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Hello, this is bill the knee pain guru and welcome to the pain education podcast, brought to you by the Comella Foundation. Today we have a special guest, a person that’s very dear to my heart, I’ve known him for, I think literally decades now. His name is Jessie Morgan. Welcome, Jessie.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my own personal journey and what I have helped people through the years with…

Jesse, I want you to share your experience, your background, because I believe you bring a very unique perspective to healing, to pain, to people understanding themselves, because you were trained as a pharmacist, so you understand from the medical side of things, and as well, you’re also an intuitive and I will let you share a little bit more about your training and your experience in your journey to our conversation today, let you go ahead and share more on that.

So you are correct. I have been a registered pharmacist in March of 1978, so I’ve been around that particular world for a number of years, and I entered the metaphysical world on the day that I was born because I’ve always been intuitive and really didn’t realize until I was in university that not everyone was born with sustained gifts that I had. My mother was a phenomenal feeler herself, it was something that ran in their family, oftentimes we would not go to traditional… We would use more traditional modality rather than go to a physician, because when I grew up, of course, that was very expensive as it is now, and so as I was sharing earlier, my colleagues in the medical world and the pharmacy world, we rate the things that I do in the non-traditional method, and my colleagues in the non-traditional methods, Robert, some of the things in the western medicine, and so it brings me great joy that we have come to a wise point where we are now able to bridge both allopathic as well, holistic methodologies, and I will tell you, and the rationale that I use for all of them was they all are in divine creation, how could they not be valid at some level, not just valid for all cases, I also have 11 certifications for different healing modalities such as magnetic therapy, color therapy be vasari, other things.

So I’ve been exposed to all of that. In fact, one of my greatest gifts is serving as a medical intuitive, and it’s funny, I have friends who are physicians that will send patients to me and they’re like, I can’t figure out what’s going on with the patient, I can look inside their bodies and then tell them what to do, send them back to the position, and then the position does what I ask them to do, because I know which test to order, I know what they’re looking… Need to be looking for… And their colleagues will ask them that, they’re like, Why did you pick that particular test, it’s number 10 on the differential, but why waste an hour trying all these different modalities when you can get it in one file, so…

Okay, Jesse, my brain’s going in a thousand different directions of how to ask you questions on this, so I’m gonna try to keep this a little bit grounded and focused. Let’s talk a little bit about the medical intuitive component, when someone comes to you or a doctor has someone come to you… Are they writing a prescription… Are they just because they know you? Okay.

Only pro-personal contact or when we’re doing festivals, one of my credentials that’s listed on the piece of paper is medical intuitive. We did one yesterday, I had a gentleman come in and sat down and one of the things I asked… I said, What do you want from this experience? And he said, there’s something going on in my body, and I’m not sure exactly what it is. So after I did a physical scan, I explained to him, because when I look at your org field, I can see dark spots or I can see jagged edges or holes, that to me, tells me that there is some disease or distortion of the lines of energy around you, I also, as I scan your body, I can feel cold and hot spots where your chakras are out of alignment or unbalanced if there’s pain… One of the things with pain, because we all know there is an incredibly strong connection between the mind and body, so I asked the forces that I’m working with to give me not the symptomatic relief, but can we go to the origin of that pain? So we can remove whatever that distortion is, so the individual doesn’t have to be dealing with that.

The experience with the gentleman yesterday was I asked him point-blank a question, I said, in your lower left quadrant, there appears to be an issue that really started emotionally when you were between the ages of five and 10, so we need to go back to that timeline to figure out what that child put inside their body, what were they stuffing inside their body that’s creating to the pain, and you just go through a series of analysis like that as you feel things intuitively, you know what questions to ask, you know how to gently guide the individual through that, and it’s not a one-and-done circumstance, a lot of people get really invested in, I wanna get a prescription and it’s gonna cure me… Well, a lot of these things that are of long standing have multiple layers to them, so we begin to peel back the layers and then you move back into balance and health.

There’s a piece that I’d like to go back to, and we actually touched on it in a previous podcast, there was a woman who was sharing about race and working Ricky in the body, and you had mentioned that you are trained in that modality, and you were talking about the energies that you work with, there would most likely be a lot of people who may have a strong religious background that will hear that and be a little bit… It could be a little bit off-putting for them, could you break that down as to the… How could you explain that in the way to quell the understanding of someone who may be a little bit frightened or uncertain about that type of language?

