How Essential Oils Can Assist with Pain Relief with Eve Colantoni

Show Notes:

  • There are solutions out there that are safer, cheaper, and more effective.
  • Essential oil like peppermint oil can be applied on your head and on your belly too.
  • If one has an upset stomach, peppermint is wonderful for the digestive system. It has a multi-purpose usage.

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Full Transcript

Hello, it’s Bill, the knee pain guru, and welcome to the pain education podcast sponsored by The comella Foundation. Today we have a friend of mine, Eve Colontoni, who is gonna be sharing with us around how essential oils can relieve pain in the joints in the body. Eve, so glad you’re here. It’s great to see you again, welcome.

Thank you so much, but I’m glad to be here.

Would you share your background, like the 30-second elevator pitch on what happened, how you got into essential oils and… Yeah.

Sure, sure. So you and I actually met in 2008, it was shortly after I had graduated from my holistic healing a coaching program, so I was helping people a diet and lifestyle changes, and that had really started out of a need for finding answers to my problem, was I like 30s, I was on 14 different medications, and it never heard to me that there was a problem with that. And I grew up in the medical model, Oh, you’re sneezing. Let’s go to the doctor. Here’s your Averill. Oh no. You can’t focus. Here’s your ADD medication. Oh, now you have stomach upset. And it was on and on and on. It never occurred to me that there was a problem. So I changed my diet, I changed my lifestyle, and lo and behold, I was able to take myself off of all 14 different medications, and I’ve never had to go back to those, and that was like at 16 years ago, 15, 16 years ago, my… During that time, you start to experience all sorts of things outside of just the realm of diet, experimenting with different supplementation and homeopathic remedies, and this is where it…

When I found Essential Oils, it was around 2005, but ring enough, I never brought them into my health coaching practice because what else that I was using at the time, I felt like they were very superficial, they weren’t really giving me any kind of whiz-bang results. And I’m a very result-oriented person, what I recommend something to one of my clients, I wanna know that it’s actually gonna work for them, so I really just kind of hood them, I thought that they were in the realm of something nice, like a scented candle, but certainly not something that I considered to have therapeutic or medicinal value, so fast forward a couple of years, I have a terrible car accident, I wind up with a lot of chronic problems, I’m not sleeping well and totally stressed out, I’m having lots of discomfort in my body, and a friend introduces me to essential oils again, but this time real essential oils, ones that were actually… What they say on the bottle, not just a bunch of synthetic chemicals that are thrown into a bottle with a label that says Pure… And it literally changed my life like night and day difference, so started working with myself and then with my family and with friends and colleagues and clients, and it was like one after another, every single person I was working with was having this life-changing effects from this and I think when you start to see that, it’s like it becomes like a moral obligation, it’s like it’s something that you can’t hide any longer, so my whole life shift at that point, and that’s what I’ve been doing now for the last eight years, actually, I’ve been just exclusively teaching them about essential oils.

It’s been a lot fun.

Okay, that’s awesome. And I didn’t even know that about you. Like that essential oil component, I know we’ve had some conversations in the past, but that is… I’m excited to hear that. Let’s get a foundational thing for the listeners, essential oils. They’re smelly things. They smell good. Okay. When we’re talking about essential oils, what type of smells are we talking about… Give me a payment picture…

Sure, sure. So before we even go there, what is an essential oil? What is it even? So essential oils are basically concentrated extracts from plants, so when you look at a plan, there’s all sorts of different parts, it’s something that might be derived from the seams or the roots, or the park, or the leaves, or if it’s a flower, the petals… If it’s a fruit, the rishi, the plant, the plant basically has this amazing defense-like mechanism, it’s basically these essential oils, when you take a pepper mantle, for example, and you put it under a magnifier, you can actually see these tiny little white sack and those of the essential oil, Sacha, we do is they protect the plant, if the plant is being attacked by some type of credit or if there’s a virus or a bacteria or a humble infection that attacks the plan, again, these essential oils are absolutely gonna help them thrive and protect them, moreover, the essential oils will help to deliver nutrients to the cells of the plant, so when we’re inviting that into ours, it’s gonna have a very, very center… Just a consular effect. Does that make sense?

Does it… Does now, these are all plants. These are some plants that are, I’m asking part of it, because I really don’t know. Part of it I’m asking is being the person that would be asking that question that.

Were a good question. So Daffodils, they smell amazing, right, like they have an amazing… They do not contain essential oils, rose on the other and smells amazing as well too, contains oils, so not all Plants contain essential work. Okay, you some doubt. So, very fair question.

Okay, I’m just trying to get clear, if someone is trying to conceptualize where these essential oils are coming from, they’re not coming from all plants, I know you mentioned the seeds, the roots, the stems, the pedals, the rains helped me… Help me, Hal, figure this out.

