Healing the Root of Pain with Don Baker

Show Notes:

  • We have to look into the root cause of pain.
  • We need the body to be completely absorbing all of the things that are needed to repair the system. 
  • For example, 70% of the nervous system is fat, so the body needs to absorb good fats. Thus, the digestive system needs to be functioning to its optimal level in order to do so.

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Full Transcript

Hello, it’s bill the knee pain guru. Welcome to the pain education podcast sponsored by The comella Foundation. Today, we got a special guest. He’s a good buddy of mine, I’ve known him for… Was it been decades now a one time… His name is Don Baker, located out of London, Ontario, you still based out of London. And based on London, welcome. When I asked you to be on the podcast, I had said, Well, what do you wanna talk about? And you’re healing the root of pain, and I was like, Well, that’s different. So Don welcome, please share your background, your experience, like how you got to this place in your life…

Yeah, well, it’s been pretty interesting trip, Belinda, take you back for enough, people ask, Well, how do you know that you’re a healer or in the healing business or what… It’s one of those things that I’m a musician as well as you know, and it’s it and you just gravitate to that path that… That really resonates with you. And talk about resonation, music’s always been in there, there’s always been that sound and vibration, and as we look at any of the healing modalities, any of the shaman or healers would be, they’d be using their sounds and their drums and they’d be using their Tibetan balls or something and so what I noticed with my set up as well as that there was a lot of things happening that in my life that kept pushing me to that, so I was doing music therapy at the St. Thomas psychiatric hospital ism, and they didn’t even know what it was. They just wanted a guy to come in and play music twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Rockin went on, this is before karaoke ever started, and I saw crazy things happening, people were within six weeks. The psychiatrist are going, We need to have a meeting.

There’s been changes since you got here, or using half the drugs, and the staffs used to you who’s a control factor if they don’t keep their stuff tight, so we haven’t had one incident since you showed up… How do you explain this? Right. And was like, Hmm, wow. Yeah, there is a real impact, and we’ve known that for years, everybody’s a… Kinda was my first like, there’s something more to this sand, is it just something we’re hearing is how’s it affecting the mind or does it actually affect the body, and when you look, it actually affects the body. They could bring down the walls of Jericho with a great big trumpets, and we started to see more and more how this is effective things, and then that led me into many other pathways where I was able to… Again, with music, so I studied music at university and decided to change that up and go to Toronto and then do a business degree, and I went into the idea to do a deeper way as well, to see what was going on there. And so that was my undergrad and then decided to go into one of the medical arts, and again, that was leading…

But while I was doing that, I met this woman once right-hand, Adela, and it was kind of when I was a Karate Kid type of things, where this guy pulls me aside and it says, I need help, and I’m like, Okay, how much do you need… And he said, No, no, I just need someone to help you translate and basically said he wanted to set up a monastery, he had actually protected the dalai lama the early days when the Chinese had come in and had taken over, and he was trying to protect the dalai lama and then, as you know, everything, they managed to get the dalai lama into India, and he ended up catching a plane before they tried to kill him and in Toronto. And so it was one of those weird things. And that was one of the very first times I started to work with him in trade, he was teaching me how to use the Tibetan bowls and How do you sound, and how they incorporated herbs and different aspects of just using chi energy. And I was like, Whoa, this is what in my mind as a young guy, how important those things were, so that was kind of the first time that I really saw what was happening, and so in doing that work for him, he literally opened up my, my whole world at that point, and then I started practicing just Tibetan medicine.

But in the back of the recording too, ’cause here I was to put myself through on my university, I was basically working as a record producer, and so I was setting up keyboard from Celina and even faster, whoever, because I was that kid that was using aviaries and all the technology, and I understood all my Ways and leave forms and all those things, and so all of that music education played into that role, and so it was really a pretty amazing thing. I mean, literally just blew my mind open to possibilities that were extreme, and so then I went through a whole skin to just a lot of different things in life, which was neat, and that led me to where we’re at, leading up into where I did a whole stand, extreme rescue, emergency wilderness medicine. And as you know, we met with a Tom Brown and that really changed me, that’s where I met you. And all the things we learned how to add those root levels to understand what was happening with, from everything from looking at track to making fire in 20 different ways, and all of those things that we learn from that full-time brown experience led me to the ability to see how everything had a pattern, he…

His grandfather said awareness is the key to all things, and it was… That was a pivotal time for us when I was studying… You and I were studying with Tom that led me to see how even the most micro-size, the little pathogen has a pattern, and it’s like hunting a deer, you know what his pattern is, you know how it works, then you know how to hunt it, and you know how to get rid of it and how to affect it, and so all of these bad things.