Well, the first thing that I want to say to anyone, and I have lots of skeptics that come and visit me, both for counseling sessions as well as feeling sessions, and the foundation of everything I do is based on divine energy, we all are… There are two premises that I work from, and the first one is, we live, move and have our being within the divine away, and there is the divine part within each of us, whether we’re connected with that or disconnected with them, so all things that exist within that at some point, from the heart and mind of the divine, have to be a positive input or they would not be able to exist, so we as humans may not understand and realize that simply because it’s like explaining long with of equations to a child that’s only learning one plus one, it’s not that they don’t have the case to do it, it’s just that they haven’t developed their talent at that point to understand is… My personal experience has been that there are energies around us, and I feel that’s no different than someone who does prayer or prayer… Activate a certain energy in the universe.

I just happen to have a personal connection with that energy and can utilize that energy, and then meditation… Prayer and meditation go hand-in-hand. Prayers, when you send your petitions or you’re a reverence or your joy or your gratitude, whatever it is out to the universe, meditation is when you receive the answers, so if you’re not meditating, you’re only getting half the story, and a lot of times people are only getting half the story, simply because of their fear, and yet I believe that the reason fear exists in their life is so that we can gain courage, strength and move through it toward the fear. There’s oftentimes, I define people up, I ask people to define, Are you afraid of this discomfort in your body and the pain… Let’s move into the pain, make it your friend, and then it will do what you asked to do. In fact, one of the things I have psoriatic arthritis in my knee. And one of my friends said, Why don’t you get rid of that? I’ve said, because the pain is teaching me something and I wanna know what that lesson is, so I don’t run from it, I’m going to experience and less on it and begin the healing process because I don’t sense that there’s something broken inside of me.

I feel like it’s just giving me information, so it’s a different perspective.

And I think that’s very key because there’s… At least when I first… The whole knee thing. You are actually there through part of a process where the pain in my knee put me on a different path, and it was me to begin to learn and understand what the lessons were to learn from that experience of the discomfort that mine had to teach me. So I get what you’re talking about, what is it? Let’s go back to the piece when you’re perceiving the or or the bio-energetic field around a person’s body, you see this with your eyes… Is it in your mind, do you actually have your eyes open and you’re seeing this… Does the person need to be in your presence? Or can you recognize this remotely… Could you speak to that a little bit?

Well, one of the interesting questions, I wanna just segue just a bit because I have one more piece to add to your question from before, and that is most individuals use the left brain consciousness, the rational mind, in order to explore their world. If I can feel it, tasted that, smell it, or see, what I use are the six and seven senses, which is energetic and origin, it is not tangible. For the most part, the methodology I use is a combination of all of them, I can see the oriel, I can sense the oriel, I can feel the ore field, I can sense the thought patterns, I can feel the salt better and that cells within the body actually, can generate pulses of information and awareness, and now, because I’m working in the fantome, everyone has their own personal field, but there is a point of contact where your personal field intersects with the fund on field, the quantum field is not affected by time, distance or space, therefore… I spoke with the lady in Hong Kong last night, which is 6000 miles away from looked cky, but I can tell her everything that was going on, and she kept saying…

Yes. How can you do that? Yes, how can you do that? Yes, how can you do that? So it’s because there’s no separation in space and time.

What I was referring to on the podcast interviewing the woman on races around the movie, The Secret, and What The Bleep… Do We Know in terms of the research that they did, even the follow-on movie from What The Bleep further down the rabbit hole, where the observer changes the observed… That whole concept that Newtonian physics works to a certain level, then it changes and then quantum physics, it takes over as it’s… What I hear and understand you saying is that your ability to perceive and understand the energy of the person that you’re working with is through the quantum aspect of the quantum field that we’re all plugged into in some way, shape or form…

Absolutely in every entity, generate a quantum field of their own personal nature, and you can see, I can sense that everyone can sense it at a certain level, they may not be aware of it because of… My gifts are what they are. And because I’ve had classes to help my mind accepts the gifts by removing the doubt, because that’s what blocks most people… Is they doubted. In fact, I’ve had multiple people say that… I can’t see it, so I don’t believe it.