A certain plants are going to have essential oils in certain parts, so for example, cinnamon bark, we’re all familiar with Cinnamon and that actually, if you go into your kitchen, you can pull out a cinnamon stick most likely from your spice rack, that cinnamon stick within the bar, you’re going to have essential oils now, are there essential oils and the root of that plant, not that I’m aware of that might be… They might not be worth extracting, so let’s talk a little bit about this extraction process on time. We’ve known that there are certain methods that will release certain fighter nutrients from plants, for example, many people soak their rice or they soak their grains, or they soak their beings before they cook them, and the idea is that that’s gonna make it more digestible and allow us to actually invite the new transmits in there. So in a similar fashion, if you take a slice of gender, gender route and you boil that in water, you can make a nice gender to… Right, it can be really moving to our summit when we’re talking about essential oils and we’re talking about extracting them from the plant, it’s basically a steam distillation process, so we’re using water, we’re using heat, and we’re again separating this so that when we invite it into our system, we’re gonna have more, it’s gonna be more bio-available, it’s gonna be more readily available to our system, so again, why do we wanna do this? One, a quick reason, the the idea is there’s so many plants on the planet, and when we’re eating a really healthy diet, we’re not supposed to just be eating a handful of plans, there’s all sorts of bio-available metabolites and plants when we break them down.

And those really, really do to plan a massive role in our ability to stay healthy and well, our ability to predict heart disease, our ability to predict inflammatory markers in the body, so the more diverse our diet is, the better we’re gonna feel, the healthier will feel the more vitality, that will feel… So using essential oils, again, it’s just another way to get different plant compounds into our body. Does that make sense?

Okay, yes. So if I could repeat back to you all of that from a very simplistic way, there are specific parts of specific plants that contain what an oil that we could extract in a way that would be considered an essential oil…

Exactly, the doses are very specific thing.

Okay, and then we can use this essential oil to really dig into the purpose of our call today that use these certain types of oils from certain types of plants as a strategy to help reduce pain in the body, the Norgay cool. Let’s see… Where should we go from here? What are some really great ones for reducing pain in the body?

Definitely. So the thing that I love to talk about with essential oils is when people are experiencing pain, you and I both know it can be exceptionally debilitating, the whole quality of your life can just turned upside down in a minute, and you’ve got someone laying there who’s in agony, and they’re looking at their options and normally their options are, okay, I suffer, or I reach for that pill bottle on the table there, and I know there are so many people that are in situations now where it’s like… They’re like a picture, say, your choice be, what else am I gonna do? So the thing that I love about essential oils is it gives us another option, there’s another option on the table now, and it’s usually safer, it’s usually cheaper, and oftentimes it’s more effective. So looking at the whole scope of this, when we’re talking about essential oils, we sometimes… Sometimes they can be that silver bullet where you’re experiencing some type of issue, you apply an oil and within seconds you have relief. That’s great, and I love that when it happens. The reality of the situation for most people is we really do have to take that holistic view and say, Okay, great, what else is going on in your life right now? Are you the guy that’s morbidly obese.

Is smoking a pack of cigarettes every day? Lay it on the sofa, afraid to go outside for whatever reason, there’s lots of reasons people are scared to go outside these days… That’s right, right. And then say, Oh my backwards, ’cause I’ve been like laying on the SOX months. Sure, it’s like we quite possibly, but it’s not really gonna subsea problem. Well, Integra, it might give you enough relief where you can get up and start making some more foundational changes which are really gonna provide the effect in the long run, analyser a great way to get people on the right track, and I can get people so much faster to their angle than just diet and lifestyle alone. So that’s a really, really important thing to keep in mind. But just like… Let’s take the example of your western medicine cabinet. Let’s say you’ve got a headache and you go, No, I took a pill and all it didn’t do anything, and I didn’t do anything, Oh, but took an etcetera, and boom, that headed… So people time to be really patient with the stuff that they grew up with, the stuff it’s already in their medicine cabinet and the stuff that they know how to use when it comes to essential oils.

Sometimes there can be a little bit of a learning curve, so there’s multiple different oils that we can try for one situation, and I tell people, Just a patient with it, if we don’t have it on the first try, give it a second, tried giving it there. Maybe it just means we need a different oil, so let’s talk about some oils that we can use just to get to the state, the pre-

Cut to the chase to.

Share if somebody is experiencing some kind of tension in their head… You and I both know that there can be multiple different causes for this, maybe they need to have their eyes check, maybe they’ve been squint-Ed at the screen all day. Now, maybe they drive too much caffeine and they didn’t have enough water, they’re dehydrated, now they’ve got a headache, maybe they’ve been listening to hammering all day in… Whatever is going on. There’s different reasons for this. So often times I go, I have to play around with this a little bit, but one of the most simple go-to remedies, if you’re having any kind of tension in your head is simply peppermint oil. Man, we all know what peppermint is. If you’ve had a moto recently at the part and they’re throwing some freshmen in there, and I can guarantee you that freshman has Essential Oils, right. So you’ve been inviting essential oils and not even realize.

I’d like to interrupt you just for a second, I have my own personal experience with pepper Minoan, this was several years ago, and I had just one of those awful headaches, and I had a friend… I was like, Here, put some pepper mini on your temples. I put pepper in oil on my temples, now, this was the first time I’d ever heard of using peppermint oil in that way, so I’ve been familiar with essential oils. I put it on my temples and within minutes it was gone.

