The 3 Top Secret Natural Remedies for Knee Pain

The 3 Top “Secret” Natural Remedies for Knee Pain is the subject we’ll be digging in deeper on today. Many times natural remedies for relieving knee pain are hidden in plain sight. In today’s short presentation we’ll be going over the 3 of the most top-secret natural remedies for relieving knee pain.

11 thoughts on “The 3 Top Secret Natural Remedies for Knee Pain”

  1. Susanne Spring

    I really appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of this presentation. It all rings true. I have one request. How do you change the neurology in the knee?
    You referred to this while discussing “relaxation” as the the third element. Are there certain positions for the knee?

    1. Yes, I’m speaking of working with the intrinsic movement of the joint to get the pressure off the nerves causing the pain. This is a feel thing which needs to be worked with to dial in and find the opposite of the pain you’re currently feeling.

  2. Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfate which are both powerful pain-relieving agents. It reduces swelling and alleviates the pain. You can put a spoon of Epsom salt in your bath water and soak yourself in it for 30 minutes. Apart from these natural home remedies, performing a low-impact exercise can also help. If the pain persists for a long time then consult your doctor.

  3. Water seems like the only straightforward remedy. Reduce inflammation and “change the “neurology” does not mention a straightforward action i could take to reduce knee pain. Do you have other videos that explain this in more detail?

    1. Hi Helen
      Thanks for your question. Yes, water is quite a direct way to begin giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself. The Comella Foundation is in the process of launching a podcast to do exactly what you’re asking about. You can always go to the link in any one of our author’s bio (including mine) for more information on the unique skillsets they offer.

  4. I have knee pain in my right knee and I exercise and I would like to know if there are any exercises that I should be doing to alleviatete the pain. I am trying my best to loose weight and the pain right now is hindering me. I also try to eat right but with limited funds to eat properly is impossible. Any suggestion also in that area also.

    1. Sandra
      Thanks for your question. The first thing to figure out is exercise causing your knee to feel better or hurt worse. The reason for the question would be to figure out what the best strategy is moving forward which may or may NOT help your knee to feel better.
      Keep us posted.
      Bill Parravano
      (The Knee Pain Guru)

  5. I am using knee supports, the cloth kind the pain is in the tendon(outside) I am also using Hempvana, any suggestions?

  6. I injured my knee about a year ago and it is so painful now, I’m considering knee replacement, but I would rather go with drinking more water. I drink beer, is this hindering the lubrication to my knee?

    1. Gaurav Vaidya

      Hi Reuben
      Dr. Beck will cover your question in the upcoming Episode #33 on April 8th…
      Here’s the link to the video –
      Kindly subscribe to the channel and set a reminder for the video.
      Let us know if you have any further questions.

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