Advanced Biostructural Correction for Pain Relief with Kaiten Rivers

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Hello and welcome to the pain education podcast, brought to you by the comella Foundation. Today we have a special guest, her name is Kaiten rivers, and she is quite an expert in an area of study that I am not very familiar with, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to draw out her expertise. So, Kate, welcome to the show today.

Thank you. Happened of that. Getting rid of people’s pain.

Yeah. Awesome, would you… Now we’re gonna talk about the Advanced bio-structural correction approach to pain relief. Now, I may have gotten that. Not quite right. And that’s okay. That’s why you’re here today. You’re gonna be able to share more about that. I’d like you to kinda give everyone maybe a 30000-foot view of what got you here today, so you have a quite extensive training, so could you share your resume? Well, for many years, I guess I still am a licensed nature physician. I have a washing state, Washington state license in the past year graduate in Washington State, the practice laws pretty good in that you are like a primary care physician, you can order the lab test and diagnosis and you have a limited prescriptive authority. And insurance companies have to pay for you. So it had gotten to the point in my career that I was pretty good at fixing moods of valinor mounts or digestive issues, and I was referring out for the Panthers always a little bit, trying to match up that pain with that practitioner, and maybe it was gonna work out and I got a bottom to… And throughout my whole commuter, I have been picked this up, play around with it, so what I’ll do what I want to put a state, a lot of it, and so in the back pocket for vocational abuse and what I want most is what’s gonna work with most people, most of the time.

So what got me interested, more interested in this ABC thing is one day I was getting up, and this is probably about 20… A one day I’m getting up off of the car, and I noticed I need Oldman sound through is like, Oh no, this is not a stand. So a little while later or something, we get comes into a dance fistula, this is the best thing you ascertain, pretty jaded at this point in time, and it’s like, Oh, I’m not gonna go do this strange… What it is, what it feels like.

And so I called, I emailed the guy who put it together, just the wide mailed me a whole bunch of Meester in mid-called trophies, and whoever answered the phone didn’t know what I was talking about, I got to the doctor and basically, they all kind of said, some version of, We don’t use that technique and this guy is too full of themselves, Osment, there was this one that you need, who was about 10 miles or essay… I’m gonna give it 10 sessions. That’s a fair trial. And so I went to her and for me, it took… For session four, I won… I think there’s something different, mentors, because I had pressure washed the house and the doses before, and so his shoulder, he always had some degree of A to it better sometimes where it was just kind of always there. And on the fourth treatment, that started changing, doing way, so I started to send all my clients to her because she decided to live about 40 miles away, and although I might try to ease my clients to do that as like, Well, why don’t you learn this? And I’m like, Okay, and I use myself into this, and it has been the most satisfying thing that I know how to do, both as a action and a practitioner, ’cause I found it people get people out of tennis have no.

Real… Weston, this sounds great, and I wanna get into the advanced bio-structural correction here in just a moment, but right before we started, you had mentioned something about studying Dexter university, it sounds like you have more extensive training that you might share with our listeners.

But you wanna know about the atrophic training or…

Yeah, it sounds like it’s more than just advanced bio structural correction that you have expertise in, and I understand Washington State, you’re currently presiding in the Asheville, North Carolina, Western North Carolina area, which doesn’t recognize a naturopathic physician in the same way that Washington State does, is that I think there’s about 18 states that really have a practice law to them. Okay, so you’re now in Western North Carolina. So that is that narrowing your scope in terms of how you can help people or… Tell me more about that.

I don’t think it’s not doing my Scope, or I guess this is a specialty skill, this is something not too many people who know about, so that I can bring this to the Ashville area. Right, and truth be told, I’m kind of missing some of the problem-solving thinking stuff that stuff had to it, but I thought this… I’m gonna offer this first and build things around it. Okay, sure. I can ask me questions about other things, but this is… Yeah, it’s not known very well and I’d like to get it out. I like more bodies in six.

With… Sure. Okay, and this is the… Can we call it ABC? Yes.