And it was just one of those… Quite an eye-opening experience for me ’cause it was so quick. So I can attest to it from personal experience, yeah, I had a friend that I worked with years ago, and the poor guy, he really, really suffered from chronic debilitating, the type of discomfort that you get behind your eyes… I’m talking here here, I’m not necessarily supposed to like name diagnosable conditions, it’s one of those things like the disclaimer here, if I sell ice packs, and I tell you that an ice pack could be helpful with a migraine headache, I’ve actually now just taken a diagnosable term were again, that’s not a medically approved device, I can get in trouble with the government for saying that that ice packed and being helpful through your migraine, so if I’m talking and Cody are a little bit and saying things to the effect and like, Oh, you know that not discomfort that you get behind your eye, you think… We call that, we were talking about.

Well, to cover any basis, this is not to medically diagnose or prescribe or any of that stuff, but I have that on the website and all that, and neither of us have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. So we should be good to go.

Absolutely, so other… Or sometimes the most simple essential oil is the one that’s just gonna give you the most effect right out of the gate, something like… Now, that said, essential oils are fantastic in the sense that you can take a single oil in government, you can a single oil like lavender, we all know what lavender is across. Wild, it’s beautiful. When you take the essential oils from both of those and you combine them, there’s this amazing synergistic effect where it basically can cause exponentiation with the result, so combining oils then becomes a whole another animal, it literally creates a completely compound. When we’re talking about head tension, I always say Go straight for your proper mind, if that doesn’t work, then the combination of peppermint, lavender and frankincense in combination just seem to have an effect that will knock that out for people. So let’s talk a little bit about those others too quickly, lavender, another amazing amazing oil, it has lots of common properties to it, so we’re looking at the big picture. If I have somebody that’s been dealing with a chronic pain issue, oftentimes we need to look at the big picture, how are you sleeping if you’re tossing and turning all night, you’re not gonna be an Arrested and healing state, you’re gonna constantly be waking up in a deficit, something that lavender can absolutely calm the nervous system so that when you go to bed, you’re actually getting a restful night sleep in process can initiate…

We can move forward from there. So that oil what… Like I said, it’s great for any kind of tension you might be having in your head, but it has the dual factor, Caltrain calming in the body. Now, a private sense. I think when you raised public, I know we’ve…

Yes, plenty of it.

Frankincense and all my friends that were raised Catholic, they’re like, Oh, oh my God, this takes me straight back to you, sister Ambrose in kindergarten. Yes, so again, if you’re raised in the Catholic Church, You probably small fry consent being burned in the church, since is one of the oils that… Again, this isn’t a religious talk, but the three wise men and what did they give to the Christ child, frankincense MUR and gold frame are some of the most intense oils that we have, they do so much, they work on the cellular level. They can really help to rejuvenate ourselves in that regard, so it has some really, really important properties to it, enough, but again, like I said, it was gifted to the Christ child, so with Frank consent, any time there’s anything going on within the head. So this can be cognitive issues, this can be pain in the head, this can be mood challenges, frankincense is one of the go-tos there, position to putting the Franken sons and lavender and peppermint on the head for that type of tension, I would also take a drop and I would put it on the roof of one now, because again, it’s gonna provide a penetration and deliver to go directly into the brain, a little disclaimer with that, and I know this is definitely something that you had asked me to talk about and something that I think is critically, critically important.

Potential oils are not created. The example that I like to give is if you go into the grocery store and someone says, Hey, hey, he pick up some pan picker and you don’t know anything about pancakes, and you walk up and down the aisle and you see the Anime there. You’re like, Yeah, yeah, it is a piston it… The average person doesn’t even think about it, Okay, that’s nothing more than high rotor syrup, artificial color, artificial flavor, a bunch of preservatives and chemicals, there is absolutely nothing in there that actually resembles true maple syrup, that Able surf is gonna be something that’s natural. It comes from the plant, it has all the vitamins and minerals and photo nutrients and fit our nutrients for others, so it’s gonna actually provide medicinal benefit to the… When we… And by that, it’s the same thing with essential oils, basically it’s a completely unregulated industry, and almost all of the essential oils that are on the market now can’t truly be called essential oils, because largely cut with fillers and additives, there’s all sorts of synthetic fragrances that have been added to it. So they’re really more just like perfumes, they’re that smell nice, that they’re not gonna provide medicinal benefit, and moreover, if we are trying to use them in a medicinal fashion, a therapeutic Captain, and we’re inviting a bunch of chemicals, it can actually do more harm to the body than good.

Talk about using essential oils. I really, really recommend finding the most pure and only using those…

How am I going to know? I’m the average Joe off the street. You’re telling me most of them are perfumes, I go into my local health food store and they have essential oils there. How do I know if it’s good or bad? How do I know it for human filler or this is a legit. Essential oil. That’s really going to help me.