To budworm… So you’re doing great, you’re doing great. I just wanna give… I wanna give our listeners a little bit of a context of a timeline when you were working with the people, when you’re playing music in the psychiatric ward…

I was 16. Yeah, 60 to about 56 nowadays on Sunday, Bill.

Happy Birthday. Don, I think it’s important, and I wanna give people a context when you have a natural gift to help people out, it’s like this stuff just unfolds for you, in the brain works very differently, and you’re trying to go, well, and this happened and this happened, and this happened and this happened with, you’re connecting these dots on a timeline that can span over 4040 years, you know…

Yeah, and that’s the thing is all of it has played into this beautiful moment for me, I even studied traditional Chinese medicine, went over to China, I went back and forth a few times to study all other techniques too, and I studied a bit during my whole path going down to Stanford, when I discovered Bruce Lipton as a biologist, this guy is next level, and I’m hopping in the car and driving down there, and I just spent so much time over the planet Arizona. I was studying again, and that led me into this whole thing that I’m into, which is just basically energy medicine, so I’m using rife machines, I’m using a Tesla Valera, which Tesla had created back in 18, 80, 95, somewhere around the 18 95, and it was used by all the doctors, but as you know, when big pharma came in and overtook Western medicine as we know it, of all of those things were… The chiropractors to… All of those guys were run out of town, it was all about drugs and was medical… What a huge joke. That thing is, I mean, the first year, they’d like to end an shinhwa doing some.

Working on condoms or some kind of biology the next three years, or what to… You put with her symptoms and there’s four hours of nutrition in the entire four years… Okay, do stop… Won’t people are aware of that. We want… What I really wanted to do is showcase your expertise, and obviously you know a ton of information and we just wanna get it out in a way that the listeners can go, Oh, right, that’s how they’re connecting the dots, ’cause usually the people like us, you’re like, Well, I’m not really sure what happened, I went in there, they’re kind of weird, but I feel better when I leave and I can’t connect the dots on these things, so I really want it… First of all, we got 40 years of experience that we’re interviewing today… Oh yeah, you… You right, so what we’re doing is we wanna extract this… Now, there was a couple of things that you had said, a couple of machines, and I don’t wanna go off on that quite yet, but I want you to explain the concept of frequency vibration as it relates to pain.

Well, yeah, that… Right, there is a key. So frequency is something that’s a beautiful tool that I use because everything, every cell in your body has its own specific frequency, this is how magnetic resonance imaging works, it’s just a big magnet is spinning this jostling, all your cells, and the disease cells have a different frequency from the healthy cells. So every cell paid a picture in terms of the color, and so basically that’s what it’s doing is giving me the red him and joke. And so there’s your liver, for example, and then there’s… There’s this other thing in the Live… Well, what is that thing? Well, they’ll call it a Lehi, which is a code word for, we don’t know what it is. It’s something… And you’d think right now, they’d have that kind of a little more figured out, so they could actually tune into the specific frequency, which is what rife did, right with his machine, and he was able to actually cause the cell to break apart like the singer that hits a note and can cause that glass to break apart by finding what it described as a mortal alastor rate, so there’s optimizing rates, there’s the happy frequency of each cell, and then I can cause that cell wall to literally break apart by using a counter harmonica then breaks it…

