Learning the Pain Relief Benefits of a PEMF with Paul Bando

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Hello its Bill the knee pain guru. Welcome to the pain education podcast, brought to you by The Comella Foundation. Today we have a special guest. His name is Paul, and he is out of Pennsylvania in the United States. And he has extensive experience. On a piece of equipment called a-P. EMF, I am relatively relatively new in my experience of the machine and how it has pain relief benefits to help people that are suffering with pain. I’m gonna let Paul introduce himself and go deeper on the machine so we can educate us on what it is, what the machine is, and how it can help us with pain relief. So welcome, Paul, how are you today?

I’m doing great, Bill. Thank you for inviting me onto your podcast. And just say a little about myself, from a pulse magnetic field practitioner along with consecrate rap and the PEMF stands for pulse electromagnetic fields, and this came into medicine back in the day when Russia sent the first astronaut into space… He was off the electro-magnetic grid for less than two hours, but when he returned, he was extremely ill, blood disorders, even arthritis depression. So Space Medicine is where PMP came into its ideal performance for Astronaut because we can hit with eight million lighting strikes the day that comes through the IRIS here hits the earth cavity, and actually it creates a colt, and the past has been measured between zero and 30 hertz, and then you have assuming residence also as part of that electromagnetic spectrum, so what has been able to do in space medicine is to keep as with a solar charge to the piece of bodies to their cells, so they don’t develop all these different balances when you are not in your Mette, NASA has created their own system, so in Russia, once this was examined and explored, it became for every country, developed the road PFM system for every imbalance that you could pick them in.

The whole basis is that we have this in the cells, we have the mitochondria, and the mitochondria is the area of the cell, so we have sometimes hundreds of those within one cell, so the microcode within the Carmen spectrum, when they hit the VITA conduit, it increases the cell voltage, and once a cell has its strength and that 270 to 100 mills, then the self basically knows what to do in order to heal the Physiology, so we have cell communicates in his memory and his intelligence is primarily what we’re doing with PMS, these micro-current upping through the body and creating like a Hammel AR function.

Question. Yeah, Paul, I got questions. Are ready? Okay, you mentioned some terms, I’ll definitely put links to these terms, human residents in the show notes will include that those two are watching can do their research on this. But my question to you is, when the Russian astronauts went up into space and they had this experience after just a couple of hours in space, can you break it down as to what was happening in space a little bit more and how the EMF was helping with that or understanding. I need that broken down a little bit more for me, so I could explain…

So what’s been known, if you leave the Earth’s magnetic ground, they’re out in space, they’re not getting any of the residents that’s necessary to keep the cell on a job around all your different… Got.

It, got it, got it. Easiest.

DY done by a doctor had years ago in UCLA, where they made this new metal box and they put students in this mock laminates, the only thing that will block out the art that made great and ever stopped the experiment within an hour or so because the people in the banks started to go into crying, pain and depression very quickly, opting brought them back out into the Shankill, and that basically in bright… And back to you, mounts, one thing in medicine, most conventional Ben artifice that there’s very little addressing to help, and we get this frequency in the body to create and generate not more physiology by an…

Okay, let me try to translate to how my brain would make this work, and this goes back to what you were talking about the mitochondria and the 70 to 100 miles that charges the cell that you’re experiencing on a PM machine. Okay, when you leave the Earth’s atmosphere or when you go into outer space, the earth is essentially charging us like there is some level of charging that’s taking place on the Earth that doesn’t exist when we’re an outer space. Exactly. Okay, so the earth is like our battery charger, if you were to pulse… Okay, the art has a pulse. Awesome, so I’m making this make sense in my brain, so the Earth charges us when we go out in the outer space, we no longer have connection to that battery charge… Exactly, and then we can get really sick when it dropped… When our mill volts dropped too low.

Exactly, so there was a German scientist in the 1930s, another who basically was able to take a healthy cell, put it in The Balmer, and he got a reading of 70 to 00 amiable, then he’d put the flu virus into a petri dish. Bolete was down in the 60s, but another pantry dish without our new disease like MS, fibromyalgia, that dropped into the 40s, and cancer cells drop down into the 20s. So I work with cancer and people is giving them a one of these systems to support their usually Allopathic and purchase to try to keep the cells charge to its most point, and if you charge a cancer cell, but if it’s 20, 30 resumes and you pick it up, we find that it stops proliferating throughout the body.