So truth of the matter is, there’s almost no way of knowing without really researching the individual companies and driving out what their growing practices are, what their harvesting practices are, if there’s any type of middle men involved, because that’s normally where you start to see things being cut and additives being included in synthetics being introduced, and does that company have any type of third-party testing and how transparent are they about it? There’s certain companies now that will advertise our oils will be tested, and that test is like the equivalent of like looking at a glass of water and saying like, Oh, is there any Mark floating in it? Certainly, it’s just not advanced enough to really tell us anything… Not something that you’d be able to see with the naked eye. So X add with all of my searching over the years, there’s only one company that I trust at this point, and there’s only one company that I use, and that’s because every single bottle you can lift it up on the bottom, there’s a code that particular code you could take to a website and type it in and you’ll pull up all the third party testing, and that’s not just for like the giant that…

That’s for every single bottle. Every single time. So again, you can just be a sure across the board that what ageing is gonna be consistent every single time, so to me, that’s always been really important, and I’m not somebody that’s a brand advocate for anything, I don’t put my name on anything, so for me, just working with this one specific company, he has brought me the results that I want…

Okay, dural. And the company is.

A Eritrean for gift of the Earth, company has been around since 2008. I’ve been involved with them since 2013, and every single year that I work with their products, my, for the owners and their mission and what they’re really trying to do with essential oils has just deepened and just growing year after year, it’s really astounding to see what they’re doing to try to bring the actual medicine to everybody in a way that’s accessible and to kind of create a healer in every home, as we say, so… It’s a beautiful mission.

Okay, I have couple of things I wanna come back to. One is, you had talked about, and I think this is really important, whether it be using essential oils or anything else, in terms of approaching the relieving pain in the body, that there’s a disconnect with most people that they’ll kinda do the one-off thing… Well, I’ll try the pepper mini, if it doesn’t work well, then I’m gonna go back to what I know. Or, I’ll try this, or I’ll try that, I’ll try this therapist for a few sessions, see if it works, and I think that is short-sighted in the sense that they’re not incorporating it into a larger strategy. I think that is something you said before that stuck out for me in terms of… Well, it’s a strategy. It’s more than a one-off. It’s more than it’s like, Oh well, this doesn’t work. So I’m gonna go back to the drawing board. No, within a strategy, you’re taking that information in to look at the type of headache in terms of like we were talking about the essential oils, the type of headache, what are other factors going on in my life contributing to what’s going on as far as in my head and using it as part of a larger strategy to continue to improve health down the road, so I’d like you to speak to strategy as it relates to pain a little bit.

Definitely. So again, it’s always gonna depend on what type of pain we’re talking about, is this an acute injury where we just need to help support the body in in process, or is this something like monthly menstrual cramps that have been going on year after year, and we’ve gotta really look at the big picture and talk about hormonal rebalancing while we’re providing relief during that time of the month, so again, it’s always gonna look at, you know what type of pain are we talking about? How long has this been going on? And we’re kind of breaking it down into nutritional support, what does your diet look like, what’s your movement, like What’s your sleep, like all those… It could be great if you’re in an abusive relationship and somebody’s beating you every day… Broccoli is not gonna be your answer.

Is, ladies and gentlemen, those watching the replay of this, I really want you to pay close attention to what you’ve just said, and that is part of the strategy… I got exactly what I wanted, which was the bigger picture. That’s part of the strategy. It’s not like, Oh, I just have a headache. It’s, how does that headache relate to so many other things going on in my life, sleep and water and food, and relationships and financial stresses, and there’s all sorts of other things, and I think that is where people sell themselves short and sell what they’re doing short, where they get into this one-off kind of thing that can blossom into such a more rich experience you could have of your life when you get on that path that’s incorporating a larger strategy, so… Awesome, Eve, that was great. Okay, the other piece that I want to in my notes is talking about me… We talked about ermine oil. We talked about lavender. We’re talking about frankincense mere. That was cute. That was perfect on.

Time. Yeah, Mr is an interesting oil, and it’s not one that I ever really use straight, it has some very, very specific benefits to it, there’s a couple of oils that we kind of refer to as the superhero essential, also Frank consent he… Chrism, helices is one that we affectionately call Liquid stitches, if you’ve cut yourself and you apply heirs to the cut, it can actually help the blood coagulation, so that scale start to form in the blood of a… The food will stop great for nose bleeds with kids, so Frank consent heal a primer when we combine those along with Rose, sandalwood and lavender, those six together. We say, If the superheroes of essential oils got together and had a baby, the one blend… And here’s what’s so cool about it. We’ve thought about what are the properties of these, and this literally is one that will go to the cellular level and start helping ourselves to repair and rejuvenate any type of damage. So we’re all familiar with the apoptosis factor. Apoptosis is if your cell is damaged or diseased, if like yourself, this built-in inherent like suicide function, it will shut down and cause cell de as opposed to taking a damaged or disease so and allowing it to replicate throughout the body when damaged and diseased cells are replicating throughout the body, that’s when we’ve got a really significant disease process setting in, so the peoples is really important.

Cancer, is that we’re a series.

