learn how to see it when you watch… Not to be training. It’s there. He’s not hiding anything. It’s right there. But you didn’t see it. That’s the problem. So observing the difference between observing and seeing a little different in a lot of people observe, but you don’t really see… The first, as I see, it’s a deeper…

I see. So I got a great story about looking and seeing, and it was a primitive skills class, and we had the instructor says, Okay, go over and sit by the edge of this lake and look into the lake and then let me know what you see and you’re sitting there, and it’s like, Okay, well, let’s see water, and there was missing so many things and we go back and everybody is giving their what they saw in all of this, and there is awareness above the water, there’s awareness below the water, and then there’s interactions at the water and a lot of that goes escapes, it escaped my awareness of like I didn’t even think to look below the water and all the stuff that was happening in tadpoles and fish and algae and all sorts of stuff, and you’re just going on and on and on. You what other people see, and it’s like, Oh, I thought it was gonna be some amazing mystical mystical experience, and it’s like it’s right there, it’s right in front of your face and you’re missing it, or at least I was… Anyways, there was so much that escaped my awareness at the time…

Yeah, it is. Have to be. It’s little things, it’s just… And there’s so much training time if you’re on a subway, just watch… Most people zone out, they wanna kind of get away. It was amazing. I get up to the country quite a bit, I like to get out to go do so fishing and do my stuff outdoors and hiking and stuff, and you could have neighbors that are literally three miles apart, 10 apart, but yet the moment you walk out your front door, the from to or from way over, they just saw you out there, they just see… They just waive. Right, but in the city, everybody’s… So both, but they pretend they don’t see you at home, then they put their head down and that’s it, because that farmers vision is this way, it’s big, so he sees everything happening, he sees it all, and we’ve gotten really bad with our observation skills, especially the kids that’s really about… We need to be able to observe things the right way and see where things are, and I had to all people, but especially kids, and then just because I guess I would be that way to you Rowell phone in my hand at 80 and then you’re always looking down and you’re taking out your observation skills, and anybody that…

To observe to wild animals and to see their observation goes, You realize how far off… How far off the beaten path? We’ve gone, right. And I enjoy that part about getting on to the woods, I love getting as close as I can to Willie consciously just trying to get close, and that’s so interesting to me, and I got just this last… Just this past, the wild within the close had never gone to a deer… A while deer was within 10 feet. It was absolutely arouse, didn’t know what it was, I was just sitting by a tree, just relaxing, and it just popped out of nowhere, and it looked at me, and it was surprised and then it’s like… But I wasn’t moving, I was pretty still. But I knew I didn’t belong there. Remember, and then I was curious. They walked away the Kabaka, Okay, well, you’re not Jason me, and I’m curious now, and it got really, really, really close to the point where I was getting nervous, I’m like, Okay, I’ve got… I know that I don’t eat people, but have got me nervous, I’m like, you felt really special because… Yeah, it’s super interesting to observe everything you do will be noticed if I did that, it was noticed, if I raised my brows, noticed everything, it was noticed is like the most intense job interview of all, it’s like that.

It’s like really, everything is being noticed and evaluated, and it was like, Wow, very interesting, not feeling… And I realized how poor my observation skills are with that stuff, and you just… You build on it, it starts… And it gets better.

Have you ever played with a wide angle vision with your brain state with the animals where you don’t see them like You look poster or around them or… You know, like system people are punching it and you can’t focus on one person, ’cause the moment you put… The moment you focus on one person, you get popped, so you bring your vision out like looking at night, so that shifts your brain state to a parasympathetic state, animals don’t perceive you as a threat in that state, which is where you are when you’re… And I’ve done that with different animals where it’s like that curiosity that comes out in them, they know You don’t belong there, but they don’t feel threatened at the same time… No.

I don’t know. I had one funny when that happened years ago, where it was in the woods and it was raining, and I was like, Oh, Jacobus, start raining, so I said I looked around, they didn’t have a roller, Anand, I went underground, I went underneath a big evergreen and just for some protection, I was there and I was just sitting still and then I didn’t think anything of it, I just… I’m looking up, like you said, Wide vision on when the rain is gonna stop, and then… I don’t know, I do know where I look down and there’s a red fox right there, and I say that I’m doing, he’s looking, he’s looking around, and then I’m looking at the red box, then he’s… Nobody was looking at me, he looks up and we looked at each other, we’re both like, I didn’t jump back in if I was looking.

At the other.

