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Hello, it’s bill Parravano. Welcome to the pain education podcast, brought to you by the Comella Foundation. Today we have a special guest, it’s a friend of mine that I’ve known for not that too long, but she’s super interesting, and I’d really like to introduce her and then let her introduce herself. Welcome, Kim Kruger.

How are you?

Good, how are you doing today or share with us, share with our audience about how you got into what you do, share about your background, your history.

I am him, and I am a Reiki master, also a teacher, so I have the ability to pass on the attunement, teach about the chakras, how pain manifests in your body via emotions or trauma or things of that nature that have happened to kind of block that energy center-up. I grew up Southern Baptist, very, very conservative. So I’m kind of a crazy person, ably, but it kind of was… My journey into raking was kind of happenstance actually, I kind of woke up one day and I was like, Hmm, I think that there’s a lot of things going on in this world that we’re not telling us that we’re EPFL of… There are too busy stuffing pharmaceuticals down our throats, so what… I decided to go completely off the pharmaceuticals and I started doing Ricky with a friend that was doing my sessions for me, and I started noticing a lot of my back pain was disappearing, a lot of in-neck pain was disappearing, my knee pain all over the place just things just started going away once we started hearing out all these traumas and all of these different emotions that kind of had built up over the years, so at first I was like, Oh, you’re crazy energetic work.

So that’s a little bit out there for me, and then the more sessions that I had with her, I started noticing all of the stuff… All these things are disappearing. Like what’s going on is, it’s really working. So I journeyed into getting my level, the remaster.

Atoka. This is good, and I wanna take a few steps back because I wanna make sure people that maybe Southern Baptist, maybe Catholic, maybe Christian, those that are watching whoever it is, and they get an understanding of what your experience was at the time that you were going… Okay, there’s more out there. What were you experiencing in your life, you mentioned pains in different parts of your body, you mentioned there was something else going on, there was a feeling that wasn’t quite being right, I just felt like there was a missing piece to a puzzle, and I never really could put my finger on it until I started looking at more print side of break it works off of your shoppers, you have a seven ShopRite and your energy center. Energy Centers… And can you give like a brief? I understand them, but if you could kinda give a brief your understanding of what those energy centers are.

So your first chakra is going to be our Rocha, it’ll be at the base, your spine, and basically what that is is it keeps you grounded. It’s off balance, you didn’t notice it coming through with unconscious security issues, how… You’re just not… You’re kind of feeling stuck in the clouds on those… Don’t you feel kind of lost? You’re a little bit all over the place, so that for shaker kind of keeps you grounded, it keeps your energy circulating through the energy field around you, a ear for water depending on how every different people around in different ways. I personally like to garden and that’s how I run, and.

Just so everybody knows, all of this stuff is measured in… Scientists can measure the frequencies of these areas of the body.

And that your RA comes in place, that’s your bio-magnetic energy field, so.

They measure the amount of frequency coming off with your body, and it’s important for those that are watching that may be skeptical, that understanding that we’re about… That close to be in woolly grounded. We keep it really grounded in science, that all of this, all of the… Of everything can be measured. And you can call it the bio-energetic field from a scientific perspective, you can call it the bio-energetic field, you get into OSCE to call it The oration.

A more scientific fact, the Russian scientists, whatever a group of people get together to pray, they say, When you were more gathered here? I shall hear their voices… Right, that’s what concise. So it’s kind of the same system. You’re basically taking that ability and vibration through your words and you’re channeling it through to make a manifestation of something that you want. Does that make sense? So just, I believe it was Russian scientist for the ones that did the actual measurements of the bio-diamagnetic energy field, and they used it in that circumstance of where to or more gather.

It’s like if you play music, you have one instrument playing, it plays, it’s playing frequency and vibration, you put a band together, it’s more frequency vibration, you put an orchestra together, more frequency and vibration, and it magnifies the signal that’s being sent, and these signals can be measured within our own physical body, we can go and they can do their little instruments, they can measure exactly. These energy centers, the chakras in different parts of the body. That’s it. So cool, we have science proving Wu stuff.