Of customer, they have the ability to, again, help that sell suicide-like functionality. So super, super important factor there more… A lot of people will use it actually for skin rejuvenation, that’s something that use… And if you think about it, what is anti-aging? It’s about helping those damaged and diseased cells in our face to rejuvenate an interesting one in that regard to Anthony wanted to talk about before we go further to is a little bit of safety, safety precautions, essential oils largely do not have any kind of significant side effects that’s one of the benefits for the… Obviously, when used with common sense, you’re never gonna go out and get a bottle of 100 tile it all and take half of them at one given time, you’ll kill yourself doing bad it, same thing with essential, you’re never gonna go and get a bottle of frankincense and drink half of it in any given time, a dropper to is usually what you need and what you should start with, but like I said, for safety precautions, if you’re using the oil topically, if you have sensitive skin or you’re using it with somebody that has sensitive skin, you’ll wanna use a carrier oil, and basically what a carrier oil is, is something like almond or jojoba oil, I’m a big fan of fraction ate coconut oil because it stays liquid at room temperature at all times, the fractionation is removed the solid, so it’s a really, really nice one to spread on the skin, and again, it just provides a different type of delivery system, sometimes it’s hard to take a single drop of oil and spread it over a large surface area, so for example, if you’re having lower back pain, one drop of oil in a little dip of, it’s gonna be hard to disperse that you use that in a dim sides, a nickel size amount of fraction coconut oil, you’re gonna be able to, again, spread that in the larger area, it also dilutes the is a little bit…

It just takes away some of the intensity, so again, using a carrier will as sensitive skin, if you ever get the oil in a place that you do not want in your eyes, it will burn if you get it in your eye… You’ll be cursing me. You don’t want them in your ear canals, you don’t really wanna put them up your nose, you wanna wash your hands before you go to the bathroom… Yes, just on peppermint oil in certain parts.

I’m glad you covered this because I was usually… When working with my clients, I always share the story of how Bill screwed it up because it makes it much easier for them to go and not feel so embarrassed, I think there… The only one that did it, but yes, my eyes in the bathroom and I’ve done it all and it’s like, Oh jeez.

For any of us that use this and half in US, and then you don’t do it again. You’re like, Oh okay, that wasn’t fun. If happen to get some peppermint oil and you do not slash it with water, that’s the first thing that we often to do all… Let me go flush it with water, you actually want to use the carrier oil, you actually wanna use something like a fraction AED opinion. I was in a restaurant one time where I was using some peppermint, I white mind and I’m like, Oh, gees, and the waiter came over and I said, You have a little preliminary… He’s like, Yeah, sure. So I just always away in seconds, but… So if you have an issue, don’t freak out, it’s really not the end of the world gravitate oil, it’s gonna dilute it and it’ll take away that intensity, usually usually instantly and Meier carrier oil, if you have sensitive skin, now we’re getting ready to move into summer months. There are certain oils that are photo-sensitive, so this is like lemon, wild orange, most of the citrus oils can have some photo sensitivity, so what that means is you don’t wanna apply it to your skin and then go sit out in the sun, it can cause some redness and irritation.

So if you do apply apologies, if you do apply a site soil and you do wanna go out into the sun, you wanna wait at least 12 to 18 hours before you actually do that search as well. An hours with Sir sells to the skin. No, that’s not something I normally apply to my skin directly anyhow, and it’s just good to know as we’re moving into the summer months.

And now we had talked about you possibly putting together something for the bonus section, is this stuff in the bonus… Yeah, safety instruction. Okay, awesome, so for those that are watching, Evans put together a bonus booklet, pamphlet, book… Yes, yes, that’s gonna be in the bonus section after this, and this is gonna have all of these different oils in what we’re covering today, so I’m gonna really focus on what he was saying now and take less notes, so…

Perfect. So because we’ve been focusing on paying and oftentimes can come up and a topical application is appropriate, for example, menstrual cramps in certain essential oils over your ovaries, you’re gonna rub it over your lower abdomen, if you’re having cramps, if you’re having knee pain. There’s certain essential oils that are at a rub into the need, but there are other ways to use essential oils to namely aromatic link, which means that you’re just breathing it in and internally, which means that you’re usually putting it in some water and actually doing it down. The air mad at usage, this is literally just opening up the bottle and breathing it in, so if somebody is… You’re having a lot of tension in your neck, for example, and you know it’s because you’re super stressed out, what, what’s going on at work, and it’s just causing you to tense up… Well, sure, we can apply something to the next topically, but we also wanna work on the stress response because that’s actually the underlying issue, right. So something like lavender can be exceptionally calming, so just opening up a bottle and holding it right up to your nurse and inhaling, or you can put a couple of drops on your hands, rubber hands together a couple of our notes and inhale that.