And that’s the key. And that’s what Richard discovered. This is the man I invented the microscope that we still use today. It said For live cell analysis, and he was using a test light, which was the with argon and other noble gases that he was playing with too, as you know, you can hold on to a non-Stein and it won’t burn it and that he didn’t wanna burn as samples at the time, that tungsten would always burn, so he wanted to be able to see things at a live level, and that’s where he discovered actually cancer was a virus, and the virus would get in and change and alter the DNA, which would change the call structure and that sell structure wants changed. He didn’t know at the time until he was playing with it, but he was produced a frequency, so when you excited a noble gas, it creates basically like a radio station transmission, and so he’s like, Oh, all of a sudden the thing blows up and he’s like, Oh, my God, let’s try that again in a exact same frequency, but the healthy cell was completely untouched, and he’s like, Oh my god, they gotta have a different frequency, and so when he kept playing with it, he could fight it, now it’s harder to blow up a healthy so because the integrity and the structure is there, when a virus gets into something, it changes it, but it makes it weaker, so the viruses, that’s why the viruses end up kinda doing themselves in eventually because they need to replicate off of that particular cell.

So that’s how cool frequency and vibration is. And so these discoveries, it was Tesla said, If you wanna explain anything in the universe, it comes down to frequency and vibration, so all we are is really just water, dirt and bugs walking around that are vibrant and we’re just cells, so it all comes down to… That… And can we affect those cells with sound with… Yeah, absolutely, and that’s what the Tibetans were doing. That’s what all the other healers were doing, we’re using chi energy in those older modalities that have been around for years, and so we can then take that same… So if everything has a frequency of everything’s got a cycle, we can either help optimize it, or we can use things like post-electromagnetic frequency, which is just like a man that I call the washing machine, where it can help get fluent in and out because all things on a physical level, come down to two things, deficiencies and toxicities on that physical biological level, and that’s where the key is, is we need to have those two things affected, and that’s why in my practice, I actually don’t even start on the frequency of vibration stuff, I start on the base entry level stuff, which is diet, and I can’t say enough about how key that is, and the biggest thing that I’m finding is an intense amount of IBS, leaky gut, all of these things.

What’s causing that? And I’m seeing it over and over again, but with this is Monsanto round-up, that’s one of the biggest causes because they’re hyper-spraying the crop just days before they harvest it, that’s the problem, and round up is actually… It’s pretty much the same chemical structure as Agent Orange, and so he kills the guys…

Is this what we hear a lot, I had a previous guest who gave us a detox, like a real for STEP. Simple detox of glyphosate. Just one. So the Monsanto Spring that you’re talking about is the glyphosate that he was another or a different…

Well, and the key… Well, the key is in the cell wall of the mucosal cells that line the intestinal system, they have to have is a symbiotic relationship with Pro box the gut flora. And so this chemical kills all living things, that’s what it does to us in to kill weeds, and so everybody look at everybody’s eating wheat, and by the way, the cows that are making your dairy, guess what they’re reading the same stuff, so guess what’s coming through in the dairy, that’s why we’re seeing all of the lactose and is in a glut on Acela, and we’re seeing crowns, it all comes down to two… Well, that as well as the antibiotics, so the anybody’s destroyed one and kills one to two years to fix holes.

We wanna make some connections for people listeners of what they’re doing and how it’s showing up. So there are two things that was… One is the pesticides that they’re spring on the crops that we end up eating… Yeah, so it’s getting into our guts, it’s destroying everything in our guts, giving us issues. So that was one thing I heard you say. The second is the cows, they’re eating the grass that has the glyphosate sprayed on it… Yeah.

The week and all of the rodent openings have in the case… Yeah, it’s called burning down the crop though, what they do is they use that to kill the Crop real quick so that it’ll dry up, so that it goes through their harvesters and their equipment really super quick and easy, and it increases the yield that they get because running something through here, it’s not completely killed and dried up, it’s gonna clog up their system and everything else, and so it’s just a really bad farming practices that’s been propagated by the same guys that one big farm on big acres, so they got you on both ends, and where I start with my clients is, because here’s the problem, if the gut is leaking in, what I’ll do is I’ll send you a visual so that you can use that so that you can see how that wall of cells that separate our food from our blood system see, it’s supposed to be properly pre-digested, then absorbed into the bloodstream, and it’s not… Because what’s happening is, when you lose the good probiotics that are in these things called Villa, they’re like little fingers, okay.