Science and metaphysics are really starting to align more and more every day, they’re proving us right, so it’s such a beautiful thing to watch them finally coming together instead of being… On opposite into the spectrum.

Absolutely. So cool, I’m glad we took a moment to dig into that ’cause I think it’s important because there’s a little bit of worry or concern or fear or skepticism about that, which we can’t see…

My favorite is when people are like, Oh you’re… How do you know you’re not working with demons, you can feel it, you can feel the light versus the dark, it has a completely different emotional and energetic feel to it and…

Well, here’s a question, how do you know if a person is a good person or a bad person?

I think we’re all innately good, I just think that some of those blockages are what… They’re an outward manifest at, or I should say the outward manifestation of the inward blockages is what makes you come off as a person that may be good or bad, and I don’t necessarily think that anybody is good or bad, ’cause you can’t have one without the other, it’s kind of a polarity thing.

I do, I also think we’re in situations that can give us a sense of whether something is good or bad.

That’s what your gut feeling is for…

Your gut feeling. There you go. It’s a feeling in Gavin de Becker. I don’t know if you’ve read the book, it’s The Gift of Fear not…

I have not… Gavin.

De Becker, I’ll put that in the show notes. He wrote this book, The Gift of Fear, and it really shows how in different situations or scenarios, we can use those gut feelings as a way to determine if something is going to be good or bad for us, and how many times we override being socially trained to override those intuition or those impulses or those feelings or those gut responses that we have.

And the only person that you end up being mad at is yourself or not listening to yourself.

Yeah. Okay, cool. That kind of gets us out of the weeds with that, share what was going on with you when you came across race and you started working with your mentor, your coach.

She’s the one that kind of got me started into it, but I’d say that it was more of a catalyst to get me towards journey that I was heading towards a the time. But I go up, I’m adopted, and there’s a lot of secrets surrounding it, and my dad was in the marines and he had spent a good bit of time… And at the time I was a teenager, I didn’t realize that he had PTSD and anxiety, and it was kind of manifesting this horrible, scary anger issue, and the older that I got, I started realizing, Oh, okay, well, this is the reason why we were always butting heads I didn’t understand that he was hurting, but at the same time, a lot of those things manifested as trauma in my own life, and I was constantly depressed, my mood swings were in pain, I was having knee problems, I was having back problems, there was just one constant thing after another, and I was always feeling really terrible, and once Britney and I, she’s the one I was doing, Marchese ion started kind of digging out that emotional trauma to my adoption and things that were going on with my father as a teenager, I just felt so much more lighter.

It’s really kind of hard to describe, I guess, but it’s almost like that burden was just off my shoulders, and that’s a big one, and if your shoulders are hurting, you’re carrying the weight of the world on it, and that’s an energetic… Inside, manifestation outside, I was carrying all of my problems and not sharing them and not using that to help other people, so I constantly just… I was always stretching it… No, I wouldn’t do anything. Massages, acupuncture, just nothing. Nothing helped was there. So once we started releasing some of those traumas, I was like, Oh, okay, well, maybe I can help other people do the same thing. And that’s kind of how I got to where I was.

Okay, and when you experience race, what is your feeling of it or what does it feel like, what would… Someone who’s never experienced Rayford.

It’s different for everybody. And it depends on it, obviously, where some of those blockages are, but it’s almost like Archangel Michael, I worked with him a lot, and I can always tell when he’s in the building because it kinda feels like there’s cold water in my memes… It’s so hard to describe, but it’s almost like you were just sitting in this bubble of white light, and it’s just like this nice cooling tingling going through your veins and your skin, and you can just… Sorry, it’s really… It’s hard to describe every time I try to, but it’s almost like you just… All of you, everything just melts away and your problems feel so small, and it gives you a different perception of the way that world works and it opens your eyes in a way that you can use it once you’ve experienced it, it’s definitely… Had to Latin in my first great client, she… I told her, I was like, We’re gonna drink, need you to drink lots of water, and I need you to take a bath after we’re done. I said, If you feel like you have to make noises or Bert or cry or whatever, that’s your energy, that’s the toxic energy releasing out of your body, she said, I’m not gonna try 10 minutes and she was bawling like a baby, so it really…

It’s different for everybody, but for me, it’s just a sense of peace that I’ve never found anywhere else.