What’s happening when we’re inhaling is basically the concentrated extracts in this compound, there’s volatile aromatic compounds in it, so when we’re actually inhaling that it’s going directly to the off-factory volt and it’s directly influencing our limbic system, well, it’s profound. How much of a shift that we can create in an emotional state within the body… Within seconds. It’s really, really amazing. So I’ve seen people that have been in a full-out state of distress just absolutely experiencing fit feelings of panic and anxiousness, and they inhale the lavender and it’s amazing just to watch that stress just completely come down, so… I mean, it’s amazing. So other oils, if somebody’s experiencing low moods, you just can’t seem to pull yourself off the sofa, this is where citrus oils are gonna be mood boosters, so it plays into the bigger picture, like we talked about before, if your back is hurting ’cause you can’t get off the sofa. But you can’t get off the sofa, you’re… Just too down in the dumps. Trills can be very, very invigorating living foods. So in the last way that we talked about was taking them internally, and if I have somebody that’s dealing with a long-term chronic issue, this is where I might wanna use some oils internally, for example, turmeric, turmeric is absolutely amazing in terms of bringing down inflammation in the body, so it can be applied topically to an area of paying…

For example, the needs in taking turmeric essential oil internally is going to, again, have a massive center, just a factor to for… Bring down inflammation.

Nice. And this is the first time I’ve ever heard of turmeric essential was… That’s good to know. And what you were saying before, this is very interesting, and this goes back to what you’re saying about strategy, and based on what you’re dealing with, how you can combine oils as a way to achieve the result that you’re looking for, the immediate… The piece that really clicked for me was you’re saying, Well, if you’re on the couch because you’re unmotivated, as opposed to if you’re unmotivated because you have lower back pain and you don’t wanna get off the couch, you’re going to use different oils as a strategy to reduce the pain to increase the motivation to get you back up on your feet as a… Vice versa. Yeah, that’s great, I love it. That’s awesome stuff.

Interestingly enough, you might be applying an essential oil like frankincense to your knee because you know that it’s gonna help with the inflammation. Okay, consent is, like I said, it’s one where we inhale it, it goes directly into the all factory bull and it can have a profound effect on our mood, so it’s actually like hitting two different things at once, as with Western medicine, we have side effects, but it they’re not always pleasant with this, it’s like we actually get a positive side effect, it’s really fascinating that way, and I think with Western medicine, we’re not used to that in many cases. For example, if you have a headache, you’re not gonna go over to the medicine cabinet and get the bottle of pepto bismol and port on your head, you have LG cup of dismal for into store doesn’t work that way. But interestingly enough, with peppermint oil, you could apply that to your head and you can put it on your head, and you can also put it on your belly too, if you have an upset Dnieper, man is wonderful for the digestive system. So this is oftentimes why my big farm, it doesn’t like us too, ’cause they’re like, Wow, so this is good for a headache, but it’s also good for alert us, it’s good for cooling, it’s good for upset stomach, if your knee is inflamed, it can provide that cooling effect, you’re right, all that from one bottle up, and.

As long as you don’t stick it in your eyes or touch your private parts, there’s no negative side effects, and you use a carrier oil if need be. I get you.

I do teach a class on essential oils and intimacy, and there are certain ones that you do want to.

Be… There’s that, that’s a different topic. That’s a different non-profit. That’s a different podcast. Totally. Okay, IgE a question for you. This is popping into my head. And I had a friend who had lots of essential oils and I was just fascinated by the different smells, ’cause some of these things I’d never heard of at the time, illicit, frankincense were all almost like These were anomalies in my world, probably about 20 years ago, so I would go and I undo these and I’d smell them. Can you speak to anything as to why an essential oil will smell awful one time, and then another time it’s like… That kind of smells good. Well, what is that? Can you say… I had no idea what that is it…

Well, the first logos coming to mind or I’m like, Where were these essential oil or…

Okay, no, it wasn’t like that. It was… They were legit. They were clean. It was usually a of those small bottles that were pretty sealed and it’s got the little dropper thing, so it was known…

That usually means nothing.

Well, okay, let’s assume that they didn’t have any… They were changing.

I normally, when a central is now really bad, it’s usually because they’re not here and there is some type of synthetic intestate said there are certain people that just don’t enjoy certain aromas. Funny enough, I’m not a huge fan of lemon grass, people cook with learning or as they love it, and funny enough, lemon grass is amazing for tight muscles, if you’re having for muscles or sore joints, lemon grass just applied directly to the area of pain can be great. It’s not one of my favorites, and I don’t say that about too many of you alls, I usually love all of them. I don’t know, Lenora just doesn’t resonate with me. That could be a thing. As far as the smelling good one day and then not going good the next… I don’t know, your body will direct you to the foods that you want, just like you’re like, Oh, you know, I’ve had mangoes three days in a row, I’m all men go out, so I thought it doesn’t need it. It’s gonna say, whereas you look at pregnant women and they’re like, Oh my God, I need to finish, and you’re like, Oh, you probably have a show you do that with essential well, so…

And where my brain was going was along the lines of what you were saying, the body is telling me something, and I wasn’t clear on if the smell was something that I needed to work through, or it was something I needed to stay away from. Where are you on that? You’re like, If it doesn’t smell good, stay away from it.

No, not necessarily, not necessarily. Like I said, I know that the lemon grass that I’m getting is absolutely pure, if I need to use it, sometimes I’ll put it on. It’s not my favorite Rama. I don’t necessarily use it for the way that it all… I use it for the effect that it’s gonna give me my… So as long as it’s giving me the effect that I want… Yeah, and again, it’s not something I need to use regularly. It doesn’t bother me that much.