It’s actually flipped around because they don’t believe it. They can’t see it. That’s right, gotcha. This was actually a question that we were posting… One of the offerings that the Kamala Foundation has on their website is a pain relief portal, that’s where we have a woman who does remote muscle testing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that you could fill out a form on a camel, a Foundation website. Send them your first name, your last name, your age, and your birthday, and then she muscle tests for the specific practitioner that I’ve interviewed, that they could then listen to that practitioner and then sign up for a consultation to work with them, either remotely or in person, depending on where they are in the world. But Gene was speaking to that, speaking about the quantum field, in the quantum aspect of who we are as individuals, and that’s what she is tapping into, and the understanding of who is going to line up, who that person is gonna be best help by…

And I concur with that as well, because one of the things that I advise individuals is go to where you feel wrong because there is a magnetic energy inside you that is going to draw you to the energy that you can be aided past by not all modalities and that’s one of the reasons I chose to experience a lot of modalities is simply because not all of them are going to be the best match for whatever that is going on with the individual.

And at that point in time, that’s gonna shift and change based on… Input experiences, life, life stuff that comes up that may change from day to day or even throughout the day, that could be different.

Absolutely, people are constantly asking me, they’re like, Why have you been teaching students for 40 years, aren’t you afraid of the competition? And I’m not at all. My mission is to get information and to get these abilities developed in everyone, so everyone can really be drawn to whoever they feel drawn to.

Yeah, I think that leads to the understanding or going to a sense of fear that there isn’t enough… For there aren’t enough students or the students would be a competition, and that there are so many students to learn on so many different levels that you couldn’t possibly create that competition that would pray put you out of.

Bosnian, don’t invest in lack… Thinking there is analyst. Abundance everywhere.

Yes, let’s go into… A person comes to you, sign up to work with you, schedules an appointment, and they say, Hey Jesse, I got this thing going on with my knee. How does a session unfold? What happens from there?

Well, first of all, I connect their energy, so I can feel in my body what they’re feeling as well. And then we talk about the different options that are available for that. First we go into, what have you tried and what not more, because then that eliminates some of the discussion, then we go into, Okay, let’s do some just conversation to figure out where the inflexibility of your mind is that is being reflected in your physical body, because the way that I see the knees or they really are the pivot points for support, so where I emotionally are you feeling like you’re not being supported or you’re not being bending to the will that your spirit or soul wants to express, or that you feel that someone’s forcing their will on you as well. So we talk a little bit about that. I may, if they want, I may send some feeling energy to them, I always seek permission before I touch anyone anywhere, so I may say, May I gently lay my hands on your knee, and then they always say, I’m feeling all this heat, what’s going on? I’m like, It’s okay, I’m just sending energy into your physical body, and then I may ask them to do some yoga, some different kind of flexibility, because if there’s an issue with their physical flexibility, we can always adapt whatever needs to be adapted.

And I’m certainly not a yoga teacher, but there are certain things that I use that I picked up over the years and very attuned to that, someone says, this work, maybe I’ll take it. And if it is someone else.

And when you work with someone is generally the structure to it, is it a one session and then… Let’s see how it goes. Is it a series of sessions? How would that work or look, or how could it potentially work in… Look, let’s put it that way.

It’s what the individual feels themselves and how they want to progress, oftentimes, physiological expression is only though it is the way that energy flows in the body is that the spirit first, then it goes to your mind, then the distortion will go to the emotional body, and then the distortion will go to your physical body, so oftentimes when it gets to the physical body, that’s the frequency that most people are realizing, I try to catch it before it gets to all of those that… I don’t do that. So what I suggest for my clients is, Okay, we have this physical issue, let’s go up and let’s do some emotional, mental and spiritual paradigm shifting so that we can… The physical and that’s where I usually migrate and go to simply because there are a lot of beautiful feeling modalities and beautiful souls out there. My best gift is people feel very comfortable telling me everything in anything, and I can sense the energy, so I work at that level more easily and gently. And then they’ll say, I wanna come and see you. Every two weeks, I wanted to come and see you once a month, whatever financially they feel like that they can afford, or if they can’t…

One of the things that I do is border. I remember one client said, I don’t have the money, and I said, Well, I know you have a family. So let’s do this. You took five meals for your family, freeze a part of each of those meals for one person, bring those to me and we’ll make that change, so I have a week to the Meals on… So that’s why I said there’s no lack conscious and people that say, I don’t have financial resources, you have other field that can be bartered.