As… And would you say… What would Rick be called? It’s energy work, is what you were saying, the energy healing modality, and how is one trained in it?

The first level is kind of learning the basic sub-it, learning about the chakras, learning about MCAS, who was the originator of rain, you get your first attunement, you can do a body work on your own self, and then your second attunement is whenever you start to be able to do it for other people. And then we… Can you also learn… Just since Ray, so I can even really send you gray right now and you weren’t paying attention, I can send it for a time when you’re sitting still, so breaking knows no time and no, no distance. It’s simply me channeling a more divine source to trigger your body, to heal it. That’s the best way to describe it.

So what I’m hearing that we can relate it to more scientific or would be in a quantum field or quantum sequent, um physics in terms of that, there is no time and space. It’s pretty relative is. Anyway.

It’s a human perception.

The observer changes the observe, this was all proven in the movie, The Secret, I think a number of years ago, there was a follow-on of that, I believe what the bleep… That was another movie, and they did lots of different studies in terms of what they thought based on Newtonian physics, which gets us so far, and then there’s another realm of quantum physics of understanding how things work in a different way.

Right. It’s a more expensive way to look at things, and.

Would you say the Newtonian physics is going to be more of a scientific approach, something that you can really see that’s provable, and as we get into the quantum physics realm and gets a little… Maybe that’s the pivot point of getting into more room…

Yeah, that’s what scares a lot of people away is to work from… Part of it, even I don’t even fully grasp the quantum is part of it, it’s kind of like, Okay, I just know it works. And.

It works from your own personal experience of relieving this tension, this burden on your shoulders or the secrets from your past, your adoption of what was going on with your dad or whatever the case may be, and… I’m trying to think of a question that is out there in a way. And you’re really getting into a level of feeling or a sense of awareness or an understanding of yourself in a different way that is outside of, let’s say the box that we thought life was supposed to be like.

So I think that for me, one of the biggest factors of Ray comes from a Brian sense actually. Pray to introduce the idea of us having a shadow, so basically, we were born, we didn’t have any pre-dispositions, nothing’s going on, and the older we get, society tells us, Oh well, you can’t do that, that’s not how you’re supposed to not act. That’s not what you’re supposed to do. So you repress those things within you, so one of the biggest things as Ray master, whenever a client first comes to me is we talk about the things that they don’t like about themselves or what they think has affected their life in a negative light, and then we invite those, we’ll call them demons, for a lack of a better word, but the shadow side, we invite them to come in and we accept those parts of us that we’re told that aren’t positive, we should not like that. We should talk like that, I shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t do that. Everybody has an idea of what’s right and wrong, but at the end of the day, if you’re ignoring that part of you, then you’re not being 100% in your own life to yourself, if that makes sense.


Authenticate, comes to me, it’s like, Oh well, okay, go ahead. I want you to keep talking on that, so I got questions that…

So as a rake master, that is when you come to me for your first session, that’s gonna be the first thing we talk about, What do you not like about yourself? Why do you not like this about yourself, because a lot of the terms of whatever is manifesting pain-wise is because of your own perception of yourself. So that is always the first place I go. And then once we integrate the shadow side, we’re feeding our ego from a nurturing hope sign, everybody talks about to do that… Our ego was given to us to protect us. It’s a reminder of, well, maybe I shouldn’t do this, ’cause this happened last time. But what happens is we start feeding our ego with fear and toxicity and just all runestones, and we’re not nurturing it in a healthy way, and that in itself will suppress your shadow side, so what we’re doing is we’re integrating it and then we’re nurturing our ego in a healthy way, so as to not re-manifest those blockages in the outward pain…

Well, it’s the integration. We’re getting more authentic. I think when a person is acting out of character, I could speak to my own experience, I was like… My deal was Judah, I love throwing people, and I would push myself until my body broke, but my knee… That’s when I got to t-shirt.