That’s what we call it. ABC.

Okay, we’ll call it ABC advanced first UCT Ural correction. That’s what you would like to dig into even more today, so we can draw that… Your expertise, 18 years. Do I understand that correctly? You do.

Yeah, 18 years. A practitioner of the ABC that…

Yes, that is formidable. That is a long period of time for anybody to be focusing on anything, so… That’s fantastic. And that is, you are a… Just a practitioner. Are you an instructor? How are you in the context of the organization?

I’m at the master level, in terms of the practitioners, I have been invited to join. The teacher training was just started on… One of the official things started on Sunday, so I have shown me it to different workshops and it helped people trying to get their technique down and stuff like that, so… Soon to be an act Germanic.

Okay, that’s good to know. You tell us more about what exactly it is, advanced bio structural correction, the image that I got there, and we’ll make sure this isn’t a show notes in there, it looks like a person was kind of slumping over and then there was a progression of them standing straight urinate and straighter. So I’m getting a picture in my mind of the direction that you’re going with the work, but can you walk someone like… What does a session look like? What if… Yeah, let’s just start with what a session would.

Be it… Let’s start with the mention of a bogie client, if they’re not familiar with this set, a ABCS put together by just a Jewett who had an engineering background, went to chiropractic college, got out in the real world and said, How come this doesn’t work as good as the Contras going to in college. And so he happens to be one of those intense in-your-face type personalities, so human out on his Juris honesty to figure out how to predictably and consist of many fix slides. So there are at least four things that make this really special and effective when it’s a head-to-toe treatment, it is a antidote… Ament, right? Because everything’s connected to everything else. Yes. Okay, two. And it fits in really well. Is a lot of the neath philosophies is that I’m only trying to find the things that your body can’t fix and five that. Okay, so largely, we’re talking from your seat that down to your L5, all those Petersen one of those slips forward, we don’t have muscles to pull it back in place… Right. Yeah, so that part of us, not probably not straight forward a bit, I’ll split forward into the side or something like that, but that creates an instability and your body doesn’t like to deal with instabilities.

And kind of thinking through from a chiropractic perspective, most of the adjustments they’re making are from back to front, so I can see where Jesse Jacobs, Joe jackas, Jack would be like, Hey, wait a minute, things are going from front to back, so… Makes total sense. Yes.

When you explain to people that I… You, that makes sense, that… So you gotta… Bironas an instability somewhere, your body’s gonna reproaches things to twist and turn in to stabilize that.


Yes, and that’s gonna happen over and over again, and that’s gonna happen over and over again when you lose that capacity to compensate a thing, to start getting more… So in A, B, C, So that is where I get those chronically type masses come from, right? Yeah, the Woodland to the word that we come, Chitose is just so… So in ABC, look at you more like you’re dis tangled Balfour and to Ontonagon, but you’re a cricket loaner trying to straighten a… Sure, okay. There’s something that’s known out there in the metaphor, it’s not really well known, but you can get tension in the mining system. Do you know what the majors are… Remind me.

Just in case…

Have you heard a meningitis? Yes. Okay, the meninges are the tissues that get inflamed with meningitis, so it’s a sheet of tissue that attaches to the back or based on laps around your brain goes down your spine, I’ll call in, attaches to your tail bone, each of your nerves has a little… See of that. But then it kind of worked, interested in scared in a house, they can keep your volumes from staying where we want them, but they can also start paying pretty intention on the nerves causing all kinds of problems, not nerve damage, but you’re just gonna get a lot of community dysfunction, right? Sure, so there’s a way of taking the tension out of them, an NGO system, and there’s this thing that I do in the back of your head that reads where your mechanical stress is that day that you’re like, you can’t fix… I work on that. And then the other thing I like about this is sort of like it’s a partnership with the body, is then you show up in a certain configuration, I do mind lose, and your body is gonna move the bones around that I can…

Now that I fix the things that it can’t… We call that the unwinding, the next time you show up, you’re gonna be any different configuration, and so it’s just this back and forth, and he’s really wanted to get you to… Yes, that makes sense.