No, absolutely, I’ve seen that. Just on the land where I live, there’s an abundance of wine berries, that’s one of the plants where I live, and I have worked out arrangements with that where I’ve traded for apple trees and other things like that, that it’s just… It’s amazing how that all works. Let’s touch a little on… I’m not sure, dissension is quite the word at between the two worlds that you’re bridging, you as a pharmacist from 1978, licensed pharmacist from 1978. So you have people in that world that would look on your intuitive talent skills and abilities a certain way, maybe less than favorable light, and you have people in the intuitive world that will look on your thermal OG-Cal skills. Yes, not being so disconnect with that, could you speak a little bit about your experience and how you’ve come to reconcile that or… I just speak to that a little bit.

Well, I just look at it like this, I’m a misfit in both words, and that’s okay, you just have to be you, and I’m at peace with who I am and where my gifts are in pharmacy, what I found is a lot of times, the medication was treating the symptoms, but it never got to root cause and holistically, it would get to the root cause, it just is a much slower process, the way I used to explain it to some of my learners was pharmacological treatment is like taking a shot gun and you kill everything. Holistic medicine is like taking above in a row and being very precise in the skills that you aired… I remember I had one lady who came in and said, I have a homeless man staying at my house, his ankles are swelling, and I know he’s having shortness of breath, so we need to pull the fluid off and I’m like, But I don’t have any medication. And I’m like, You don’t need medication. So I gave her an herbal concoction that would eliminate the edema, and she came back the next day and she said, we’ve gone to the doctor, we’ve got him some medication, but thank you that was able to get him through the moment, whatever it was that he was going over…

And so that’s the way I worked with it. And I would approach people, I would have patients that say, You know, I can’t afford to take this or I refuse to take this medication, so I would say, Can we do this? And if your blood pressure is bothering you, let’s try some other methods where maybe we can instead of taking four different kinds, let’s see if we can cut that down by doing bio-feedback, doing stress management, doing meditation, doing some… All note dissension also rises because again, it goes back to that lack, sink and don’t mess with my purse strings, because I needed patients to come in and use my skill services and get these prescriptions or the other… I need patients that don’t believe in that, so I can take care of them, but there it is enough for everybody. Again, and I agree with that.

Yeah, the question is there, I’m trying to formulate correctly or in a way that would really help people that… If someone is going to go the pharma logical route, if they truly wanna have a broader perspective or really addressed the long term is to use the pharmacological or pharmacy perspective in a larger strategy with the holistic perspective.

You marry the two and you integrate them, you always ask your body, is this the right thing for me at this point in time? And I will tell you from a personal perspective, as a patient, I have had some animated discussions with my medical providers that say, I will not take that because I know the side effects, what it’s going to do, I can achieve the same thing with other modalities, I’m gonna do that, and then you can do your test and see where we are.

And how would you… Someone who may be on multiple medications that is listening to this and going, Oh geez, I’d really like to go in that direction, yet they’re afraid they’ve heard from the doctor, the Western medical perspective on what happens… If I go off of this medication, I’m gonna need to be on this for the rest of my life. What insight can you share with them in their beginning to build the courage and self-confidence to begin along that path, what would be a very strategic way of approaching that?

So the first place we begin with all of this understanding is lifestyle pockets at a wonderful statement that food is your medicine, or if you use food is your medicine when you’re young, then you want need medicine as your food when you’re old, and that’s very true. So what do your eating habits look like, what does your exercise level look like, What are your stress levels for like… So really being the director, the driver, you’re in the driver’s STEM as far as making positive lifestyle changes that I’m unwilling to do that, but I will tell you, many patients, many individuals… It’s really interesting. They come to you and they’re like, fix me. Right, and I’m like, Okay, I can certainly guide and help and direct you, but it’s important for you to be in charge, I can’t do anything. I could do it to my own physical body, but you need to make these choices, and I’m not saying massive changes all at one time, incremental changes. And learn what you have learned. Look, you look at your intake for a single day, how much process food are you putting in your body? We put so many chemicals in their body and we’re not even aware of that…

That’s the first place. The second place I would say is, how committed are you to having a wonderful healthy life, because your level of commitment is going to determine how actively you are engaged in your own care, and now people are afraid of talking to physicians to guess what… They’re just like you, and I know that a lot of them will say, No, I’m the doctor. You have to do what I have to say, and I’m like… And I’m paying you, no, I’m in charge. You’re not…

Right. And I’m hearing what you’re saying as far as beginning to make lifestyle changes, and I’m putting myself mentally in the person who is suffering and physical pain, who’s on multiple medications for whatever reason, and it’s like, Okay, I gotta do something different because this isn’t working. Would there be an initial conversation with the doctor to say, Hey, I wanna move in this direction, and to see if the doctor is in alignment with that direction, because I think if you’re looking for the doctor to… That isn’t in alignment with that direction, you would have to take a step back and go, Well, maybe I need to find another doctor to work with a doctor that is more in alignment with a holistic perspective that will help support building my own confidence in going in that direction. And.