Okay. Well, we went through quite a list so far, I’ve got… Let’s see women, wild orange, lavender, rose, sandalwood, Hilary, Mr. Frankincense peppermint, turmeric, you mentioned lemon grass.

And that doesn’t cover any of the blend, the blend start to get really, really interesting. As a lay person who’s just gonna start it with essential oils, I would tell people, Do you need to create your own blends? Not at all. Not at all. In fact, when you’re working with a company that were formulated Blends, they know the proper proportion of each oil to create that synergistic effect, and that’s been tested to make sure that it’s gonna give the result that we want, so for something like pain, there’s a blend that we have our soothing blend, the brand name is deep blue, and it’s phenomenal. The reason why it’s called the blues because it’s actually blue and color, it has to be tansy and that some tamales, when you actually open the oil, it’s very obviously blue. It is incredible for pain, any type of pain, especially like sore muscle, sore joints. I had a girl that used to stand on her feet all day, she was a cashier, she said, Oh my God, by the end of the day, I just can’t even believe how much my feet and my legs hurt, she would put that on and it was like…

An instant, really good. She just turned 11, and it’s so hard to believe her… Wow. Okay, yeah, she’ll come and say, Oh Mama, like my ankles, my shins, she’s going through that growth spurt, and I’ll quit the de-flu on her legs and she just loves it, so she doesn’t go to other little night time routine now, he puts an impression… Knows that she can sleep easily without that, so that blend is absolutely amazing, has a little winter green as well, which is reappears analgesic effects brands down in formation, help with the person scope.

I have tried the deep blue before in the past, and it does that winter green is what I was gonna say is in that direction, not quite the same, but there’s a sense of that familiar scent in it somewhere you can’t really put your finger on.

I’ll tell you a joke. I was dating somebody and I gave it to one, I guess, Oh, this smells like Vic. And I said, No, you’ve got it wrong. Fix smells like…

There you go. Sure. This is where all those smells came from, like the essential way…

Yeah, and there’s not even just that you’re gonna find with something like Vic, you’re getting 1% of the active compound in there and 99% garbage, this you’re getting a straight essential oil with no other additives, so again, it’s totally.

Sure what other… Either oils or types of pain that we could chat about.

So I wanna talk about a couple of other blames, which we… Because the people, it is absolutely fantastic, but there’s another one that I recommend often called past tense, and as the name implies, your tension will be in the past after you use it, so it’s a tension. Blank, it’s great for tension and your temples and your neck, and it comes in a roll on bottles, so I can just directly applied really, really nice blend as well too. For PMs, if you’re experiencing menstrual cramping, which can be an immensely painful, we have a blend that’s designed to balance the female hormonal system, so again, that’s one that you rub directly into your ovaries and over your lower abdomen, and it can be extremely helpful. Again, in balancing the female hormonal system, talking about strategy though, this is one where, again, it’s not something that you just use once and I later… Even if somebody is working with an atopic doctor or a naturopathic doctor, it’s oftentimes understood that it takes three to four months before you see any kind of shift in your monthly cycle, so again, you’ve gotta be diligent with using things and being patient to know that it’s gonna take months to balance that.

Just so I’m clear, you need to be diligent from the allopathic side or from the essential oil side of the.

Actor that’s working to balance the theme hormonal system will tell you that you normally are not gonna see a stabilization for at least three to four months got talking about strategy, it’s not something where you go, Well, I rubbed it on once and I was like, Oh, I went to the gym on… Why am I not kidding?

Here’s a question, a skeptic questions, How do I know my strategy is actually working or I’m fooling myself?

Very, very good question. So it’s oftentimes easier to start with oils, with something that is a cute that’s happening so that you can see that a result is happening there when something is acute, you can apply in oil and usually cause a shift very, very quickly, and somebody is actually experiencing those kind of results, they develop a faith like, Oh cool, I see that that worked, okay, now I’m ready to address something that could take 90 days. So if somebody is dealing with something acute, for example, let’s just take some had tension, we say take a drop of really peppermint, you’re gonna apply it every 15 minutes for an hour, and if after that hour you’re not seeing a shift, doesn’t mean that peppermint doesn’t work it just means that it’s not the Oil for you in that moment, so let’s try to… Government lavender and frankincense combination. That’s not it. Is it the tension and the tension blend works great for… I’d say 75% of people, 25% that I try with, they have no benefit from it whatsoever, but if you give them a straight peppermint, they’re fine, as is a matter of playing around.

And figuring out which one is going to work. Does that make sense?

It does, it does. And my question is more directed, if I’m walking down this path initially by myself, I’m an essential oil, newbie, I know pepper man oil on my temples makes a difference, I have other oils that are various around my home that I keep for various… Like lavender, ’cause my daughter likes it, and other things like that. And I want to address this strategically because I’m not gonna have necessarily a how to plug this into a larger strategy with diet and nutrition and all these other things, is that something that I would really want to take on myself, I’m just being honest, there’s some things acute got a headache or I got something and I could use this instead of Tylenol, etcetera. Nepean Advil, that kind of stuff. How do I know? I need to graduate to more help, more support.