Got it. So I did, I’ve got a bunch of literature, just a little context, the reason for this interview with you is because one of our sponsors, The cameo Foundation sponsors, donated a P EMF machine to the coal Foundation. So we started, I started experimenting, I usually experiment on myself first before I ever suggest anyone else try anything, which led to our connection and reading the literature, watching some videos about this machine, and… So I was reading about… This is an FDA-approved machine. Correct, how FDA approved, and there was some really exciting studies in and around brain cancer research on how… Exactly what you had said, that there militare healthy and when it drops down into the 20s or wherever that is, that it gives the opportunity for cancer to be proliferating. Yes, and one.

Client to basically, we got him the brand tubers, called it Veblen, and we have one person who has one of those three, six months off to heaven, but fortunately, he got him cousin to the same system that you have, and he went through chemo radiation surgery, and then they have a house magnetic field that they tape where the tumor is, these electrodes, because they get a magnetic field, you need copper. And so the copper electrodes where the tumor was, now he’s into a year now, and he’s still a mission. Wow, so that was pretty exciting.

Nice, nice. The cancer stuff is awesome, I need to be careful not to go down that rabbit hole where our focus is gonna be around pain, now, this could be any type of pain, we got joint pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, hip pain pain, pain in general… And my own experience has been, I’m continuing to working through my own layers of stuff in my body from years of being a guy doing things that caused pain, but I’ve been absolutely amazed at how using at first the mate, which is… What is it about a six-foot-ish Matt in and around there, you’re laying on a contains copper coils. Those coils are emitting these frequencies that charge the mitochondria in my body, and I feel this relaxation take place, and then they have a pad, which gets more focused and I can increase the frequent intensity of the pad, and then I also have a land which can go on a specific area like a knuckle or a joint or something like that. Yeah, let’s talk about pain. What… Talk about it. Now that works.

In this. Also state that any information that I’m providing, the PMs systems that I use, we wanna say, always check with your doctor first, and you can’t make any claims that this does anything, in fact, our clean with early simply says that’s introduced… This is a wellness Mattel, Canada has already come on to approve this supercard, you can most likely read a script, the doctor understands PM, they can go to our peltasts, get back to pain. So there’s been so much research done with pack, one of the reasons a lot of people invest is because of pain, now, this is gonna be our physiology is an information system on what PMs, it creates the ability to send coherent signals up to the nerves into the brain, to get specific activations of… Releasing people out of pain. So inflammation is a big… In my recent research, finding out the stomach area, the microbiome, is so important in relationship to information and its connection with the bay there, which is the longest nerve in the body to run up into the brain stem. So what we’re doing here, I have somebody in pain, I’m gonna put them on a full boat for at least 10 minutes, that’s going to separate any red blood cells that are here together in 10 minutes, and then I would take the small part, and we have a…

Other aspects, if you can see this particular, it’s likely golf that you can wrap all example, we need. But as we’re doing this, it’s important that we pass the microbiome, so I take the pill at man over the abdomen, so that we’re starting to get wake up those microbes, ’cause the micro signal through the vagus nerve, the neurotransmitters that actually… They’re activated and you need to cut them down. They’ll do that naturally. So when we’re talking about pain, if we don’t talk about the microbiome and we don’t actually talk about the the deserve, we’re missing a large part of how we can help people than with the vagus nerve, which goes from the brain stem down the spine, and it starts to be in or through other parts of the body, that nerve, they call it like the sensor, and if you have a biggest nerve to call it a vagal tone, if it’s in a low range, your game most likely have a lot of discomfort in the body, so the other thing that the PM Math does, it rains the heart rate durability on the Easter, we have a biofeedback, I can read your heart rate, ability oxygen intake in a heart rate, so very important that we are signaling the proper signals to the brain through the VAs which will go down into the other Hershel.

So I do have one person really got great results with basically meeting a need replacement, she’s been doing the math and she’s been doing a coil very Avedon, so where pain also is adjust whatever medication supplements, whatever you’re taking, it’s going to be driven deeper into the core of the cell or the reaction of those supplements to be even more effective, and so that’s a very big gun, a plus, because if our realist cells are adhered together, they call this low effect, then the blood sell primarily all those receptors that can open up and receive the medicine and supplement information, and as a result, we’re kind of wasting our money on supplements, if you can’t drive it and get that into the course. Sure.