So my question would be, what are you running from? To push yourself that far…

Yeah, totally. I mean, it was a total sense of not being worthy, I didn’t deserve to feel good, I had to push myself to the point of my body breaking then I can rest, I really wanted to rest, but I wouldn’t allow myself to do so, and if I beat myself more than anyone else. Then I deserved.

A rest. Right, and that’s really common. It’s very common.

It, sure, sure, yeah. All the people that I’m working with in my program are just another version of myself, like it’s a pre-req, was it… People who reach out to me, type A personality, have the to-do list to my long feel very productive, they’re not lazy, they’ll tell you it’s like they can handle pain, they can deal with it, it’s not so bad, it’s been worse and you know, they’ll go through all of this, and it’s like, Oh yeah, that’s what I said some years ago. And so like I get it, I understand. And it wasn’t until I saw that it was like, Oh, you mean I didn’t have to beat up on myself so much… Right, and then I could just be okay now and be more aware of the bound or the edge that my body would get to, that I could say, okay, I’m gonna go do something else for a little while, I don’t have to push myself until I break… Exactly, yeah. So that was my own version of not being authentic to who I was.

And that’s why you see a lot of impacts turning to drugs and alcohol, same thing. They just hear to the point, they’re like, I’ve done everything I can do, and I feel like I’m not getting ahead, so I’m just gonna note it. And that’s the same thing we’re doing. You’re numbing it by.

Joop pushing myself physically. Lifting weights, running, biking, I just didn’t stop until my body broke and then I saw them… Yeah, but the interesting part was, even though I got out the surgery, the physical therapy, and got my body back to where I wanted, I still had to deal with myself in all of that, the emotional component, the mental component, my mindset on things, version-ed.

To sit down and think about yourself for a year that…

That was my big lesson in the process, that you’re going to suffer this experience until you get the lesson and I got the lesson. Well, it wasn’t like it was overnight, and it was a very challenging process… I.

Wasn’t challenging. You wouldn’t learn anything from it.

That’s right, that’s why… That’s why how it becomes a lesson.

I like to learn things a hard way…

I stop that. I stopped, I would… I learned the pivot quicker to… Absolutely, it’s like, Oh, we’re mindful this… Well, now it’s like if I have an argument with someone instead of like, Okay, well, hang up the phone and then continue on in my day, there’s a self-reflective piece of like, Okay, how could I have done that differently? How could I have avoided that? Like tracking and reverse. Oh yeah. Really? Okay, let me quit talking about me, I wanna tie this back into race and how people could become aware you’re asking them these questions, it can be a little confrontational, but people can also know it’s okay. It’s not a big deal.

I’m at… I’ve always… My whole life I’ve been in people pleaser, I wanted everybody to be happy or, it doesn’t matter. We’re all gonna get along, I’m gonna fix it. It’s okay. And when I started doing rakhi started intuitively getting these messages, you’re not doing that certain, considering that you’re doing this and that’s that… Stop doing that. And it was really hard for me at first, because I didn’t wanna hear anybody feeling, I’m like, I wanna tell him that you now my… That starts hurting when I don’t speak what I was supposed to be speaking to them and so it’ll get scratched, cop, whatever, and I’m like, Okay, fine, so there’s… Okay, here’s your hard message, don’t shoot the messenger, please. But that’s kind of… It’s so funny how things like that just manifest into your life and you’re like, Alright, well, I should have listened… I shouldn’t say what I was gonna say. So now I’ve gotta go work on my throat chakra and I’ve gotta re-balance my throat chakra and get it right back in line by speaking my truth, and a lot of times that’s something that… That’s been my biggest thing, because I’ve known my whole life.

There was more the growing up, Southern Baptist speaking my truth was not a thing that you do. Sit down, be quiet. Unless you’re worshipping God, all of the spiritual woo, that’s all demon stuff. So that was my big lesson though, the rake was learning to speak the hard things in conjunction with the good things, because it’s not all love and light all the time. No.

