How to Heal Pain Naturally with Dr. Aaron Tressler

Show Notes:

  • The human body can heal, it’s a self-healing organism.
  • The healing system that heals an external cut is the same healing system that heals asthma.
  • Lungs regenerate every 2 months, likewise, the colon regenerates every 4 months, it’s up to us whether we are supporting the healing process or interfering with it.

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Full Transcript

Hello, this is Bill, the knee pain guru. And welcome to the pain education podcast, brought to you by the comella Foundation. Today We got a special guest, Dr. Aaron tressler out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Tressler, thank you so much for being here.

Bill, it’s my pleasure. I love to share my story. Hopefully, we can inspire, motivate people to a higher level.

Yes, yes. Would you… Dr. Tressler, could you just introduce yourself, like what you do and… Yeah, tell us.

How you got here. I’ll give a little background, so I’ve been a chiropractor for 27 years, and I have had many injuries along the way, talk about pain, so I’ll give you a quick synopsis to where I’m at now, so chiropractic, quilted rugby, and I still continue to play at 55 being a rugby player, having a farm, I’ve had two rotator cuff tears to knee meniscus tears in my knee, and this is all done, I healed all without surgery and drugs, I had my ribs broke three times, a couple of concussions broke my scapula five years ago, which is crazy injury, and again, I healed up and I continue to play rugby, so I have a farm, I have five kids, three during kids, I have over 100 animals right now on my farm, and my patients always asked, Well, who does that? I use… That would be me. And they said, Well, who does the podcast? I’m like, Well, that would be me.

And who runs your office? That’s what that’s mean.

And I still play rugby, so I have a lot of fun in life, I enjoy life, I just don’t do a lot of TV watching or else we enjoy the family and have fun, so that’s where I’m at now in my clinic, I have been practicing for 27 years, I love to see people in their lives transform and naturally without drugs, without surgery, and we see people of all ages, and I love what you’re doing, we’re on the same page, we’re trying to help people who naturally… So they don’t have to go down that path. ’cause once that happens, then A… You’re always damaged once surgery happens, or like you’re the new guy, knee surgery, man, it’s damaged for life, so if we can prevent that… That’s what we love. So I’m on the same page with you, Bill. I love what you’re doing, and I’m excited to share my story today.

Great, thank you, Dr. Tressler in working with your patients, your clients, what do you see as being like the crux that causes pain for them.

The biggest thing is mindset, the mindset of our bodies can’t heal, we need drugs. We get stuck in that from day one, when we’re born into it, I think, especially in America, so when we do have these injuries, we don’t address them, looking at… This is what I see. We don’t look at it is, what can I do to… Why do I have this injury? What caused the injury? And what do I need to do? He naturally, without drugs. So if we had that mindset, we would go about it a whole new way, but the mindset is like a week and a half ago, I had a rugby game and I injured part of my rotator cuff is minor tear. Immediately, my thought process, okay, I’m gonna get adjusted, I’m gonna do some rehab, some therapy on it, I’m gonna ice it, I’m gonna put some CBD on it, I’m gonna oil on it, I’m gonna eat really clean, anti-inflammatory to take some supplements. That’s my thought process. Most people would say, Crap, I hurt my rotator cuff on the take some anti-inflammatory, maybe see the doctor do nothing, so I’ve been exercising the whole time, do nothing, put it in a sling to let it heal.

So the mindsets, everything, and once we get that, once we recognize that and say, You know what, you’re right, I don’t wanna take drugs, then it opens up, what do I need to do? So mindset, the biggest… And if we can get somebody thinking different, critically thinking, thinking, You know what, if there’s another way, What do I need to do? That just opens up a whole new expiration. Okay, this is where my brain’s going, in what you just shared, and I can like it into martial arts. You have a lot of people that enjoy, that go to the… Call them the mic dogs. They have the structure, they learn structure, they learn the martial arts by a structure like a template, and that template is real easy to replicate, which means you could stamp it, you can put those martial arts schools on every corner, and that’s one way of learning martial arts.