Yes, yes, absolutely. Body, my understanding, my perspective, the body has an injury and it compensates and in androgens ate, and what I hear you saying is we’re beginning to reverse that process, the unwinding process of letting go of those layers of tension, the noted ball of yarn you were referring to, that the body is able to reorganize itself… Well.

Yeah, here there’s another concept that the body isn’t totally self-eight, okay, the biggest sense is if you get your arm chopped off, you’re not gonna go through another weighted… A lot of things, yes, it’s amazing what it can can do, but pulling that vertebra back on its own is not something that you can do now, you can pull a statement three or four, we can kind of… ’cause we can do this, right, but that interfere on that back, you need some external health…

Sure, okay. I could really agree with you there too.

Good. And then we have our… We call it sitting, sleeping and standing recommendations. This is another naturopathic career in this, I’m telling people things that are kind of against what they’ve been told all their life, suebi can deliver the goods if I can fix you, but yeah, I think you’re more willing to say, but everyone else has told me You are supports, why are you telling you not to… Where are the city and sleeping standing recommendations are so you’re gonna minimize the interior, you give yourself talk throughout the day, so we can move more progress Rikers to me, it’s… It’s about giving people the Bianca that they can do. Weygand call it anti-an adjusting, ’cause they will be able to do those things that you could do 20, 30 years ago. Like, Oh no, I’m just too old to that… The other same is that also adds like for dentate medicine, and that if you get unwound enough, like if you’re all tidal to break, you get in Ron, you’re gonna have some resiliency, and then you can go and get in an accident or overwork and you’re gonna expect to be this serious. Also pretty cool.

Sure. So are the sitting sleeping in standing recommendations, are they a way of getting the vertebrae that has shifted forward to shift back or is… No.

I need more explanation around it, a way of preventing a vertebra minimizing the number of the times that vertebral go forward.

Okay, got it. Now, I’m really curious as to how these vertebra that are shifted forward are helped… To be shifted back. How does that work? How does that look? So.

Well, we call them treatments, and it is going to look… So a lot of this will look like other things that you’ve seen, and basically, if we’re working on the upper vertebrae, the person is gonna be against the wall, my hand goes behind from average where it depends on which vertebra that I want to move, then I’m in front and I’m rowing the torso over my hand to create the leverage to do that on that… On the lower ones, we will do on the table, kind of the same thing, my hangers behind, I roll their torsos, the in.

And would it be considered a direct or indirect type of approach that it gets the vertebrate to move back into place?

I would call it direct, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but I do more to that.

Okay. From my knowledge and understanding of the body, a direct is gonna be taking a vertebrate that’s out of place and pushing it into place, that would be direct and indirect is going to be taking a vertebrate that’s out of place, you move it out a place just a little bit more, which gave engages the body’s self-corrective reflexes and the body will pull the vertebra back in on its own.

Direct because if you’re not moving the vertebrae… Okay, so in this system, the thing that the one that just move forward that’s coming up for today, and that pistillate the primary by mechanical breakdown, that’s the one that we wanna move because the bottom can… Anything else that’s twisted up in there is a compensation, but my art definition, if you take away the primary biomechanical breakdown, but body has the muscles, it needs to move things around, so you get to resolution of things. Now, the things that you’re describing, we would call compensations, and if you take away the compensations and oftentimes the area of compensation is where you’re feeling the pain… Right, that’s why someone wants to adjust that area ’cause that’s where it hurts, but that’s not the cause of the pain. Pain is the cause, is that vertebra that you can’t pull backwards, what is your carrot think that’s why… The adjustments that don’t pull, it’s because just in a compensation and that your body’s best way of dealing with something that we fix it, right. Well, let’s take that away, it’s like, no, I need that, let’s take a… Sometimes I get lacking sometimes.

