Using Pain as a Teaching Tool with Emmanuel Manolakakis

Show Notes:

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In the podcast, I interviewed a good friend of mine Emmanuel Manolakakis out of Toronto, Canada. Previously, Emmanuel had been a guest on the Pain Education Podcast and we are glad to have him back again with a new topic on Using Pain as a Teaching Tool.

We talked about taking RISKS, reducing distractions and calming the mind as it relates to PAIN and how we can use pain as a teaching tool. We reflected on it, went deeper with experiences and see how we can use these experiences in our life to learn and derive at positive outcomes.

Emmanuel has over 25 years of experience in a variety of martial arts, including Karate, Olympic freestyle Wrestling, and Western Boxing. Emmanuel has spent the last sixteen years focusing on SYSTEMA [A.K.A Russian Martial Art].

“Most people just do things till its perfect, but that’s not the perfect level, the perfect level is where you’re making some mistakes, ’cause then you’re learning and then you’re growing, so you need to find that barrier, you can’t stay in your comfort zone forever. You got to go just a little bit outside. Like I love watching a sports team that is very comfortable at one level go to the next level, struggle, and then get better. That’s what you’re looking for. So the Risk is that little bit of un-comfort, which is so important for development and to grow”
~ Emmanuel Manolakakis

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