Paul could back up just for a second, and I could share what I heard in terms of the talking about the vagus nerve and the microbiome as it relates to a specific joint joint issue, back neck, knee, hip, foot, ankle, whatever it is, is that you’re essentially sequencing, you’re setting up the optimal condition when working with the PM to make sure we get the best results in the shortest period of time by addressing the vagus nerve and the microbiome in the gut or Valley area, abdomen area in a way that will allow. When we go to the specific area of the body via the knee or otherwise, we can get the best results with that specific joint…

Yeah, no, of course, we have settings, your system, you have something called any guide where you can dial up a particular condition like inflammation person for immune system support, all cameras, those frequencies that are programmed into your unit, we’re basically out of studies that were done in Eastern York, because the eastern nor had this as a modality and helped way before I came to Western or when the wall came down, there was a lot more exchange of information regarding this to that I said was written by two Australian doctors, so all of those frequencies or intensities and how much you do it was based on research done last year that Romans, we do bell up, for example, paying a copay, clonidine, the intensity who push the back and go and we’re off and running. But being that we are a whole body system, it’s very interesting that people fill lepanto something of my Lebanon of times over 10. They may have to stop in Provo created, so they may have to take the supplement to help the microbiome, and they may have to do a few exercises to activate the vans, but by putting that pad of her in stomach, you’re giving the data, you’re getting the microbiome because this pulse goes all the way to do the body and of the other sort tissues and ligament, things like that, this is an excellent modality to help drop that inflammation and typing those ligaments tighten the tissue and basically purporting.

Here words to what I was feeling on the machines, I was just doing eight minutes at 25% intensity on the mat, and then I was taking the pad and putting it on my… Well, my hips, which he was kinda covering the lower part of my abdomen, so I’m feeling like I was hitting a portion of what you’re talking about, but there would be this time where I would increase the density when it was just a bad… I’d be lying there, and all of a sudden I just felt this like… Like my whole body just drops and super peaceful, super comfortable, like Mom, don’t wake me, I don’t wanna go to school, kind of feeling out.

What’s happened there, Bill, is that you were dropped into the parasympathetic rest to digest, and that’s the only system where we kill… We don’t really heal in the sympathetic nerves, that’s quite light and support, so PM… Yes, me, most of my clients… And now the ones that we have with micro-cards and infra red coming out at the same time, they drop so quickly into the rest Aniston I see with my cranial work, it’s much easier to do alignments, that hole faster, the tissue just really just drops off or thievery, very comfortable. Cool.

Okay, I got a practitioner. Question for you. Sure. Do you work on your clients at the same time they’re on the mat, or is that a separate separate.

Work… I actually work cranial sacral while they are on the mattering around from going down to Colette that small matters over their abdomen microbiome. This way, you can work the baby star by 141 years, Suwanee to the microbiome. Dr. Zach Bush, his podcasts are to sound incredible with the amount of information in the way he presents the importance of this microbiome, there also was a documentary I wife yesterday that just changed my life. As of today, it’s called Superhuman making the invisible visible. I highly recommend anybody that’s dealing with any health issues to watch that, it’s on Amazon Prime, if you don’t have Amazon on that, how to recommend hooking up with the print to do that, ’cause they’re gonna share how consciousness, very scientific studies, how consciousness can manipulate matter and Doctor Jodi spends actually, when he was hit by this, you’d be on his bike, they wanted to put broad down through the spine, he totally refused. He went back in eight weeks through consciousness, of course, he was a Parson, what was his imagery? And these meditations, basically, we built the spine, he’s back to work in 10. He speaks a little bit about that on this…

In this super human making the invisible visible.

Yeah, it’s all about quantum healing. And this is what the PM system is, it’s all about the old coherent fieldsto, basically the medicine of test, where he just said, Our entire biological system, the brain and the art itself work on the same frequency. So one thing that’s creating pain is the way cell towers have come out now with the 5G and so forth, those frequencies that we’re gonna give with costs, and he drops the voltage of the mitochondria. I have people that invest in these systems to offset the electrical coming from the walls devices, via devices will make the blood platelets stick together, and then we’re in trouble that we can’t set and refined don’t know very supplements or it can actually separate as quickly as PM in a to 10 minutes of a pulse.