Sure. So in that process of speaking your truth, usually the pendulum swings further in the opposite direction, and there’s that repression of, Okay, I don’t wanna say that, but I’m getting my throat is tightening up, but then you do say it, and the pendulum swings far in the other direction. So now you say things that actually hurt people or aren’t necessarily true, so you’re speaking and you’re feeling, let’s say different is not necessarily better on the other side of that emotional outburst, and then you start figuring out where is your balance point in that process? What was your experience of all of that.

In the red head and a marriage… Well, I have a temper. Oh my. But I also like to let it build up a sense is I don’t like… I remember I don’t like hurting people’s feelings, so I would just hold on to it and then I’ll blow up and I’ll lose my mind and my best friend and I got in a very big fight, and I said something that I knew right off at I should have never said… And I had laryngitis for a week afterwards.

So it’s like you…

It goes both ways.

It goes both ways. Got it.

Okay, everything in polarity. Speaking, speaking too much. So it really is, everything’s in polarity, you can’t have one without the other, and you gotta find that really nice center balance right there, you’re gonna have a scratch voice and be Hollerith. Right. Yeah, so I lead her on apologized to her whenever I got my voice text finally, and I have been very mindful of how I expressed those more angry emotions there, very things home, your spiritual… You’re not allowed to be at… No, that’s not true. You just have to do it in the right way.

Right, yeah, it’s finding the mentor of mine, I’m thinking… She would say, Use your finest words. And it can be your truth, and it can be very effective and confrontational yet, it doesn’t necessarily have to be me… No, absolutely it. But it takes a little bit of practice. And what I’ve noticed in my own experience of speaking my truth, that’s what the kids are calling it these days, Steinert, as you continue to practice this, it does get easier, and you also naturally start gravitating towards people that are communicating on that level or on a different level that have the capacity to communicate with you in a very similar way.

So that would be what we would call staying on the same frequent, finding people in the same frequency is more because there’s people who are on lower at frequent to even see are on her frequencies, and that’s not for not… We all drop and go back and forth and back and forth, but you absolutely do attract… The energy that you put out there. I agree.

Okay, let’s tie it into clients you work with that are experiencing pain, how they might benefit from understanding these concepts and principles… How you work with them?

Absolutely. So the first thing that I would do, what would be to tell them, whenever we’re preparing for RAI, unless it’s life-saving and you absolutely have to have it, I would absolutely pass off of your pharmaceuticals, alcohol, nicotine or whatever the case is, I would absolutely detox your body and get those toxins out, take some nice form bats, drink lots of water, because that in itself, before we even get to the energetic part of it, makes a huge difference once you’re releasing all those toxins out of your Holy…

Sure, and just so everybody knows who, everybody’s listening, we’re not suggesting anyone not listen to their medical advice, you absolutely follow what your doctor says, what your doctors prescribing, this is a personal empowerment choice that you would make to be more authentic with you.

Yes, thank you for saying that. I absolutely have to have that disclaimer whenever I am having them fill out their paperwork… Obviously, follow your doctor’s advice. So thank you, footprint. With that being said, I’ve noticed in my own life detoxing off of all these things that I’ve been singing, my body eating healthier, that in itself, before we even get to the energetic part makes a huge difference, we’re just constantly poisoning our body constantly, the food we eat. The things we drink, even the air that we breathe, it’s everywhere, it’s constant pain, so the more that you can do to live your life in a more healthier lifestyle, that’s obviously gonna make a huge amount of change before we get the organic part, and it also… The sciences can measure this, you start making those changes, you drink more water, you eat a healthier diet, you drink clean water, you start detoxifying your body by the sheer effect of doing that, you’re going to raise your vibration… Absolutely.

Before we ever get to any sort of session or working with Rick.

Absolutely. Taking up some salt bath or sleep with onions and your socks pristine. But it works really good. I’ve heard about that. Yeah, it actually really works. It’s kind of gross though…

Do they turn caller ID? They do.

Yeah, they turn black. Really hire topos come out of your feet anyway, so it’s like the black masses sludge and that’s in your body, whatever you see that that’s enough for you to be like.