Then there’s another way of learning martial arts, which is more of a study movement, breathing, relaxation, where there isn’t a structure to it, everybody’s gonna find their own beginning of the circle, so to speak, it’s not gonna be stamped. And.

What I hear you saying in terms of thinking outside the box that we’re not gonna go the drug shot surgery route, it falls into a similar theme that we don’t necessarily have a template when we wanna heal naturally, not everybody that injured, let’s take your rotator cuff example, for instance, not everyone would heal whatever they did with the rotator cuff or the very same way is that… Are we seeing… Absolutely, ’cause there’s different… Our bodies are all made up differently, we’re individualized our body chemistry or genetics, our thought process, how far we can push pain, so we’re all made individually… ’cause people who asked me, What are you doing? So this is what I do, I’m gonna recommend that approach, but you’re gonna have to go to trial and error and you try things… I know when I broke my scapula, I thought big bone fracture, I thought we’re putting ice on it, well, we do some inflammation is feel good, it was just the opposite built, it set me through the roof, it was like deep bone pain, I never experienced that, so you say, Oh yeah, do I do an ice bath? Well, in this situation wasn’t good, so it was bad, I started crying, I’m like, Get this out.

There. And so it’s trial and error, and we try things and say, You know what, this access with a rotator cuff. There’s a great example. Somebody says, Well, what exercises should I do? And I give them an example, I say, Do this, do this, do all these types. And I said, However, if anything is very sharp and sharp pain, stop, if it’s dull achy and just… So keep going, and they say, Which ones are the other gonna be a… I don’t know, there’s so many different fibers in there and how you… So experience it.

And that’s the same thing with supplements with eating keto diet, Paleo diet, more meatless meat, vegetables, it’s an experiment where this is this life, we’re living it as an experiment, but if we experiment with drugs and surgery and shots… That’s dangerous. Their side effects, if I’m experiment with beats and Beattie, those side effects there just… That didn’t work for me. So I may disagree with you with the beats and the beat juice, ’cause I’ve had that experience the first time I tried because bar.

The next day, I thought I had left in Oregon in the bathroom.

You know, that was an initial like, Oh wow, that’s really clean in my gut, Eloy, I get it. I’m on the same page with you. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate a little bit. How do I know? I’m nervous, like I’m in pain, I wanna get out of pain, how do I break that down into a manageable chunk to begin experimenting with things, it’s almost like shutting the barn door after the horse has already run out, what do I do when the injury has already happened, I’m in pain, I just wanna be out of pain. And now you’re asking me to experiment… That doesn’t sound right.

It’s okay. Yeah, and my patients think the same thing, I say, You’ve gotta do it, either you lay on your couch and cry or you start moving forward, the only way to get somewhere does just start walking… Start moving.

So I tell them, I’ll say in the early phase of an injury, you may need the IAT, drinks more water, take fish oil, turmeric, things that actually reduce some inflammation and that just do general movement… No, wait, no bands. Just movement, Get moving, go for a walk. And they’ll say to me, But it hurts. And I’ll say, Well, it’s going to hurt, it’s gonna hurt through the exercise, through the process, or you let it heal unnatural and you hurt for the rest of your life, you choose, so it’s gonna hurt either way, and everyone is different. I have patience to say, Okay, I’m gonna run through the brick wall, that’s kind of like my thinking, I’ll run through it. I’m gonna get hurt, but I’m getting through it. Others are going, Okay, can I just chip away at it? For six months, a HIPAA, it doesn’t matter. It’s like where our approaches are all different, but we have to begin the process and it is experimenting, but there’s no harm being done, you try Ice movement. It hurts a little. You try something else, but then you find something that actually works son of a gun, you start doing that, you start doing it more often and that speeds up the healing process.

How do you gauge in working with your patients, clients when… Two, there’s that balance between, Okay, I just need to do this a little bit and back off. Or You need to push through the pain. How do you gauge that when working with your people, to tell them, well, it’s like, you know you don’t have to bust through the brick wall, you don’t have to push through the pain, and then other people are afraid of the pain, so there’s some people that… It’s a mindset of more like self-abuse, and then the other mindset of the fear of the pain. How do you gauge that? How do you work with.