This is… I’m loving it. This is, this is great, I’ve learned so much. Question for you. And I know the version of the EMF machine that we have here at the comella Foundation has preset frequencies and intensities, is that… Understand that. Okay, and there’s evolutions of these or different upgrades we could say about these different types of ministries, the newer ones that are coming out, do any of the machines have the capability to dial up or dial down the intensity or the frequencies, even.

On your system where it says intensities. There’s a plus. And then there’s a minus. I do muscle testing, kinesiology. So I Hammerstein and a lot of times, the settings that come up to your menu, those are basically the generic beginning settings after using a system, or you can start to increase that intensity and you can increase the time for bottom… That is a triple. Satanist is a conglomeration of all frequencies that are needed by the Intern Award, and it’s like the heart is one frequency delivers another, plain is another, but with the triple sawtooth, you get specifically, those types of prey seems to take care of those organs, small Pella and the pro is called a square on the NASA distaste way forms and kale, they say that square way is the fastest way to enhance your generation of bone tissue nerve. So I love the stats. I have some journal systems before, but his wrists have six separate corners to at the top or wrap, thinner that takes care neurology to in the middle, the thicker take care of the god trend, I think is here at the bottom, so we’re getting frequencies that are just not all one frequency from the had to be to, they’re very specific to these eras of the body, and my website, which is calendar therapeutics, DotNet.

We’ll put this in the show notes, we’ll get the exact spelling and everything, if you go under Doctor Vigo as you list of videos, doctors during great YouTube and basically how the system works for health, and then a real interesting one, this one on electronic is the dirty electricity coming through the walls, you smart nurse and a frequencies, if you’re living their cell towers, which under power lines, that definitely can increase pain because we’re blocking the information system of the body where the signals can meet the endorphins foramen, which of the painkillers Piedras activated the domain, all those happy chemicals, we’re not getting those many times through the physiology of the buying and do so much research out there on the damaging effect of electro-Mark, unfortunately, the corporations with billings that they put into this, it’s very hard that you get any medical people on Gordon.

Oh, I hear you. And we could do it what we can do based on what we have available and… And I’m a big proponent of people making their own choices, so making this information available in a way that allows people to empower them themselves, it’s like, Okay, well, I understand I’m getting bombarded with all of these electromagnetic fields that are surrounding me right now to cell towers and wireless networks and cell phones and all this other stuff, and now I can start doing something to even the playing field, so it allows my body to heal better. I have a question for you, ’cause the exposure to a P-EMF machine, it causes a detox reaction, it opens the cells that allows the cells to detox. So this is gonna be big in terms of if somebody’s suffering in pain, we go back to the effect of the Vegas nerve and the microbiome in the gut and how that’s affecting… In the equation, we had a guest a month or so ago that was talking about specific ways to detox your gut once a year or once a quarter, and my question to you is, how can this be done either in concert or in replacement of a detox, like that, and he was doing things specifically with selinus and then colostrum and full VAC acid.

So I wanna get my wrap my brain around, I don’t wanna do double duty if I don’t have to, and I wanna optimize my body’s ability to detox. Could you speak to this.

Everything you would wanna use the PF math as you’re doing those different detox supplements, because again, it’s gonna meet the supplements that much more absorb into the cellular blinds part of my other protocol in my canine, a very high tech… I put details, which basically developed by a doctor in Colorado, but it pulls out 28% like the SAT out of the body caused our cadmium pulls out aluminum. So I always will busiest, if somebody’s coming to the Seabees metals, I will give him a 20-30 minute detox with that, then we come on to the PM-Matan. It’s very important to hydrate, she really hydrate before you get on the mat and hydrate afterwards and increase your water intake through the day because that’s gonna start the flushes. Now, the other thing I found, but that just invested in a little hydrogen system that makes hyphae, which again, a lot of research around that, very inexpensive, it’s like the small hydrogen unit on Amazon as like 80 or 90, but I’m really loving that too, so I would also, put that up as far as something that can be very effective in sparse information especially.