Sure, so I first… When somebody is just getting started with essential oils, so I always say I start with the 10 that are gonna be the most common in terms of things coming up in your day-to-day life, so that you start to have a wellness and go to as opposed to the toxic over-the-counter things that have side effects that we’ve all been using for years and years and wanna move away from… Start by replacing those. And then, here’s the beauty of this, with essential oils, there are tons and tons of resources available, so you don’t have to try to figure this out yourself and put together protocols and kinda just go about it in the dark. And I’ll tell you, I go to my resource books all day long, and here’s the reason why there’s hundreds of different essential oils, they all have different compounds, I don’t have every single compound memorized because it’s unnecessary to do that on top of it, when you start blending oils, now you might have 10 different oils that are in combination with each other, they all have different properties, this one’s analgesic, this one’s anti-parasitic, you’re never ever gonna be able to remember that unless you have some type of photographic memory on top of…

And what are the different protocols, Oh, well, this one needs to be used in the morning and this one in the afternoon to get the effect. So this is why we have a wonderful reference books, it’s like, Oh, what am I working on right now? Let’s say it’s like just to flip ahead and they’re like, Oh, okay, great, I’m gonna go to one that’s related to impact of pain, literally just pouring through it… Here’s the PMs one. So just because we were talking about this, so again, it’s gonna give you a suggested protocol, start with this blend, Rubin over your ovaries and your post-points, apply it to calm cramping as needed, and then on a regular basis, using a Piast gen using our grounding blend, so those are all gonna be things that are gonna bring down the tension in the body and to help normalize a hormonal cycle, so like I said, you don’t even have to figure this out, just having good reference guides that actually take you through a protocol and having somebody to guide you through when you’re new is absolutely beneficial, but it’s fascinating how quickly people… It’s like duck to water.

They’re like, Oh, this isn’t complicated. Okay, great, I just put it on my… Put it in my diffuser before I go to bed at night, or I inhale it, or I put a little drop on my pillow, it’s just written there, you do it once or twice, and you’re like, Okay, that’s not hard to just put a drop on the pillow.

Over. Okay, tell us about the bonus you put together for us. Yeah.

So I’m including some safety instructions for you so that you can feel confident in using the central oils and a couple of pools that will help with some of the most basic pain issues, and then a quick guide on how to use oils, aromatic, ally, topically internally. But I teach classes once a week on just the basics of essential oils, what you need to know to get started, so anybody can tune into my classes, they’re always on Mondays, it’s 6-30 Eastern time. So yeah, you can always tune into one of my classes, I’m actually teaching that class every other week now, it’s every first and third Monday at 6-30 Eastern time, so that’s a great opportunity, it’s a completely free class and it will expand beyond just what we’ve talked about tonight, that give people a good foundation, so if they wanna start using essential oils, that can… And I’m always available for a consult condition, we can hop on phone, I can find out what you’re working on, and then make some recommendations from there, and there’s no charge for that. I’m happy to do it just because when people are getting started, they need to have a little bit of guidance and I’m sure what to get started with, so I’m happy to do that.

Sure, I definitely wanna talk to you about that more offline after we’re completed with this, but that’s fantastic. So we got 6-30 PM Eastern on the first and third Mondays of each month. You have this free essential oils class where you help people get their cut their teeth, get their training wheels off with the essential oils. That’s awesome. And the guide will be… Well, right down below this video, they’ll have the bonus button, they click on that, that’s gonna take it to take them to the bonus link where it’ll come up and they could print that out, they could save it to their computer or whatever… Whatever the case may be, if someone wanted to get in touch with you, what website could they go to, it’s a Viva aroma, dot com Romanian.

Email meeting eve at viva aroma dot com.

Awesome, we will have all of this information in the show notes. So people can reference that. Is there anything we didn’t cover it you would like to go back to and touch on, go a little deeper on…

I think we’ve covered a lot, but just the final thought, there are solutions out there that are safer and cheaper and more effective, so somebody’s in pain at this point and they’re like, You know what do I do, I take the thing that’s been causing me bad side effects and isn’t necessarily healing the process, just kind of providing a band date or I suffer… I give another alternative now, and that’s actually giving your body things that are gonna help initiate the healing process, and again, just get results in a different fashion, so…

Yeah, I completely agree. And there’s also this place, I think people are a little afraid, it’s unknown territory, there’s a lot of uncertainty there, and to be able to reach out to someone like yourself, someone that they’ve heard speak that they know, knows their stuff on the subject they would need help with… And you be able to guide them, support them through the process, answer their questions to kinda learn that new territory, I think. That’s wonderful. Yes, sir. So Eve here. This was fun. It was great seeing you again.

That’s all our God to see is. So thank you for having it, definitely fun.

Yes, absolutely. And for those that are watching, I wanna appreciate you for being here. ’cause you make it possible. This is Bill parravano, the knee pain guru. For the pain education podcast on behalf of the comella foundation, thanking you so much for being here. Have a wonderful day. And we will see you on the next one.

So much.

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