The Emotional Pain of Stage 4 Cancer with Sarona Rameka

“I am a survivor. A wife and a mama and they are my ‘why’. This journey has built my faith, endurance, and appreciation for life. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God and count my blessings”
~ Sarona Rameka

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In this podcast, I interviewed a special guest Sarona Rameka, a stage IV cancer survivor and she has an incredible and emotional story to share with us. In 2017 Sarona was 9 months pregnant when it was discovered she had tumors in her left chest, heart, and lung. Stage 4 cancer with the only option of palliative chemotherapy.

She used the ketogenic diet and regular water fasting as a world-first: sole metabolic therapy in the treatment of terminal cancer. An existing auto-immune condition had to be carefully managed as her body adapted to healing itself.

Today, Sarona has a thriving family and a beautiful life. She is a seasoned faster, still completing 7-day monthly fasts, and acknowledges both the mental and physical challenges (and triumphs) fasting brings. Her cancer is a fraction of its former size, and this is without the use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or any conventional cancer treatments.

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