And just O just… We got the video stop, but I wanna make sure we’re gonna put all this stuff in the show notes as well, linked to the Amazon… Still there, we may have lost Paul for a second, but until Paul comes back, one of the pieces that we will do is we will make sure all of these links to… What call is talking about is going to be in the show notes, so if there is any questions or whatever it is, we can link, have links where you can reference what Paul is talking about, and… We’ll hang here for a moment. I watched you for a second… Yeah, welcome back at materials, right? So what I was saying, What you froze, what I was sharing with all the watchers of the podcast is we’re gonna make sure we have links to the hydrogen water machine as well as the foot detoxing. We’ll have links to all of that information in the show notes as well. I’ll get with you after the podcast to make sure this is all the correct information that we’re gonna have.

So I think we left often is very important to hydrate, and that’s the other thing about the water and the respect of the PM. You can take a glass of water and put it on your small pad for eight minutes at 400 intensity, and then I’ll make bioactive, very powerful thing for U. It breaks up the water molecules and the anemometer so it can get absorbed into the cells much more efficiently and just radios…

That was 400 intensity for how long he states.

Eight minutes or class, the 12 onward.

This… This is on the pad, not the mat, the.

Party, and if you wanna make more water like a court that you need to keep me attention maybe Paul top300 minutes. Okay, cool.

Okay, let’s see, I’m looking back at my notes here. What about disadvantages of using the PM machine, are there any contraindications, anything that people would wanna be wary of pregnant women, people that have been chronic pain or joint… Joint replacements and things like that. Can you speak to that?

Yeah, so contraindication, pregnancy, even though it is to New York, my son said that he used the paper to say kids that be manifested into the world, we don’t do it any states because we don’t have pediatricians working with this if somebody has epilepsy and they have seizures, then we want to not put them on the penile, tics, seizures, and the other thing is pacemakers now, the old pacemaker, which is called a bipolar reduces with those, but we have the nice system with the new pacemakers of bipolar, new defibrillators have using the backup from pumps on diabetic pumps, this is not frequency, so it doesn’t shut off any others, but usually if you look at the conduction to come up on your monitor of your control unit, it’ll say Pregnancy, epilepsy and electronics, and even though… My first instructor was Dr. Calliope and tan, he’s striking a couple of lots, the last block had to deal, if you’re giving a near hippocampus, excellent because it’s gonna generate the tissue and for the bone to be more secure of the apparatus they may be putting in to get geodes, so forth. And faster human times.

Excellent. Okay, it seems to me there was Pregnancy, epilepsy, joint replacements.

Anymore… Fine, even if there’s metal in the bordighera education to that.

Okay, is there any tiny of joint pain that you would want to be… Caius of, I’m… I’m like Ask in any possible in…

So if I got people with female levator hemorrhoids, you go very long at a low as seven, and sometimes where they might say eight minutes, you may just wanna be formats that I’ve got very good results when people slow down, this is a machine that… Not more is better than less is better, even though the pillow and the probe here, you can go as high as you want with things… And a lot of it is subjective. So we set up a protocol for somebody, we call them a day or two later and you say, So what’s going on, and respond, and then we make adjustments from there, but primarily… And sometimes people that are more on the fell side, you wanna stay in the low-intensity level sometimes, instead of eight minutes meeting in four minutes, then eventually you start to increase… We receive it, okay, everyone eight minutes and intensity 10, let’s try. 15 minutes, it intensively 25. And so one thing, my position as a PM practitioner, a distributor, a lot of phone calls, a lot of texts, a lot of emails to just keep ahead to make sure the systems use… Right. And he said, the actions.

What we can do for it.

You know, this is great. Let me see for… Can you speak to the experiences that you’ve seen working with specific types of pain… Lower back pain, neck pain. Here’s a question, in regards to neck pain, is there… What is the concern about being so close to the brain of using something that it has higher intensity, like the pad or the pro…

It’s best to use lower intensity when you’re working up around the head, even though in my own experiment, I can take a pad and put it 1001ad up to 100, and I don’t have any reactions for forcibly, subjective thing. And the one thing about the baby care experts, I get the two of those nerves come out of the brains to… A lot of people self-funds in their heads are always down, if you have instability into the service neither and so forth, that actually rattles and it actually rates all the way down to the spot for those using cell phones that can even have an effect on…

And we’ll wait for Paul to come back. It looks like we have a little bit of instability with our internet connection today… I did you. Yes.