A Chase on my experience, because I don’t know what they’re gonna feel. I don’t know what level pain they’re in, I don’t… I can understand ’cause I’ve had a lot of injuries, but I’ll say a vape. From what I went through when I broke my scapula, I knew that I had to get it moving the next day, I took it out of sling, hung it and started doing circles. The pain was unbearable, bill, and as I would do this every day, and I would push it to a level that if the next day I wasn’t in horrific pain, I kept going… If the pain was too much, I knew I had to back off. And what I experienced is, every day I would have episodes that I felt like pain a was being poured over me, I would take moments and I wouldn’t have to step outside my office and I had to take rofen, but I took no Percocet or oids. I would step outside my office, it literally like just shaking, and I would start following my eyes out for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and it would release the pressure, had white my tears off and go back in, and my patients would look at me and they’re like…

You better take it easy. And I’m like, I am not taking it easy, I’m healing. And I said, I’m fine, I’m okay. Let’s get on with it. And then I did my thing, my wife said the same thing, and it’s one of those… I would move, do things every day to see what I could tolerate, if the pain was too sharp, I back off, if I could tolerate it, I did it. And every day I would gauge that if I did, let’s say 100 arm circles on Wednesday, and today, maybe I can do 105, but if I did 100 yesterday and I can’t move my arm today ’cause of the pain, I think I may need to go back down to 50, that’s how I gain, but I never stopped. I tell them, Don’t stop if you stop. Everything becomes scar tissue, you gotta find and you just have to slowly gauge that how far to push it, How far back off of… Or to push it and within two over just over two months, I shouldn’t have been able to even do a push-up or even lift my arm over my head, I ran a 5K race in about 21 minutes with my son, so that’s cute.

Pretty quick. So I was using my arm, the only way it healed that fast, every day I tolerated through the pain knowing that it’s gonna be painful, it’s painful now, or a chronic painful lifestyle forever. I choose, let’s be painful now, ’cause I knew I knew what end… And that’s what I encourage my patients. It’s going to end, it’s not gonna last like this forever, unless you just do nothing, and then it heals wrong with scar tissue and now you’re left injured for the rest of your life, everyone agrees that could be a 90 89-year-old woman who heard her need them, and she’s like, I don’t wanna be in pain. I’m like, Well, you have to go home, sit on your chair and start moving your name… Yes, sir. And so we all… We can all do it.

Yeah, what do you… I think you’re pointing to something, and I’ve had a couple of great conversations with other guests that have been around creating resilience in the body, and it’s not necessarily just the body… It’s in the mind as well. I think we live in a society that tends to default to the lowest common denominator, and we’re supposed to be like okay with that.

Somehow instead of raising the bar, developing the resilience in the human body, the body’s capacity to heal, and it prints to your mindset, you were talking about the importance of the mindset that it’s resilient in a sustainable longevity way, but not an abusive or fearful way… I think you’re getting what I’m talking about, could you speak to that in terms of the resilience of the mindset and how it reflects in the body and vice versa, you know the mind and the body work very similar, and if we wanna train… Let’s say to run a marathon, I’ve done some of those and I can’t just go out one day… And around 26 miles, I have to go out and run two miles. The next day I’m sore. Well, if I don’t run again, I’ll go right back to my original say, so I push through and run another two miles, or the next day I run three miles and my body is becoming resilient, my body is becoming… Transformed is starting to understand that every day I push it, it’s gonna accept it and get stronger and stresses, one of those things, it’s interesting that when we apply a physical stress to a muscle, I lift weights, if I put weights on and I push that weight as hard as I can.

My brain and body go, What the heck is this guy doing? He is putting strain on us, if he keeps doing this, the joints are gonna break down, he’s gonna injure himself, so let’s build the muscle stronger. So I go back up and I push it again, and the body says, Son of a gun, he’s doing it again. So the brain sends chemistry down into the muscle pulse hormone activity and says, Let’s build muscle tissue stronger because he keeps putting strain on it.