That is absolutely true. And what I am finding, 40 years ago, there were very few Integrative Medical practices, they’re far more common now than they were then, and those individuals are really in tune with both sides of the medical field, and that is who you seek out your care from is people who are in tune with that particular energy, and it does make a powerful difference. I also tell you If you magnetized you or and say, I need help. Helpful comedy or enter, either you will hear as a social gathering about someone who is going to help you, or you may get something in the mail that says that, but that’s the way that I work as well, because you’re a net thing. I’ve made a promise to me, I’m going to improve my health.

And I think that goes back to the point you were speaking about earlier, that prayer is half of the equation, you would pray for that person to come into your life to help you, and then you’re quiet in a meditative state that would allow you to hear or become aware of that person that is all a suddenly right there to help you. Let’s see, I’m trying to think of questions a person might ask or maybe you can share some of your experiences of working with people who have been in severe pain or struggling physically in their body, something that comes to mind that may be beneficial for those that are listening.

Well, one of the most powerful things with someone in pain is don’t allow other people to reinforce how bad you feel, because I have found many well-intentioned family friends, even strangers that say, Oh my… You just look horrible, you must be in terrible pain, and so when you’re getting that hour after hour, pretty soon you believe it yourself, and so that really is the first place where we do a lot of this disservice. I will tell you some people use their health conditions to get attention, Pease that… One of the things we studied was placebo effect when I was in finance school, so one of the things I would always do is I would make it a point when I dispense a prescription, to go out and look my patient in the eye and say, This is gonna make you feel so much better. Because I wanted to trigger that within their mind that if I take this, I’m gonna feel better. Now, I was one of those old pharmacists that evidently, you can look at my hair and all that, but one of those old pharmacists who really care for their patient, no day you go through the drive through, you don’t even know who your finest is, and they’re going about their business.

So they’re pretty soon, they’ll have docs, you drive up, got diagnosis, and you go on, and so there’s no interaction, but that’s not better. In fact, that’s much worse.

And what occurs to me is that we’re creating our reality, if we’re surrounding yourself with people who are negative, we’re saying that’s just what happens when you get older. Your knees are always gonna hurt that way, that you’re gonna eventually have to have a knee replacement, that’s just what happens when you get that age, and then they go to the doctor, the doctor reinforces that belief, everybody has running themselves is having that belief and now it’s like, Well, that’s my only option. And then they come across and meet someone that is speaking something different, and it’s almost like a disbelief that anything could possibly be different than my experience at whatever experience I’m stuck in right now. Yet, we start making that what we’re focusing on, and we make that more and more of the reality, so we’re looking for those things.

Correct. And I will tell you that if you believe your body can heal itself, your body can heal it, so…

Yeah, that’s what… I think it was Henry Ford that said, If you believe you can, or you believe you can… Either way, you’re right. That’s correct. Col. Jesse, would you be open, and this is whatever works for you, would you be open to receiving people who would be interested in scheduling a consultation with you through the Comellal Foundation…

At this time, I’m really super busy. However, if there are cases where they really need my aid, of course, I could do that. Certainly.

Okay, well, we’ll be in touch. Regarding that, Is there else you would like to share, any little thread that may be out there in our conversation that we didn’t make a… Nice bow on before we wrap up here.

You know, one of the things about life, if you live in the moment and you don’t worry about what’s going to happen in the next moment or what happened in the last moment, you’ll find yourself much more joyful.

Absolutely. Well, Jesse, I wanna thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a conversation with us. I greatly appreciate that. Anything else you’d like to share? Right before we wrap up here.

No, but I applaud the work that you’ve been doing and the foundation has been doing, sometimes I know it feels like a salmon swimming up the stream, but you’ll get there eventually.

Eventually. Well, thank you so much. So this is Bill parravano, the knee pain guru for the pain education podcast on behalf of the Comella Foundation. Thank you. You all so much for being here. Have a wonderful day. And we will see you on the next one.

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