Eye, what we do, and then he’s saved… He was there, and then the rain stopped, we went her all the way, that was… Clarissa have never had such an experience, I was literally within two feet of the… Didn’t job, I know they’re not, but… It’s still a wild animal. You’re like, I didn’t expect it. And you didn’t expect to see me. We both had this perplexed like, Well, where else would we be trained the folks… They don’t wanna get wet Taiwan to say by idea. Right, that was really funny and I never… Ever gotten that cost. It’s really hard to read. Foxes are kind of tuning, they’re not sure. Easy to see. They’re not easy to see, they’re very… So it was interesting that we both have the same idea, just this training and we were both… I guess I had this big vision and would have went… Right. Part of your chapter. Anyway.

So you’re talking about awareness skills in wildlife at something… I’ve been working with my daughter… Great. Ever since you had three, four years old, we would always pay attention to different things, point out different things, and we were walking through the yard, and it had just rained, like a torrential down pour. Everything was shopping. We were walking through the yard, there’s just one steep part of The Hill, and I said, Hey, Hey, what happened here? She looks at it, she goes, the deer slipped like it was so good and you looked at it and it was like, yeah, it hit that steep part of The Hill and its feet gave out, so it was pretty cool to be able to see her level of awareness, and she tells me how, she’s like, Yeah, dad, I pretend I’m not paying attention to people and I keep an eye on them and wide angle vision. There you go. Nice work.

Nice. That’s awesome, it’s great. It’s great to… Kids need that a bit of awareness of what’s around them, especially nature, nature is amazing, it’s so much going on in the forest, but nobody’s aware, nobody else like… So it’s just stuck for a second, it’ll settle down and you’ll see everything you know… Yeah, it’s super, super interesting. And I think what I love about the outdoors, there’s a lot I love about it, but the quiet and how wonderful that is really, it helps me put online with at Adobe really is nice. It’s hard to imagine doing it any other way, to be honest with you, you don’t want utter silence, I don’t not to start a big fan of utter silence, that’s maybe a torture to be honest with you, but some sound like water or wind or birds. These are wonderful sounds and you don’t have to focus on them, they’re just there in the background, one very common. I find that goes a long way, and I don’t know when I can call myself, when I call my mind, it can actually start to understand why I’m doing stuff. It’s like, I remember what time you’re working on my knee or something, and you said until it’s panic, until this relaxes.

It’s hard to work with it, it’s like you need to be able to calm your mind and see things from a different perspective, it… Until that happens, you see it not with somebody that’s say they got some bad news from the doctor, until they accept it, it’s hard to beat it, until they acknowledge what they have, and it’s like… To lesser degree, you see people and they get a bad diagnosis, whether it says cancer, ’cause seems to be the most common one, of course, people at beginning tonight or kind of think they’re gonna die and stuff, and then they realize after a while that, no, it’s a battle, that’s all that is, and you definitely can do it, and when they accept it and they become, they take it a little bit more late hearted, not that it’s not serious, because remember, all lot cleats are faced like… I remember being competitive athlete, it was pretty intense, man, it was like… You can’t perform like that. You have to lighten up a little bit, you’re too tight, even though maybe your whole life is on the line, meaning everything you’ve trained for is on the line, but if you have that out of two, You’ll never perform well, and you guys watch me watch…

We do. So my archery stuff. Are you the perfect example? The last thing you wanna tell yourself is that the pot is important, like That’s a lie, showers that you can tell yourself. It’s like, It’s not worth… I’m all like, just… Everything is just gonna be light-hearted… Yeah, I just, I just do my thing. Moment somebody says, This is it. It becomes a mental game. It’s horrible. So the Archers taught me just to be just to be cool with everything ’cause we hit… It doesn’t matter like, Well, somebody has lost their arm and in a car accident, if you know for a hero, the arm put in a bag, it’s cool. That’s the person you want, and that has… We don’t want the inside free, but I would say stay cool. It was so interesting, and I know there’s a… Be a big shot coming up something that I gotta make and give you the hardest thing to tell yourself something important, what you know it is super important. So it’s really taught me a lot about those kind of things, just to learn how to take everything the same, it’s all cool. It’s like I become…

You got the island time, chill, relax. Everything is gonna be fine.

I see that a lot, especially where I’m talking to people that are in pain every day, every day, and it’s one of those things that it’s like you just gotta let them vent initially so they can begin to get present, ’cause after a while they start repeating themselves, they’re saying the same thing about their injury over and over and over again, and then finally it’s like, Okay, well, do you want a solution? ’cause that’s really why they’re there, they want a solution, so how can we calm ourselves down, get the facts straight, figure, what are we gonna do to create the most comfort in the knee… Shortest period of time, let’s do that, and let’s just focus on that and all that other business is just distracting us from the real issue. Complete destruction. You’re right, 100%. 100% is awesome. And such good as such good as you’re talking to… All these stories are calling to go, go, I gotta stop. There’s too many stories. It’s really ridiculous, and I’ve watched people get hit by a car that I think I watched last year, I watched an old lady pick a spill, just smashed on the ground.