Well, if we do that even with our mental thing, like when I got up in the morning and my shoulder was just throbbing, I thought, Here we go again, I’ve gotta push through the pain… That’s mental. It’s not a physical thing. It was physical payments. It’s a mentor and I said, either I do it now, I lame later. And I said, I’m gonna push through, I’m gonna push through. And every day I would say, You know what, I did a little bit more today than I did yesterday.

I remember the first time when I could actually live by arm over my head without a way, I’m like I did when I put it back in like Holy Cassel, like a million possible. Yes, I did it ’cause I didn’t do that yesterday. A breakthrough, and those breakthroughs change the mind that give us that power that says, You know what, you just did, that you can do a little bit more in.

The minute we accept a Meier life or deep… It’s okay. Our body shuts down. So we have to keep pushing it. Mental, physical, pushing and mental, physical… That’s stress on the mental part, and the physical part makes us stronger and we’re met for that bill, we’re meant.

Musical and mental strain. It’s biblical when we strain, we get stronger, when we go through something and persevere and we come out on the other side, we’re a better person who wants to go through the physical pain, no one… And some people have asked me, Well, you… You like exercise? I laugh, I said I don’t like exercising. I don’t wanna hate it, but I’d rather sit on the counts watching a TV show, a nice cream that’s easier to Sue, I said, but I like the effects of exercise and I like how it makes me feel mental, mentally and chemically and physically and strong, and I can run and play rugby, I like that, but to get there, I have to do the painful part to be that, and if we keep doing it, our resilience, we get stronger and we feel good and it changes our body chemistry and it’s… Man, I can’t imagine a life without like… Without challenge, okay, here’s what’s coming to me on the other side of this pushing, ’cause I’m all about the pushing, I push myself a lot, but I’ve been noticing there is, I call it intuition or a little voice inside that’s like, Okay, maybe not pushing more.

Maybe pushing more is not going to be good, where do you draw that distinction, ’cause there are times in the past where I was like, Okay, I’m gonna keep pushing, I’m gonna keep pushing, and eventually my body would break, I get sick, I get an injury, something would happen. And can you speak to that distinction between the pushing that is good in the pushing that is actually diminishing returns, I’m wrecking myself in the process…

Yeah, I love that question in our office is called in a life in an inborn intuition, and that’s within us, that’s our voice inside us, that God voice saying, No, no, Bill, you’re pushing yourself. Slow down and go. Rest Today is not the day. And the only way to know that and to understand that is Know your body, so it is a chiropractor, we’re working with the nerve system, connecting the brain and nerve system to the body that you can feel your body. You know your body, I love that. And so this morning, how I start my day, I start my day in prayer, reading the Bible, I was doing some deep breasts, holding my breath, a Wim Hof technique, I was laying on my spinal block, opening up my chest for about 20 minutes, just taking deep rest getting my mind focus on what I’m trying to do, ’cause my day is 90 miles an hour from once I leave my house until about eight or nine tonight, I go all day, and so if I don’t take that time to reset my body, relax my body, get my mind and body connected here from God, understand what my body feels, I’m gonna do exactly what you said, I’m not gonna know it, I’m gonna drive, drive, drive, and tone, I get hurt, and I’ve done that many a times.

And through maturity, through wisdom, I’m getting better at this, so I start the day, 20-25 minutes, I don’t hear any firecrackers in the sky, I don’t hear this voice from God saying, Well done, you know, I just have the sense of peace, and I feel that I know my body, so I’ll go out to the gym. I have a gym in my barn and I’ll work out, and there are days I’m like, Man, I’m gonna work hard, I work hard, I push, I feel great. There’s other days as I go out, I’m like, Today is not the day you… Today is not the day, I don’t quit. I just do different activity, I do lighter activity, maybe more stretching, maybe more band will work, body weight, but I do what feels good to me that day, and I’ve done that for about 35 years, and I haven’t stopped working out for so long, I just now, I work out hard, but I go within tuition that day is… It’s neat that you ask that, and I think the only way to get to that point is you’ve gotta step away from the stress life style and start getting to know who you are and what you are in allowing your body to rest and you’re gonna start here in that inner voice, this is connecting some dots for me on what you said before, which was around the testing piece, and you test it when you’re injured, when you’re in pain, you’re testing what works, what doesn’t work.