The other thing that just the terms that Jesse uses, that This is predictable and consistent results. And then the other thing is, if I’m doing the same treatment on you in the program calls the same it, there’s some checking for that, but if I always do C7 and Leota, the pattern, we’re not getting anywhere. I have clients that I would be treated and they see this cis different… Lei went to the Carter once a week for a year, and he just did the same adjuster, and part of me wants to go in a race to do that, but yeah, in the UN-mind process, things shift and change and it’s not always fun and uncomfortable when you’re unwinding through your old injuries, yes, that could be like… I was like, Okay, like, No, it’s good that it’s back, it’s kind of homeopathic that way, but we don’t want to stick around for a long justices, and if we’re on the right track and that’s an unwinding, chances are other things, if you pay attention to your full body, you’re gonna notice other things that are too in a call and the side effects of that, you can see it’s like, Oh, this is really kicking up, but you know, I haven’t been able to turn my head left this, I don’t know what…

Or can take this deep breath or some other things is going on that if you weren’t paying attention to it, because you know when your body’s working well, you don’t pay attention to it… Right, sure. So I said, Yeah, you too only pay attention to things that are bothering, might be pretty annoyed with the BC, but pay attention to your whole bond, you’re gonna proboscis of this.

Yeah, and I think it’s a great point because when people are going through the process of their body healing, the nervous system has this tricky way of just looking for the pain, but not looking for what just got resolved, like you were suggesting that the neck… The neck no longer hurts, now I have this cramping in my upper back, or this pain in my hips are lower back, but my neck is free and they’re focusing on the fact that the cramping in the back or the pain in the hips and lower back are there, and they’re not looking at the fact that the next… No longer restricted. So.

Yeah, yeah, I guess I get traded to… So you know, something starts bothering me, I kind of like it, so I understand what being on both side of the… Sue’s get into specific pain, if someone called Stilwell in calls with… Say it again.

I think we’re good. Okay, I think the internet slowed down just for a bit there. Okay, the person comes to you with a specific pain, are you looking or addressing that specific pain or are you looking more like globally first or… How exactly does that work?

So, I’m talking musculoskeletal pain, this ABC technique is not gonna fix a fracture or infection or… Or something like that. We’re just certainly…

So just anybody that’s watching, make sure you go to your doctor, get an X-ray, a CT scan and MRI, get a diagnosed, so we know what we’re dealing with, and.

Now, no, we know we’re not gonna cause an harmonie gonna be able to help and fix and that kind of stuff, right?

So someone… A lot of people, because I work with people with NEPA, they use the knees as an example, so I come to You wobbling in, I’ve gone for an X-ray, a CT scan or MRI, doctor says nothing is broken or torn in your knee bill. I have knee pain, I’m cobbling in to see you. How does that look? How would that go?

So I do wanna know things like, are the bones the shape they ought to be, because if they’re not… That’s a nation. I do wanna know if there’s any surgical intervention, some people usually want to tell the story.

I don’t know. Yes, they do. Now, is that gonna be helpful? Someone brings their extras or what they’ve gotten from the doctor to you, so you can look at the shape of the bones, or is that kind of maybe…

Okay, it’s really not necessary. If the bones are the shape that they ought to be, or even some surgical interventions I call them, like they’re a bit of a wild card, do not know if it’s going to be a problem. I don’t know if it’s going to hamper what we can get done. It, early in my career, I had a woman, she came in and she happened to have several of her neck, vertebra, there’s a metal plate fees and them to go, right. So when she comes in, everything as everything has everything work and work and gosh, neck and neck is what’s really bad in there, and she did bring me some extras and I’m not allow to… Into predatory. So I took them to Jesse, and basically, if they had stacked those bones in that the best anatomical position for her, he probably would have gotten her out of pain. Okay, Jesse looks at the X-rays and in pottery, he says, Tell her they did reserve and how the state… We got most of our body out of pain, so it’s not necessary, and one of the things that I wanna tell you that it can do is all those, what I’m gonna call the functional neurological things, and the stuff that has a labeled, but they don’t really have…