Is for… You’re like, you’re… I’m the first one on the scene. And you’re like, Oh, no, worry. You’re rolling around the worry, everything’s fine. I saw your good… Just so you gotta keep… You had guys… You really… I think the worst stuff, the hard stuff in life is that when you know something was preventable, if somebody throw some sold down is some… They just relax a little bit when they were driving just really… To fly kilometers off. If you talk the paramedic, you can talk to police officers, they’ll tell you like, just people in a rush and not present, you wanna avoid those things if you can, just… So I realize a lot of those injuries, and even the same in martial arts, how many injuries we’ve seen, Bill, and they’re all preventable, I rarely… It’s just people not aware of what their… They’re just mistakes. It’s not like a deliberate thing, it’s a careless act, and it’s the same… I’m sure if you go to a hospital, it’s full of people that have cut themselves in the hand in the kitchen, not night, just careless use of a knife that caused an injury. Right, it’s the same thing.

Here’s an interesting thought, what you were saying about people not being present, it’s like the injury is there to bring them presents they were not present before, and the interior just like, Hey, take a look at this. To bring you present. And what happens with most people is when that happens, they get less present with it.

Here… One of my favorite moments when two people are… When the fight goes from a conversation to actual physical, is it… And when the guy gets whacked, you just get smacked in the face, usually in the mouth of the nose, and he has to physically check… You didn’t know you got space, you didn’t hear it, you didn’t feel it? Yeah, like an inter… Like, I’ve been punched. Oh, you’ve got a punch. Alright, you do a AAA three seconds ago. Everyone, your heart it, it’s amazing to really quiet.

It’s like… You could almost feel it coming from my back… Yeah, you’re gonna get hit you. Keep that up. You’re gonna get hit. My thing is when they’re surprised all the gestures are.

There, I guess why I didn’t get punched today, Bill, because when I have said Somebody is so far away, now I’m gonna stay close to them, I’m not gonna make aggressive gestures. Right, it’s the same reason I didn’t get bit by a dog.

So I didn’t go close to it, I didn’t try at the dog that was growing and baring its teeth at me… Exactly.

Yet, I did. It was, I was very… What’s not presentation.

Stuff? It provides for you. I remember Constantine, he did that one, the one seminar where they were talking about dealing with wild animals, dogs, defense against docks, and you’re thinking of this situation or scenario, and he breaks it down to this thing like, are you where the dogs… Like Are you in the dog’s home, the most simplest thing like are you supposed to be there? Is it protecting its food, is it protecting its young, like you deserve essentially housing and think about it, Do you deserve to get it 00%. 00.

Percent. It’s exactly. It’s that simple. They didn’t see, but he has a real gift of breaking the psychology downcast, they are like, I have a dog and it’s the same… They don’t just randomly, but you have to be… Or what you… Are you there? What are you doing if I or something? I made an aggressive gesture to the owner, you were you supposed to be there. Exactly, right. Yeah, it’s not so random Hoosier. Sure, yeah.

That’s awesome. Okay, we’re gonna wrap it up on dog bites.

When it… We could… It could would be weird or things to wrap up on it…

Well, that’s true, we can see that. We could save that for another one, we could check in in a few months, see where you’re at in that I’m working on a…

Well, just watch me guys, I don’t hide what I do, a lot of people, I really enjoy it, and there is a few that will always say funny things, I’m not worried about those people. I don’t do this with any quite reason is just that I’m just… I love to tinker with things as a person, I get very interested in things and I don’t get obsessed, but I get super interested with things and I was really happy to see… I think there was recently Phillies and on the PGA Tour, 50 years old, this guy won a major tournament. I think that we’re pushing this type… I feel as strong as I am now, as it was when I was 20, I sure I’ve been bench press as much, but I still feel strong, and I think that there’s nothing wrong and there’s no reason you can’t be a strong, healthy, happy and an amazing… Or chartist, much later in life, if you train the right way, and there’s not say that the best years of your life are out there… I haven’t seen any, so I totally believe that. Right, I’m gonna rule the shuffle board world, I swear not.

Nicolette strong. Well, that’s strong, ’cause right. I’m sure a whole bit… Sleeves cut off. Sleeves cut on. Yester.

Rough anger of Nicolai. It’s gonna be pressed, we’re gonna have to get some live video Fogel, but we’ll have the link to your Facebook page if anybody wants to follow you on Facebook, you know this to see you… Sure. With the host by Doug juggling chainsaws. Danforth, bill.

Nice. Bill told me.

So many. It’s been a pleasure, man. It was great connecting with you again.

You to me. You too. So good. Say all the best, everybody.

That… Thank you, man, for being here. Once again, this is Bill parravano, the knee pain guru on behalf of the comella Foundation for the pain education podcast. Thanking you so much for being here. Have a wonderful day. And we will see you on the next one.

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