You are. But the one thing I wanted to say was just having one session or somebody say with me in, it’s not going to immediately bring that person to out of pain, this is a thing that has to be done on a daily basis, or like in my clinic and some of the other active punctures chiropractors, they set of packages where they’ll sell maybe 2-15 minutes for 200 and then it’s important that people follow through and continue because sabotaged the toxic… And we were around consistently, it’s not an overnight churned.

You speak to someone who’s in different levels of pain, what type of time frame or amount of time… ’cause you were talking about the East 200, how much time they would need to spend on a machine like this to begin seeing results.

Of primarily, they always would wanna do the full body that for bringing that her blood platelets, and then that basically can be a 10 minute, twice a day at… And in your case, the probe, in my case, the near, you can use that as much as you want, so I say if you’re sitting down reading a book, put the pad or the micro bone per of under the need you’re watching a movie. And so it’s basically not that time intensive, you can make it work through your schedule to be consistent with it. That’s primarily high, I recommend, you know.

And I could totally see the business model that you’re using as far as renting or leasing out these machines or selling these machines that someone could have in their own home, more for a person that’s wanting to test it out or for a person that’s like, Hey, this sounds really cool, but I’m just laying on this thing and someone with the cute knee pain, let’s say, and they’re gonna limp in here, that they’re gonna go, Okay, I wanna make… I’m taking a risk, ’cause this isn’t like what the docs and the physical therapists are talking about, what type of time investment, money investment is a threshold that would give me some sort of result that I would go, You know, this might be for me.

Yeah, so that’s where I would basically go to my website to under the doctor videos, they’ll explain a lot of different things, time lines, I always say the person blocks in living men. I started first off, so let me hear what you need on personal me, how much water you drink, you checking dental health. I’m sure you know the problems with people that have the mercury fillings in their Lily support. That’s a big problem. So oases them that way. And then primarily, if I would say, Well, look, you want an offer, a lot of times, the first couple of times I would even charge for this… I just let them experience it. I solve sent you a little sensor that when you’re on a mat, you put this sensor over and you can hear the pulse of the other different components. Maybe I have to send that to you. So Austin Foundation to people and understand, ’cause when you lay on a say Something’s happening, but this micro-currents are definitely moving to your own body. Got it. So time-wise, all depends on how people decide to make changes to get perhaps the meta-meditations helpful.

The other thing I find very helpful, the binary beats, which I also do when people are on the map, so people have that on YouTube by narrow beats for pain, you get specific music with those beads that you can do it for any condition, so they’re getting Bradenton with Inari beats, and then I also have the light therapy that goes with the system, you didn’t get one, but there’s an admission of color through these classes, when I put the life basically positive for circulation and chronic houses on scar tissue, you could put the green light through the eyes of documented for swelling, the growth is Arianna Tory good for diabetes customers, and then the blue light, frantic cramping headaches for side of this parasympathetic eSports also with new systems, we have the access to Lake therapy along with the inferred, along with the micro current and it’s unfortunate, our company used to the other systems, we could rent those out for six weeks of time, but now the Genesys TEM, since they’re based on the control is Bellator, the rentals have kind of stop.

Otto. Well, this is all just very cool information, I think it gives us a really good foundation to start digesting some information, ’cause as you well know, when healing… We can’t do it all along, we have to point ourselves in a direction and begin to start taking action steps that are gonna move us to a better understanding of going on in our body and things that we can do to empower ourselves to get ourselves out of pain to take control of this life, this body that we have and take care of it.

One thing I wanna say to you all sense, if someone who goes online, we’re gonna see all different types of PMs systems, ranging from 1000 to some of the higher intensities of the 20000, some bolstering is… We have one person that works in our company who buys all these maths, he cut him apart, he has this device called a spectrometer where he can actually measure the waves that are coming out, there’s a lot of claims that are being made by other systems that aren’t actually, truth at the Swiss, at the PM, that Spectra that wave coming out of the super pure. So that’s where you have to make a decision, you’re gonna try a cheap system or a system that’s been out for 20 some years and the research is behind it back in… In hallway.