The clear pathology for it, like a serial Estonian artists, the fibromyalgia, lots of headaches and some bishops, too much. There’s nothing that you do. Work on all of those things, but I’m gonna tell you it’s the same. We determine what you write down, side is, we see which manage released we need to do, we see you went… Vertebra is forward that day that I need to fix… We did run a protocol, we do the city with bringing standing in your body or Devaney, come back and we just get it done. If your bones part… So if you want things to return to factory settings, if you will, the ultimate stacking, that is a very long-term process, years for just about everyone, and more… If you’ve had a lot of or more for the accidents that you’ve had it… And this is what I notice, and then I talk to other practitioners in different parts of the iteration personas, what I know from working on bodies where I observed this, 10 visits or This is gonna be plenty of time for you to decide if… Like the changes going on in your life, a lot of people can tell right away, I wasn’t under about 30 visits or less, and that thing that you came in for, well, that’s usually gone and we’ve stabilized, it changes enough that you can go out for was really long-term relief.

And so with the Dand, when I’m working with people with these things, I know the Polish they need to… So the treatment isn’t necessarily different, I might find a bound on them that every time I do it, it makes things worse and then I’m gonna see later figure out, Okay, you just need that one a lot.

That’s gonna be much positive.

Right. Most of the people who… The management is a little bit different. Okay, Okay, you’ve got a collaborator or something, you come in and after a number of treatments you like… Nice. Yeah, I haven’t had any pain since the last treatment, and I’m gonna go, Okay, here’s our options, you go away, come back to me when things hurt or… We can keep going. So when you have that at noon or something, the management is a little different, most people wanna say, No, I wanna keep going, I wanna see what else we can get done. And the 10 visits, 30 visits, is this once a week? Multiple times per week. What are the spacing between a week, twice a week is the best rate of change, more doesn’t necessarily get you faster, you’re in a crisis period time that you won’t come in a little bit more, that’s fine, but because it’s that I know something anybody has to do things around the suit works better if there is at least a day in ortona in two into say two standards are defined that as much to do as I hate what you intensity, so twice a week is the best rate of change.

People still in trees, if they do less, but twice a week, that’s how action less than once a week is not half as fast, it’s a lot less as fast.

As abeyance. Stations, sure.

But people still get better, you’re still donating through the direction, so I say, I understand and prescribing for your budgets and personalities in my… I’ll tell them how I can get… Provided us the Paris time, I set aside like 35 minutes ’cause I have to do the explain all that kind of stuff. But 10-15 minutes on the followup, there are some super practitioners and get divination the roses.

Nice. And is there… I wanna see a profile of a client that would work best with this type of work… Maybe I would ask, Well, maybe you could speak to the profile of a client that you’ve seen that it works best with you, you could also share a profile of your ideal client…

The ideal client is one who’s willing to give this a try, sit back and wait to feel and understand, because like I said, if they’re… I’m doing things differently. And then if they’re really bad on… Oh no, I just went after that. Just one activation. I have to be your staff. Kinda move that vertebra backwards, right? So they really have these expectations, or they’re using the right amount of force in the right direction, where we get into this, and there’s times when I need to do something gentle, there’s times in a need to give it a little force… Right. So you can’t handle that. I’m gonna be using some more, so if your mindset is on divine, but people aren’t willing to give it a shot. And like I say, I can do the work if they want, part of it is because I can do so… This technique does do so many things because it’s all of saying, What about is… A lot of people are disappointed because they have tried a lot of things and it hasn’t worked, so if it spends a out of time at that… So someone who’s gonna be curious and let’s see what goes on, some person who’s going to…

I wasn’t this person in a friend, but someone who’s going to work on the city in the SEI… Yeah.

I’m making a few notes here of an idea based on what you’re saying, I’m writing down a few things. The person needs to be open, they’re gonna want change in their body, they’re curious, and they would be willing to do the homework, willing to do the homework that you would ask him to do, are there other elements or components of a client that would be an ideal fit for you.