And it looks like a little forest under the microscope, and without that there the cells lose integrity, instead of being tight like this and lining that whole wall, they start getting these holes, and in those holes and where toxins, microorganisms, undigested food are leaking into the bloodstream. Now, when that leaks into the bloodstream bill, there’s these things called cytokines, monolithic blood, so they’re over-protective mothers are trying to basically monitor and protect everything that’s in our body, and there’s something for… And they freak out, they’re like, over-protective mothers. What happens when you upset and over protective mother from other Berbers, it… What happens is it sends and it sends out a message to everybody in the village, okay, it’s not just that area, but anywhere in the blood stream where there’s any kind of cell that will respond like a mucosal cell. That’s what the cell is. It’s a mucus-producing cell that mines it, because when it’s under threat, it sends up an inflammatory histamine response, right. And it says to these cells, oh my God, we’re under threat, protect us, so the mucosal cells start making me case, so now nothing’s getting in because it’s all clogged up with mucus, so this is why we’re seeing extreme nutrient efficiencies and people are on like crazy and the one that they keep eating it, if any of that stuff leaks in, again, it just perpetuates this continuous inflammatory response, and so it’s systemic through it, the whole body, and so when there’s inflammation, you can’t get healing villas, now we’ve got all of this fluid around and so nothing’s kind of getting in a rote, that’s why when we have an inflammatory response is A, is protecting us, but it’s also doing it as harm because we can’t get the goods in to heal with, and again, if we’re deficient in the goods, and in most cases, most people are highly mentally deficient to because of those farming practices, what we’re getting up out of the ground and our plans is really generally deficient and we need those building blocks, so when we’re trying to rebuild something here, and that’s why we get pain because the inflammatory response is there.

So that’s one of the main factors in that whole aspect of pain, so if the root cause, it’s the food that we’re units, what we’re putting into our system that I’m seeing consistently in my practice, as soon as I get them off a week and vary pretty much all the issues go away. And then I say, Look, try your best to eat organic as much as you can, try to keep the… Again, those… Any of those toxicities down, so once we’ve got that manage it, that’s when I look at… And here’s the thing is, I’ve broken the code on online disease, we were cleared 403 cases. Now, I figured out how I was working, I’m using sound and vibration now to kill those things in a very systematic way, because again, there’s a pattern to that, and I was able to figure that out, and I was also able to figure out how to consistently Hilliard in Western medicine. Not possible, right, right. But I’m seeing people that are coming in, especially since this latest… Whatever we’ll call it. Anyhow, I’m seeing huge viral outbreaks of the old stuff, herpes zoster, as we know herpes zoster and Western Mass is not even admitting that, that’s what costs built palsy.

Okay, those poses, I was on one side. And we’ll see that a lot more. But as we know, herpes zoster was just chicken pox and pretty much everybody had chicken pox, right. And if you were a kid, I mean, you didn’t have it. You were told to go over and play with little Joy, who, who had it so that you’d get it and get it over with… Right, but that virus never goes away, they’re all called latent viruses, all the herpes family of viruses, Epstein Barr purpose, human Paloma virus, all of these pahlavi Rus causes wars. So all of these virus, but these viruses also are the main causal factors for cancer, any of the infections getter doesn’t just infect only the red blood cells, but it’ll also infect Streptococcus is when people get strips, roads and stuff that have minors. You have to remember, the virus is there to overtake and replicate, but it has to overtake another cell, it doesn’t have its own cell structure, so it is the ultimate ultimate… Basically as a parasite, that’s what it is, by definition, when you think about it, it has to use somebody else’s resources to replicate, that’s why I ever met in work, that’s why hydroxy Chloroquine.

But all these doctors were all squashed for even so any of the anti-parasitic medications were wiping out this stuff last, anyhow, you don’t get you and so that… But these viruses built, especially the herpesvirus is all right on the nervous system, okay? This is where the problem is, is… And then this is a major causal factor for panel, and again, I see if I get that way, don’t… And it takes me usually seven to 14 days of using just a rite technology is what I’m using on that, to break apart and blow up those viruses, I’m seeing amazing results with it, but so many people coming in with sciatica, ’cause again, it doesn’t always present his shingles, it doesn’t have to present on the surface, on the skin, it can sit there and write any of those nerves, and so her pesos is a huge player in this pain thing, same with cytomegalovirus, which kind of sits between Epstein-Barr and the zoster viruses, hhv-6 now, so human herpes virus, so these are all in this herpes family, and these viruses have a huge role to play because what happens is when these viruses, they kind of use those nerves as their highways, that’s how they get around.