How would a person who’s doing research on these machines know what would be the… To know a good system from a bad system, someone can charge a lot for a bad system…

Well, anybody that you contact, it’s marketing, they’re always gonna say, our systems is the best, Sri go with practical experiences, I’ve been into this company for nine years, I’ve been in cranial work through God 25 some years. So I just go primarily with my own experiences and what I have seen, probably district, whatever for aid, some systems and very self-inviting anybody to give me a call saying This thing is a working late… I wanna send it back worse, you can’t send back, but… So that’s a tough one right there. Beavers and other map that according to our people in research says that Mrs in the beer, but the men that are no soul through the world, but we did a… On my website, there’s a unpainted IMS versus brand. If you really wanna get an understanding of what the whole architectural design is between both systems, that’s a great one to watch, especially since you have the IRS, ’cause you get a greater understanding is… Yeah, but that’s about… And also in that, and I do believe undertake do have Briar speaking about pain in pets. Okaye.

We’ll grab some of these videos from the links from these videos, ’cause I believe the majority of them are YouTube, and we’ll embed them on a bonus page that the link will go from where this is gonna be hosted on on our website, and then… I will definitely include that to help people begin to understand all of this terminology that we’re using, ’cause to be honest, when I first started looking at it, I was like, Wow, so there’s a lot to digest. So yeah, and you’ve been extremely helpful in terms of breaking this down into how we could wrap our brains around this to get a better understanding of how to use the EMF as a tool to help really pain…

Well, if you flip through the book that you have, it starts with me, anything from psychology to cardiovascular tyneside issues to neurological issues, and in that book, it satisfies that were done and the benefits to all those differences, and so it’s kind of like… Just keep the vibration of yourself, all each, keep it up as much as you can. If the body is out of the act and you now itself in that way, a lot of thing about toxicity, we can have people in our life that are very toxic, and if they start to… If you’re living family members or whatsoever, the PM has intensities for the anxiety depression, autism, learning disabilities, and things like that too. So if someone’s coming in saying, I’m having difficulty with partner whatsoever, and we muscle test in fine, who step in some deep depression, and we can put them on the PMs met toward the Creston and Don, along with other modalities, they go Great, the size accuracy can serve forth. Excellent. To supplement their work.

Got it. Awesome, we’re kinda getting to our winding it down for the interview today, is there anything that a loosened out there that we talked about that you’d like to tie that up or something that you noticed that I didn’t follow quite up on intake.

As far as… Pei think we’re pretty solid that… But one thing though that I found has been very effective for me since 1984, when I’ve learned transcendental meditation, I’ve never missed a day of meditation, it’s 20 minutes or 30 minutes, creating brain coherence through consciousness is a very powerful way to transcend all the craziness… Especially this year, is a sweet what… Wherever we put our attention, that’s where our energies on report, and sometimes it’s so nice just to turn off the lines and go into that silent state, and even that is almost like… It’s on email. And for people to do Priceline writer, I touch… There’s a video under my electric lack, it shows where there’s people that have electrodes, but through their fingertips that’s ever done rekindle the voltage, and it was exactly what the ARPANET filled Westheimer an issue to me really was damage on the body, the frequency is… So we have electro magnetic right here in our dance. So from that perspective, MINDBODY, spirit, ’cause I have my logo on my head is to see the electric bath.

All so nice. I waited. Great, great. Well, Paul, this was awesome. I wanna thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with myself and the audience. Sure, we’ll put your contact information website, how you could be contacted in, and we’ll have that in the description of this video as well, and that where people can reach out to you if they would like more information or speak with you directly.

So… Wonderful. And I’ve never been to Ashville, so one of these things, Oh.

That’d be great. You know what we could do, and this is I’m thinking, This is a little bit of brainstorm and I don’t wanna throw it out too much, but maybe we could do a PM day through the foundation where we could promote it and have people come try it out and experiment and feel what it feels like, and share that experience with those in the Nashville area.

Great, well, I have a podcast tomorrow for MFA mold, so looking into, again, frequency and currency, who’s in that immune system, killing the bacteria-related therapy stuff, so I infuriates.

Me. Well, Paul, thank you, thank you so much for being here. It’s an absolute honor to be able to pick your brain and dry that expertise audio.

Thank you for having to go and see and be… And so in the silence is the meditation.

See exactly. Well, this is Bill parravano, the knee pain guru, on behalf of the pain education podcast sponsored by The comella Foundation. Thanking you so much for being here. Have a wonderful day and we will see you on the next one.

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