Insights in Acute Pain with Dr. Iris Tian

“I practice a holistic, “whole-person” approach when treating patients by incorporating the principles of Lifestyle Medicine (nutrition, sleep hygiene, exercise), mindset, OMM, and breathing techniques/pelvic floor activations.
I truly believe that it is every woman’s right to have access to the tools to prime her body for pregnancy, labor, and motherhood.”

~ Dr. Iris Tian

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In this podcast, I interviewed a special guest is Dr. Iris Tian, an Osteopathic PM&R and Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Pre/Post-Natal Performance Training Specialist with a huge passion for women’s health.

She empowers women from pregnancy to motherhood to achieve wellness, so they can live happy, healthy, & pain-free lives.

Dr. Tian specializes in treating prenatal and postpartum women and babies with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) and Cranial Osteopathy and sees patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal issues and pain, including neck and back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, SIJ dysfunction, and pubic symphysis dysfunctions.

In babies, Dr. Tian primarily treats plagiocephaly/brachycephaly, colic, and suckling/latching issues.

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