No, I’m gonna watch me in… Great, have you ever done any of those foot de taxes?

No, just the onions.

I’ve done the foot de-taxes and that’s comparably disgusting, but… Yeah. Okay, sorry, squirrel. Back on to him.

Back for it too, so that before we ever even get to the energetic part, that’s a… I gonna tell you, okay, and then once we get into the energetic part of it, I’m gonna say… Okay, tell me the things that are bothering you. Are they mental? Are they physical? Are they emotional? What’s going on? So that way I can pinpoint it and I can be like, Alright, you’re getting a headache. That would be your crown chakra or your third eye, depending on… So obviously, either there’s a blockage below it, or there’s a block or above, ’cause you have hire shoppers as well, but that’s all… Botero would look at the things in your life that are going on. Your hot patterns. Are you having headaches? Are you just being kinda like, you are able to focus very well, we normally would be able to, what’s going on? Or you could do things like your adrenal system, that would be your intestines, your stomach, your ballad or your pancreas, that all falls under your third chakra, which would be the solar process, not your confidence center, your… I am Center.

You said you had referenced… Yeshe, yeah, thank you. Okay, is that something that you have… We could have links to… We could put in the show notes… Okay, that’d be great. Awesome, so it’ll give people an idea of how these areas of the body correspond with what you’re talking about, like these concepts, and it’s not just like you’re making it up and pulling it out of the…

Perfect beauty, I can definitely do that. And if you pay attention, it’s just like I was talking about my throat being Scratch, you were having laryngitis is right. I wasn’t saying what I was supposed to say or I was saying too much, so that’s… My throat was out of balance forever, the pain is, it usually lines up pretty nicely to where your chakras are, and then you can take it even a step further with Chinese medicine, they talk about the Mardy in lines in your body. So I teach race, but I also kind of incorporate different pieces of different spiritual healing modalities, so they all work together in conjunction, as we do, our body runs in the clock, we’re on a cycle. And that’s the same thing as the Brian.

Cycles. So we have 24-hour cycle, every day, we have a 28 cycle days in a lunar cycle that we have influenced, we have a 365-day solar cycle, which is a year, we have… Let’s see, the tides coming in and out, they’re on cycles.

And goes to your body, right? Yep, that would be all your median line, you have your gallbladder Meridian, your spleen meridian, that takes everything a little bit on one step, as we’re gonna go for it, so… Yeah, but they all line up pretty decently if you do notice a pain in one certain area, like say, you’re the knee guru, so your knee, that would be your Rocher, that Harare not grounding very well, or you feel a little spacey or something like that, or grounding maybe your.

Nelspr, I’ll get in my day and I’m always on the computer, I’m doing stuff for my businesses online, send in emails and videos and all that kind of stuff, and there will be a time early afternoon where I would just be like… My eyes will be crossed and I don’t even know what to do with the rest of my day… Right, I’ll go out in a yard, I work in the garden, walk around, take care of things, and something happens in there where it all kind of shifts, my head clears and it’s like, Oh, I’m good again, we do…

We have energetic frequency. The heartache, energetic frequency too. I used to laugh. I’m not trying to find anybody, but when I was younger, I used… Laugh at the hippies. You’re barefoot. Everywhere you go. Now, I bear put everywhere I go, Yep, I feel that energy coming up from the earth, and it’s almost like it’s taking my depleted energy and refilling it, no, you can’t give to others if you’re not feeling your own peppers…

Right. Yeah, just like… On the airplane, Jameson first, before helping others. And very much like him. I feel better walking barefoot. Now, I don’t get like… I’m not nearly… Well, I guess it depends on who you talk to. I don’t… It’s not… Wow. For me, this is like, I put my feet on the ground, it just feels better on my feet, I’d rather have my feet on the ground as long as the.

OASIS isn’t to be in shoes, so that automatically… Right, there is part of the problem. We’re incorporating, so many of these things are taking us out of our natural spaces, the hear part of that, like our ancestors, they didn’t use shoes, they walked uphill downhill through the woods over the… And they were rare Jews, and they were so much more healthier than we are, they could walk further, they could run farther, they could do a lot more things that we could do because we’re just constantly looking for an easy way out or something to make us feel more comfortable. Well, I present to you, Let’s get out out of our comfort zones, that’s the problem is we’re all stuck in the comfort zone. Yes.