And I believe what I hear you saying and what speaks true for me is we aren’t testing enough across the board, people aren’t testing when they’re working out, they’re not testing when they’re stretching, they’re not… Testing these things and paying attention. So now the pain is like the lights on the dashboard going off saying, Hey, you need to check engine or something like that is going off that needs to be fixed, and there wasn’t that learning in the process, that testing in the process. So now they’re in pain, and now you’re asking them the test when they haven’t been doing it beforehand, to get to that point, it’s a little bit of a chicken or egg kind of scenario, but it seems to be how we can pay attention on a daily basis, even when we aren’t in pain, that will help, it’ll be a skill set that we’re developing when we get into pain. Yeah.

And I think that’s where maturity comes in play when most people were in a reactive state, especially in America, if you were to say to somebody, Hey, why don’t you start eating better and exercising, Bill, I’m fine, man. I felt good. And you can see the train wreck coming a obesity joints, you know they smoke and drink, they’re not exert, you know, it’s… It’s just a matter of time. And when that happens, then they go, You know what, maybe you’re right, Bill, maybe I need the exercise.

Well, what made you come to that conclusion? We had a heart attack last week.

Reactive. So it is what it is. People wait for that to happen, but we have a choice. When that happens, we can say, You know what, okay, this is gonna be tough. I’ve never done this, I’m 55 years old, I’m gonna start trying how to get this body in shape that I’ve never done before, and then we just… It’s an experiment, but it’s that unless we’re ready to start working on ourself and be open-minded to say, you know what, I’m the problem, I’m the Sobeys. Wow, you play rugby. That’s it. You have good genetics. No. Are you lucky? No, what is it? I worked hard for 40 years and I never quit, and I trained and I study, and I study rugby. And I just like why, why 55? I’m not make any money from this, you beat up, it’s because I like it, and we don’t get healthy by being lucky, so I think when that happens, we have to just say, Okay, I am where I am, let’s start… Let’s start trying things and we’re all gonna be on different levels, I’ll never be a professional rugby player and never be a professional athlete, I want win any races and marathons, but I’m gonna do my best.

So when I get through the end of my life, I can look back and said, Dan, man, that was pretty good, it was a good run.

That was a good data. I lived a good life. Yeah.

It was interesting, you mentioned about that is people will do things and think there’s a level of invincibility. I know I was guilty of it. I was just watching, I follow me, that’s one of my… The only advice I still have in the conventional world on any level, and I was watching they had record the life of lives of these MMA fighters, and one of them was ordering the fast food, and I was like, Oh man, it was kind of a play on one guy had to lose weight for the… The other guy didn’t. And I was like, He’s ordering fast food training for a fight, like a really high level fight, and I was going, Man, that’s… Maybe not now in your 30s, but 40s and 50s, that’s gonna… That’s gonna add up. Yeah, that’s gonna be the train wreck, like you were saying, and how we don’t notice things when we’re younger, the body has a level of resiliency of forgiveness that it doesn’t have… As we get older, we have less of a window… Less of a fudge factor. To work in. Absolutely, I think if we can start to look at this differently, and I teach my kids, my youngest, he’s 16, he’s running track, and he’s doing amazing, he’s a sophomore, he ran a 10 something to mile, so just over five minutes for a two mile, and just under five minutes for the one mile and he’s on course to be in the top 20 and ordains, I’m like, Hey, you’re doing really great.

