How Homeopathy Can Help Relieve Pain with Xristina Thevaos

This week I interviewed a special guest, Xristina Thevaos from the Western North Carolina area, and we talked about Homeopathy as it relates to helping relieve pain. Xristina has been studying alternative medicine for more than 20 years and began studying Homeopathy in 2004.

Xristina offers a variety of packages to her clients to work remotely through virtual sessions from Quantum Holographic Healing Sessions to Homeopathic treatment.

“When we start really addressing these things inside ourselves, when we start looking into our emotions and really trying to be more free of these burdens that were carrying, our levels of pain just drop so drastically. There is no amount of pain that we’re being in that doesn’t have some kind of emotional cause, even if you have a knee injury, the way the severity of the experience that you’re going to have is directly proportionate to the stuck emotions that you’re holding on to. I didn’t wanna believe this for a very long time, and I tried to ignore it, but it just kept coming back up, so that’s why I love homeopathy so much! Because it not only helps with the experience of the sensation of pain, but it also helps you to deal with everything in your life..”~ Xristina Thevaos

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