Okay, so your person comes to you, I have these issues, and you’re essentially drawing information from them to get a better perspective of what’s going on in their life, maybe a snapshot or a cross-section of what they’re dealing with on a daily basis set… They may not be so happy about or they may not feel good about, whether it be physical pain in their body or emotionally or mentally, they may be struggling with maybe like that weight on their shoulders, like you were talking about earlier. So you’re getting a sense of this from them, and you’re drawing on your experience of your race training and other modalities that you’ve dabbled in, or you’ve gotten experience in.

A… I’m really famous for taking bits and pieces of things that kind of seem to fit together that most people might not think they get together, but somehow it just works, so I don’t think that there’s any one right answer. It’s kind of a mix of things. And it’s whatever works for you on a personal basis.

And let me just qualify the right answer, meaning there isn’t one specific modality that is going to be the right answer for everybody, but we can pull from these different modalities to figure out the right answer for you at this moment in time to help you along in your life, experiencing life more comfortably, more peace, peacefully.

And some of it too is kind of intuition, I work with angel, but a lot… Obviously, I’m just a person, I couldn’t do this by myself on a vessel, so whenever I kind of take that step into the wood land, other planes, dimensions, things about nature, I call on my guides and my angels and my ancestors, and I call in more guides and your angels and more ancestors, okay. How can we work as a team for so and so’s highest and greatest good, what can we do that will serve their highest purpose and help them get back on their top and help them get wind up? So some of it is obviously kind of knowledge given to me by other worldly other-dimensional type claims, so I guess without trying to or…

And you have to unpack that a little bit. What would you say to somebody who grew up Southern Baptist, that is here you talking about the other worldly dimensions and ancestors and guides and all of that, how would you step that back and break it down into some bright-sized chunks that maybe… I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy, I’m just saying that it is. Well, you had to go through this process. So I think part of your journey that what was in your throat, what was on your shoulders and those aspects, you had to go through an iteration of this may not be the same for everybody, but someone who has had this background, upbringing experience in their life, to different degrees. How would you begin to dissipate some of the fear that you had to overcome to move them maybe an inch more in that direction to make their life a little bit more comfortable… A little bit easier to question. A very good question.

And I’m trying to formulate my answer without going to a conspiracy is… I think that for me, I started realizing that religion is kind of a box, everybody says they’re right, and the other religion is wrong. Everybody does that, right? So what makes you write over them… That would be my first question that I would ask… It’s very fundamental question to me, that’s kind of the first question that I asked myself, Why is this religion saying that they’re right in the corona then… I would have to say that everybody has a foundational shaking circumstance happens to them, something that shakes them out of their comfort zones, and I get that seed plant for… And so to take that back to the other worldly dimensional type stuff, I found that I’ve had these insane dreams my entire life, and I always thought, Oh, they’re just dreams, and then one day they started coming true, be a day later to be here later, and it would always come in the form of me having conversations with somebody that I felt like I knew but had never actually really seen, and the more that I delved into the spiritual path that I am on now, I started realizing that sometimes it was higher versions with myself, talking to me, giving me advice.

Pointing me in the right direction sometimes it was angels. I’ve had many dreams about Sara, many drums just kind of like… But they would always be standing there, just standing behind me, protecting me, I guess would be the feeling that I would have gotten from it, so it was just little tiny things that kind of led to me realizing, Oh well, maybe I am actually projecting or lucid dreaming, or whatever the more scientific terms we would wanna use for it, this path is not for the thing apart, by any means, especially coming from a very, very, very conservative background. Well.

Yeah, I get it, I get that. And that path, I don’t believe, because I had a similar path, sellar. You don’t choose that path. The path chooses you.

Yes, more you fight it.