And here’s the key is because there’s a low blood supply in the nervous system, now, Lyme disease, for example, is the same thing, now it’s a bacteria, but it could burn these little cork screw ship, bacteria can Berlin the nurse, the bones, the joints, anywhere and nine times out of 10, all of these problems that people are having with pain in these areas is because these pathogens have gotten into these areas where there’s low blood supply, and that’s why it’s hard to get anything to heal, as you know, within the tendons in any of those areas. And so using sound and frequency and vibration, we can… It’s like a radio station transmission and it’ll get through to the balls of choice and a nervous system, but the pathogens hide in there because they know there’s a little blood supply, so you can take all of the antibiotics, you can take all the herbs in the world, and you’re never going to IPO, especially Lyme disease, for example, or any of these viruses, that’s why according to Western medicine, it’s not impossible, they can subdue it with their anti-viral medications, anything with a veer on the end of its anti-viral remembers so many…

Anyhow, those medications. So again, remember all those medications are highly toxic, so because they’re highly refined, if they’re highly refined, they’re highly toxic, and so all of those toxins, again, you keep… If you wanna go Western medicine, good luck, because all it’s doing is adding and perpetuating the whole problem, it gives you a little bit of relief for, but in the long term, it causes way more damage in most cases that… It’s good, it’s great in an emergency situation, if you wanna take the edge off of something, but it never addresses the root problems, and as I just discussed with you this morning, is once we discover what’s at the root problem, and I’m using equipment, bill that… This is just at my place here, but I’m able to stand and utilize equipment that goes in through all the acupuncture points, we can see through the nervous system, the function of pretty much everything in the body, and so we can basically assess… Now also, I can determine what pathogen it is, it’s like a fingerprint, everything has an energy signature, right, so I’m able to… And I discovered this when I was studying traditional Chinese medicine.

It was Dr. Val, who was studying in 1940, ’cause he didn’t want his own medicine, he had prostate cancer, and he went to study with the Chinese, and he’s the one that said, Hey, that’s neat that you use an Active puncture. It’s been around for years. It works great. Is there a way to, you know, you’ve mapped out that that nerve goes all the way through to somewhere in the body and you’re either increasing or decreasing the flow of energy depending on what’s going on in that body, whether it’s young or tag, it’s hard or it’s cool, and so he said, Is there a way that we can monitor and test this… Well, and they just do their Chinese tests and stuff. And he said, No, if it’s like wearing in a house, why can’t we just hook up a Walter and see if there’s a flower and outflow just run a small little voltage through it and see what comes out the other end. And so this whole thing is advanced now to the point where it’s an amazing, what I call an assessment to it, where we can’t diagnose anything, so we’re just assessing and we’re assessing to see if something exists or it doesn’t exist.

And so that’s what I’m able to do in my practice here, is to see What’s the reuse of this and let’s fix the root first and then… Okay, yeah. Hey, we can get healing and things into those areas with your specialty and the knees and different functions that way now, as I said, this can do a lot for us in terms of helping the healing responses and everything else, now, if there’s a major career stuck right. That’s where Western medicine comes in with the surgery, they’ve made great dances in that work, if you’ve got bone on bone and the currently just go… It’s kind of hard to sometimes get that back if there’s a lot of damage there on a physical level, we’re gonna be stuck, and that’s why I say, hey, we need everything like what you’re doing, and your work is helping them to get that back, but we gotta really address the root cause. Or we’re just putting band-aids on things. And that’s what I’ve seen is people are just sick and tired of the band, and the only way that I’ve seen so far as to give back to those… What is at the root cause of this whole thing, and again, a lot of athletes and stuff, they think they’re eating healthy or eating all this food, and I test everybody for that with this machine as well, it’ll tell me what foods work…

Everybody’s blood type is different, everybody’s system is different, these fad diets of this key to that, whatever, I’m so against all of that because everybody is different, some of the sickest people I’ve seen show up at my door are the Vegas that are all blood type O-blood type is hunter gather, and there are certain things in the meats and things that that that old blood type needs, and we can get into a crazy discussion. I’ve got some people, now I can’t eat. Well, then guess what, you’re gonna eat. Bugged, okay, start putting some crickets or something, ’cause you need certain proteins and elements that you can’t get in the plans, right, if you’re not… If you’re an A, you’re a great thing, or a B or a B, I can be a decent. So for me, I’m all about, what does that person need? For them, how can I optimize this and this… What I was throwing up as an offering to you too, is just a gift certificate to any of your folks in your organization that you wanna do a draw or something that wants to come in and we can do whatever you want to give a special discount.