But I teach them, you’ve gotta eat well, you’ve gotta take supplements, just keep your adjustments, train, be smart, and you can say, we look at him, he doesn’t have any… He takes a short up, he’s repeaters, not a body fat on it, he looks great. I said, That’s your irrelevant. If you wanna be that five seconds in a race could give you a 10000 more scholarship in that one second in a race can make you professional. It’s like, what’s gonna give you that we have to start looking at healthy food, healthy lifestyle only makes us better, even in the short run, and your performance now is gonna be improved by that, so he knows that. And then like what we’re saying, long-term, yeah, I’m 55, I don’t have heart disease, I don’t take any medication. I feel great, I haven’t had any surgeries or joints, and I played rugby for 30 some years. Well, how is that possible? ’cause I take care of myself. So if I hadn’t about of eaten fast food all those years, overweight pot belly joints, shoulder blown up, knees on can’t walk, walk with the Cane.

He played, right. Reminds me something with Olympic level, if you’re talking about gold and you’re talking about last place, we’re talking about tenth of a second end.

That’s just mind-blowing to me that just tense of a second can be the difference between first and last place, so… Absolutely, yeah. And who remember a second place on the fourth guy.

To ever made the podium, so he’s the fourth guy in the world at a race or whatever… Nobody knows.

Yeah, I had a good friend. outta Georgia she said. Second place is first loser. Y.

And… That’s still pretty darn good.

Yeah, you can live with that, but still… Nobody knows you.

Sure. Dr. Tressler, is there anything that… How about this trending stuff that you see… As it were, April of 2021, we were started with lock-downs and all this kind of stuff in March of 2020. What have you seen, how has your practice changed in terms of patterns that you see presenting themselves with sitting more because they’re staying at home more issues with masks, in showing up with physical pain in the body. What are you noticing? In the beginning, I noticed more of an emotional thing. People stressed, scared, fearful. We kept teaching, you’re gonna be fine, if you’re a a good immune system, you’ll survive it. No fear, don’t have fear, but.

I think after that settled down, whether they had not the sitting at a computer for 12 hours a day, we saw more joint problems, more aches and pains, weight gain, just overall health just went down a notch.

Almost across the board, and with kids, with teenagers and kids ’cause they’re sitting in school, I mean sitting at a computer all day. We started hearing your own exercise, and I have an exercise because the gym was shut down.

And I think that that trend for some is gonna be there forever, they just got locked into it, they’re done, but for a good majority, they said, You know what, this has to change from me, I gotta go find a way to work out. So they started a, I gotta find a way to sit better at my chair, I have to find a way to get moving throughout the day, so it’s all starting to blossom, I think… I hope I’m positive on that end, where people are becoming aware, Okay, we’ve gotta get up and move or we’re gonna have a hunch, back forward, head, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, and have no energy at the end of the day, so I think it took around that to kinda beat them up. For them to realize, Oh, this sucks. Yeah, I gotta change this, and I think if we can keep that awareness and go into it and say, You know what, maybe I’ll work at home for the rest of my life, but I don’t have to be glued to a computer, stuck, humped over… I could get it standing desk, I can get a new chair, I can do air squats at my desk, five times a day, I can do push-ups on the floor, I don’t need a gym, I can have my own home gym, so I think we’re getting creative that way, unfortunately, I took the…

Took a hit on a lot of people, and some have just bought into it and said, Well, it is what it is, I guess it’s just my life from here on out, the resignation doesn’t set well for me like, Oh well, I can’t be healthy because of this or whatever is going on externally, that it’s a lack of creativity, a lack of looking at, Well, what can I do as opposed to what I can’t? That’s a great term. Black and creativity. I gotta use that now, ’cause I would tell patients and say, Well, yeah, but my gym and this… And I’m like, Do you have a tree? They’re like, What do you mean? I said, You have a tree limb to do pull-ups.

You air squats in front of the tree, do pull-ups and then get on the Ford, do push-ups is all you need. Hang… Yeah, you could hang a tree them, you can’t know, full of bank. And they would look at me was shame, ’cause they’re like, Yes, I realize I haven’t… I’m just making an excuse. I say, You have a floor. To push-ups and sit-ups. Just do that. Go for a walk. I just… It’s having a why. And the why is, I am not gonna allow the government, the people around me, my community, my friends, my neighbors, to control my health, my health is up to me, you could take all the equipment away, all the gym equipment that I have, or you could take my running shoes, you could take everything and I can still work out tomorrow barefoot Negev wouldn’t be a pleasant site, you wait. Need anything. So this is always interesting. For me, it’s actually a relief when I have less because now it narrows my options ’cause I get sometimes paralyzed by all of the different things that I could do to have… For instance, if someone’s like, Well, let’s watch your movie…

Perfect. Now I’m working on my fingers at.