The worse it gets, and I think that’s where you see so many people struggling with the pain that they’re physically experiencing in their body, the drug addiction that they’re on the alcohol diction, Doran, because they’re not aligned with their spiritual path, they’re not aligned with their level of awareness as to what choices to make and where to go is more dictated by others than that internal guiding force that is guiding them in a place.

Every person that has been will be is now… They all have the psychic abilities, everybody has them, but we’re programmed from birth to think that that’s wrong, that if you hear things or you see things, your schizophrenic, or you’re this or that, well, how do we know those people don’t have a more direct connection to source… How do we know that if we didn’t nurture that and teach them how to ground themselves and how to safely walk the actual plane, how to safely use your psychic abilities, how do we know that those people would have turned out completely different?

Yep, I agree. Yeah, there’s that place. I think it’s, how can we be more gentle with ourselves? Absolutely. For me, maybe I would have only dislocated my left knee three times… Absolutely.

However, and I think that you have to get to that point of causing yourself physical pain when it’s so easy, whenever we could just teach our children how to nurture those things that the world keeps telling us is bad, it takes you right back to the shadow. It.

Now, this brings up a different vein, and what we might have to have another call that… What I’m suggesting is that there’s a balance where I see… We talk about The Pendulum, now it’s like, okay, I’m gonna repress my voice, now I’m gonna let it go. And both of them are not good. What I see is that people have repressed themselves or they repress themselves in a way, denied things, and it’s showing up in children in a negative way that…

You could call it a generational curse.

I agree, yeah. There’s this balance that I think we need to push our bodies in certain ways, I believe the body needs to be pushed, we need to strengthen our body, we need to exercise, we need to do healthy things yet in a way that is not self-abusive…

Absolutely, the Siebel oiled machine is properly taken care of.

And in the same respect, on the other end of the spectrum, there’s people that are like, Wow, I’m not gonna push it, I’m just gonna sit on the couch and you Cheetos all day and play video games and what ends up happening is now you have people that physically haven’t pushed their body at all, so they’ve abused themselves in an equal and opposite other direction. So I think it’s finding that balance of what… How can we push ourselves? How can we grow in a way that allows us to be authentic to ourselves, and.

There’s always push and pull, so you know, on the days when maybe you pull a little too hard, you take the next day and your self-care, you go relax by the pool. Or garden or whatever, that way your body has time to refill itself, an energetically.

You focus on… I call it focus on recovery, be like, How can I recover from this experience… Okaye, we’re gonna have to wrap it up here. We’re getting close to an hour-ish on the call, you were saying that you work with clients remotely, with Ricky, and what we have with the Kamala Foundation with the pain education podcast, is we set it up where we can have… Below this video on the page that where this interview will be hosted on the Kamala Foundation website, people can schedule a time to work with you to do that, as well as we also have what is called their pain relief portal. So we have a woman in Anderson out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that is doing remote muscle test, so they can fill out their information. Send it to Gene Gene muscle tests based on their name, their age, their location, and she would line them up, or whichever practitioner that I’ve interviewed can send them a link to that page where they can listen and then work… Schedule a time to work with that person. So that is what we’re doing. Thank you. Absolutely. For your time. It’s been fun.

Do you have anything you’d like to share with anybody as closing?

I think that the most important thing that I can stress to anybody and everybody right now is there’s a lot going on, you got yourself… Don’t be hard on yourself. Nobody’s gonna get everything right all the time, so as somebody who beats herself up, but often for not getting things right first time, don’t do that to love you or… So.

Yeah, I think that’s really important. And people kinda get a little whoop, it’s like, I don’t do that, but.

You do… You say you don’t hate people to worry about the words.

Awesome. Well, Kim, thank you for being on the show. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think this is gonna be very valuable information for so many people out there that are struggling with pain in their body… Absolutely, I’d encourage anybody who’s listening, please reach out to Kim… Absolutely. If you believe she can help or support you along your path in any way… Thank you, Kim. Thank you. Hey, this is Bill Parravano, the knee pain guru. Gonna sign off for today. Thank you so much for watching the pain education podcast, brought to you by the comella Foundation. Have a wonderful day. And we’ll see you on the next one.

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