To the Comella guys, whatever you want, whoever comes into your intro world that would benefit from my work and what I’m doing here to help them get to those root causes. Okay.

The first question is, I actually have a bunch of questions. I’m trying to think of how to organize them into a cohesive way… Yes, that’d be great, thank you. And we will certainly put that up in the bonus section, your offer… However, you live in London, Ontario, and the recording of this, we have the world’s in a little bit of a crazy… So the ability of somebody to travel, even if they are living in Canada to get to you is a little bit more challenging and at other times in our life… In their lifetime. Yeah, so my next question is, do you work with people remotely, and I know we may need to have a conversation around that, because when we’re talking about frequency and vibration, and we get into what Tess was working with, what rife was working with as far as frequency and vibration, that time and space becomes a little bit like… Well, it’s optional. Yes, and so your ability to help people and work with people remotely is the same as if they were to come to see you in person.

I mean, a… It’s always better when I can physically test… Now, what I’m working on right now, Bill, is a network of people, and there are a few people with these assessment tools, and I’m working right now, ’cause I’ve had to shift as you’ve had to ship to everybody, so I’m shifting more into teaching now as opposed to just practicing all the time. And so I have a real one, two and a three level three course, which is a university-level course that covers everything from how to use an Electro-dermal assessment tool, to all the energy equipment. Again, I bring it down to those root levels where we have to really understand pathology and path of psychology and how everything’s all working together, all of those key elements in order to be able to use this beautiful equipment, which really is… This is the wave of the future. This you’ve seen in many of those other movies where they have the med, but with a guy in an insane and starts to work on using frequency to repair, but again, the key is, is making sure that we have the nutrient base that we’ve got the physical elements necessary for that healing.

And so we go through all of that. So I’ve developed a course on that, three different levels of my course now, and so I can teach people just how to use these things for their own friends or family, or… I’ve got so many… Everybody from chiropractors to the nurses that had retired to doctors and had retired from the system that are wanting to come and use this, so I have that level three where we can get into… Where they can incorporate that into their practice. And what I’m doing is setting it up so that the assessment is really good, I guess I can do it over the phone and kinda get a pretty good idea, and I’ve seen enough cases that I can do those types of things over the phone without actually having… A physical test. It’s always nice to have the physical test, but if I’ve been through so many cases of Lyme disease to whatever else, I can pretty much guide them through that just in a zoom situation like this, that’s no problem. But my optimization does definitely go up when we can have a physical set up, but that’s the key.

So I’m curious about these people that you’re teaching and training, are they setting up practices as well, too… Many of them and throughout the states all over the place, many of these people are setting up their own practices, and they’re basically just taking and doing what I’ve been working on my whole life to develop these protocols, these techniques, and it’s been amazing. So I’m just trying to share as much of this as I can now to bring this to the world, and so that’s where I’m at right now is to, How can I… So what this whole thing did was just open up even more opportunities for us and more possibilities that in fact, it did the opposite, they were trying to cut everything down and now we found new pathways… Right. And new ways of getting it pushed me actually to move this to a much larger population now than I would have done by myself, I would have just probably had stayed here and been the guy in the back of the vitamin store and not… Maybe ever taken it to this level, but now as we’re seeing, there’s so much demand for it, and as I was saying, especially with what we’re seeing with the pathogens and the viruses and things, and believe me, I’ve seen because of these vaccines and now an increase, because now everybody is a spike protein manufacturing facility, and so we’re seeing some really scary stuff that would have thought that we would have seen…

So I’m seeing it, all kinds of really not great things happening, but the good is, is we’ve got these technologies and they’ve been around for years, it’s just repackaged and like I said, the were using a bull… Now, we can use a machine mean it’s creating frequency and vibration, and which one is tuned properly to our bodies, it’s highly beneficial and… There you go.