Gnome, I’m stretching as opposed to thinking, Well, I need to work out or do something else.

So… Yeah, I totally get that. It was an interesting piece about the creativity stuff… I don’t remember where I heard this. They were saying that a point a person is bored is just before a breakthrough of creativity, but we don’t have the discipline to hang in the discomfort of the boredom to allow the creativity to break through. So when I heard that, I admit was like, I know who I’m gonna use this on. So my daughter save, she’s always like aboard.

I was like, Well, go sit over there and I wait for the creativity to break through…

Sure enough to go sit on the couch, senior better, whatever it is. Next thing I know, she’s like talking and acting something out and playing with their hatches or whatever it is, coloring, painting, whatever that is, but it’s that allowing yourself, the discomfort, and instead of filling it in with TV or something that’s gonna block that creativity from coming through allowing that creativity, a blossom and perfect example, I’m looking at a train, I could you pull up with that chain, can hang in the tree limb, I can do push-ups on the ground below the trial, and normally we wouldn’t see that… Those options, that creativity. So.

Yeah, that’s a great thing to silence, that’s when you’re in a talk hits, when God talks to you. It’s like you have to step aside. Just get side. It’s hard for me ’cause I go, go, go. I have a buddy that he’s a patient might… We worked out together at times, and he’s injured his arm and he’s got some injury, so he’s had to get real creative, and he’ll come in and heifer new exercise, you gotta do this. And I’m like, How do you come up with these? Because I don’t know, I was just… I was just playing around and thinking, and how do I do this, he’s just letting his body talked to him, and he’s coming up with some ideas where if I go too fast on my workout… I never experienced that, so yeah, we have to have that time to just take a deep breath and say, Huh, what do I need to do? And we’ll come up, we can come up with all guys and things… And I think this goes back to the first thing you said, which was around testing… Where does creativity come from? It comes from testing different things in getting new ideas.

So I think the thing that’s keeping people stuck the most is around their lack of creativity on what they can do to get themselves out of pain.

Okay, very good. I think we solved all the problems with the peril, Tell you what, if everyone would just get to be critical thinkers, that would solve a lot of problems and they wouldn’t have to depend on… They wouldn’t use your voice as an answer, they would use your voice as intrigue and interest, and you know what, I’m gonna investigate that. And the Bible says, Seek and ye shall find… And I’ll tell that to my patients are like, Well, how do I know… And I’m like, If you seek… You’ll find, what does that mean? I’m like different for everyone, you may have to go to college, you may have to read 10 books on it, you may have to study for a year to figure it out, you may read an article, but if you sink and you see on enough, you’re gonna find your answer, we just don’t take time to seek, we go to… The patients will come in to you and they say, Okay, you tell me exactly what to do is all I do, and that’s okay, but if they were to take what you’re teaching them and say, You know what, I’m gonna test some of this, I’m gonna try…

I’m gonna try a new way, I think, and they may never actually come back and give you an idea, but it’s not that they’re the expert, they’re just taking your advice and starting to CO on it and use it, and I think if we all became that of the world would change. Yeah, I agree, I agree.


You’re offering a bonus for our listeners today, which is awesome.

It’s the naturally pain-free workshop.