Okay, I have a couple of questions for you. We able… Do you have a portal at which people that would be listening to this down… We lost your video. Oh, sorry, but come back on combatting to call me. I get it, we’re gonna have to scoot here in a little bit, but is there a portal that people who are watching this video that can get to your website that can access these people that you’re training or in a…

So they can just go to my website. I’ve got an IT guy and he’s monitoring all that. He’s got the courses setup. He’s designing everybody. So I’ve got my buddy Chris, so they can just go to Care at Evian dot com or conservancy dot com. I’m gonna send you all the…

We’ll get the links for that, they’ll put in the notes to make it easy, I’ll.

Get you everything that you need for there, and then we just go from there, and so whatever anybody needs, whatever support that they need, we can definitely get that day.

So big things that I was hearing you talk about, was Lyme disease a huge… In helping with cancer. Yeah, potentially were.

Some… All diseases, I mean, whether it’s viruses, whether people are dealing with severe pain in a lot of cases, what’s causing the pain, or high inflammation from crappy diets and viral or bacterial or other toxic logical overloads on the nervous system. And so I’m able to figure out on what’s going on and here’s what we can use to help us in the short term, and then utilize any of these different devices to help us get that person back to a state of ease as opposed to disease. And so we’ve got many tools, we’ve got many things that you use, and again, it’s a custom approach to what does that person specifically need to get those things under control, so we can get them back to that base level that they can work off of, and so if you fix the root, you fix that. You fix everything on the way up.

Right. Okay, I like giving… All of my clients, I work with, three little baby steps, I always like the baby steps, so first thing, and this is gonna go outside of the context of this, we had a previous podcast with a… Theo Lucia, I believe lease did a podcast, he talked about the four steps to begin to detox, your body thinks that would be step one. Second is cut out heat, third is cut out dairy, and then go make an appointment to work with you or reach out to you, we’ll put the link to those people that can potentially help. I think that would be great.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And like I said, as soon as you get all of those things off that nervous system, for example, that that’s your main pain communicator, right. And as soon as we reduce the inflammation, we reduce the pathogens that are not just pathogens, but also anything producing toxins, and so medications are highly toxic, and those toxins are neuro toxic, they’re breaking down the neuro networks as just as much as the pathogens are breaking down those… And that’s what’s breaking down that the sheet that’s protecting the nerve, right. And that’s what we’re seeing so much, Parkinson’s we… And sensual heavy metals. And on top of that, and this is the problem, is that nervous system, if we do affect that root level effect on the nervous system, there is no drugs that are gonna fix this, there’s no super duper frequency machines that are gonna fix that. We have to go to that room so that… And then we need to get the body absorbing fully, all of the things we need to repair that nervous just now, 70% of the nervous system is fat, so we need to get the good fats. How are we gonna get those omega in and how are we gonna get college in, and all of those bias in, all the cool things in there…

Well, if the gut not absorbing it, because here’s a thing, Tiger that’s always gonna go in like that, but what happens is if that digestive system isn’t absorbing because it’s producing mucus, because there is a cytokine response that is looping continuously causing mucus… There’s the key, if we don’t get that fixed, we’re wasting our time.

Got it. Do. That was a cool. Awesome stuff. I so appreciate your time. I know you’re a really busy… Conan love to… If there’s things that develop, ’cause I think you’re on to some cutting edge stuff, if there’s some developed that you’re like, We gotta get it out to people. Please reach out, we’ll get you on another podcast… Absolutely bro.

Thank you for the opportunity to… As you know, I love working with you, man. And anything we can do, we gotta collectively pull together in this thing to get out of this really funky space. Rackspace, it’s right, right. But we’re gonna do it pro. Okay, thank.

You so much, have a… I love you too. And we’ll see you soon, okay? Thanks, buddy. Okay, well, that cooled quickly, its Bill parravano, the knee pain guru. Wrapping it up for the comella Foundation and the pain education podcast. Thank you so much for being here. And we will see you on the next one. Have a great one. Talk to you Soon.

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