Yes, and could you speak a little bit… Give us a little teaser about what somebody that is trying out your workshop would discover in there, a little bit of what they’re gonna learn, this is, if you have a strong foundation, you can build upon it, and that’s what this is, it’s the foundation. It’s the four concepts, the mind and belief, how to get your mind, your belief, your habits in line to succeed if you don’t have this and patients will come in to me and they just want me to fix them. I’m like, No, I’m a part of this process be… You have to have a strong belief, you have to have strong habits, use what I’m doing and let’s work together. So it talks about belief, it talks about the nervous system and not just chiropractic, the nervous system, posture, alignment, talk more talking about the posture sitting at a computer, I give very practical ways to improve alignment and posture, which opens up energy, nerve energy, it’s powerful stuff and I talk about the foundation of nutrition, we tend to get with nutritional said, Well, let me get a vitamin B12 shot, and I’m like, Well, well, well, Cowboy…

You’re at McDonald’s every day. Don’t worry about a vitamin B, go start eating vegetables and get off hydrogenated oil and reduce your sugar, so the foundations of nutrition, get the strong base, and then the foundations of exercise. So I look at when I put this together, I’m like, This is what I do every day, This is what built my life, this foundation, if we try to come in with an extravagant workout, you can’t work out like a UFC guy. I don’t know about you, but I can’t do what they’re doing now. I’m gonna come in foundational and build upon it, so that’s what that is, and then we also have the NA core for… So we have a free course, everyone goes to the pain-free way, which will have that in the link, it’s a free course, dive into it, eat it up, send it to everyone, tell people, if we would do this, our lives would change. And then anyone who wants to go one step further, we have an offer to 100 off on our next course, I think it’s 298, you have 100 off, so we’ll send you that code, if anyone’s interested, they could tap into that, but especially just action gets results and that’s why we do this stuff.

I spent last year in covid, I saw a lot of people were online, I’m like, Well, you know what, if everyone’s gonna be online, I’m gonna make online courses, so my free time, which is very little, I built courses.

I like… Of course, for my patients, I have one, it’s like over 50 videos. People ask me how you type time to do it, I’m like, Well, you gotta make time… People made this.

Out. Hopefully, they can use it. So.

The workshops, the courses, everything you offer is all online then… Yes.

Okay, awesome, that’s going to be… The link to all of this information is going to be in the bonus section, it’s gonna be below this video on the camera Foundation website, so.

We will definitely get that up there, Dr. Tressler or anything else you’d like to tie up, anything I might not have covered or connected to… Dot on that, you’d like to wrap up with you.

I’d like to just let people know on your body can heal, you have to believe that it’s a self-healing organism, if you cut your knee, your knee heals, you don’t have to call the prayer on the church and put you on a prayer change. You don’t have to, bill, I scratch my knee. What do you need to do? You’re the knee. You’d say, clean it, it’s open water ’cause the body is self-healing and we recognize that, but when it becomes internal and I have an ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome or a heart flutter or asthma, we tend to think, Oh, I can’t heal now, now I need a doctor, now I need a drug. There’s not two different healing systems, there’s one… The healing system that heals the cut every single time is the same healing system that heals your asthma, we have to look and say, what is not allowing my asthma to heal? What am I doing to interfere with it? So I’d like to leave them with, what the body can heal, lungs regenerate every two months, your colon regenerates every four months.

So as the body’s regenerating and healing, are you supporting the healing process or interfering with it.

If you support it, as you get older, you’ll continue to heal and not need medications if you interfere with it, as let’s say you’re a smoker and you keep putting toxins into your lungs, your lungs become damaged as you get older, so we have to look at and understand it’s a self-feeling organism, it’s the most… When I learn that through chiropractic, most powerful thing, I said, I can put my faith in my body, and I don’t have to put my faith in medicine now, and I take care of my body. And it hasn’t failed me yet. I’m 55 and I feel absolutely amazing. So, excellent. Well, Dr. Tressler, we’re gonna include all of your contact information and your website stuff in the show notes as well. I wanna thank you so much for sharing your time. I know you’re a busy, busy person. So I appreciate you sharing the time with us and talking to our listeners and… Gosh, yeah, just super grateful for you being here.

Thanks, Bill, I appreciate you having me and everything that you’re doing on your show, we’re working together to make this planet in our health better, so thank you. Thank you. Okay, so this is a bill parravano, the knee pain guru, going to wrap it up for today. This is the pain education podcast sponsored by The comella Foundation. Thank you so much for being here. And we’ll see you on the next one.

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