Yeah, I have seen this change benefit resolve so many different things that there’s not too much I would take on… For the person I wouldn’t mind spending time with. Right. And by the end, time me, I’ve got some curiosities to see, ’cause I haven’t had these people coming to my door as much as I would like to see what I can do because they’re… Again, I like to dabble and get my hands and get some experience on ASMA, right, because we’re changing that shape of that course, we should be able to get you better breeding capacity. So if you’re a go 30% of your capacity with the asthma, this kind of test and you lose 20%, you probably still battle off the headset. I have this curiosity with the Sree world policy, I would like to start with the people who don’t have an obvious brand damage, they haven’t figured out why it’s probably just some of your tension to stuff. Once upon a time, I had someone, I was Man to try working on him, I needed to get his wheelchair set up proper for us now, the city. And he came in and recitation of Christian, one of the things you can do is not these graduations, but the twist the edge, so it’s a little bit higher on someone’s breakdown side ’cause a little bit more of a support of that…

Right. And it was just changing the angle of the Christian brought down the spasticity… Instantly, visibly movie. So I’m wondering how much of the neurological things wouldn’t get better with that, so those are the things that I haven’t played with enough to see how much we could’ve got all kinds of your neurological stuff, Bible’s really… I think you could really talk people into… People live into the neurologist, and the neurologist has said, Well, it doesn’t follow a nerve pattern distribution, so I don’t think that’s what’s right. But in my role is like, well, maybe you have tension all up one side, the meninges, that’s why you have been all on the right side. Veit doesn’t make processes.

Is there a specific type of pain that you have found exceptional success with or that you really enjoy working with you as.

Opus skeleton, your neurological things that don’t have a rhyolite anabolic or the infection genetic type.

So I hear you saying You have this curious nature about yourself that you like figuring out the human puzzle, and so to speak, that it’s like the ones that almost everyone has kind of said, Wow, I’m not really sure what to do for this. You would be game for like digging in and going, Hey, let’s try this.

Oh yeah, okay. So yeah, for the whole body, and then also there’s a couple of books, we do it like for people with shoulders, have some shoulder stuff opens, we do that usually we can get boring to me and one shoulders right away.

Like frozen frozen shoulder kind of stuff.

Yeah, anything but just not just feel stuck or… I think people who… The athletes or the dancers or that type of stuff who have collected these injuries over the years, I think the best of the alignment would help them function better. So he’s persano. First of all, while ago, I was working on a transient meditation teacher, they have all the heuristic stuff there, right, and I’m about half way through his like, This feels different than coerces, feels like a real Manahan. I was just working on someone the other day, just a little taste for Stratojet, and she’s like, Oh, no more energy. Oh, my crown. Shake my choice. Okay, maybe the canoeists kind of new to me. Now, what Everton that before?

So this was someone that was more sensitive and aware of these specific energy flows in their body that they felt, that the alignment or the work that you did with them, they felt this energy flow in ways that they hadn’t before the alignment for the oriental SES. And getting the C7 there, you wanna see more brightness in the face Marinette that I will see people come in and they’re kind of flat, and then at some point in time, they come in and we just kind of put it up. I see that often enough to know, I think it’s because of some of his porters. Yeah. Have you ever seen any of the Curlin photography?

I seen it, but…

And that this is anecdotal at best, however, you could take the picture of the bio-energetic field or the aura around the body, and they take a picture of it and the pictures and different colors around the physical body, and you can do before and after.

That would be fun. Yeah, the other thing I am told, and I haven’t experimented with it, is that get the structure better and then many of the acupuncture readings are gonna be Shinobu in… I’ve never had it.

Yeah, there’s so many things that are… To make it a true study… To do it, there are so many variables that go into it, it’s almost… It’s incredibly challenging to zero in and say, Okay, well, we’ll do this study on this type of thing to help improve body, ultimately, the proof is in how the person feels after they experience the work, the exact… Well, this has been great, you have… We’ll wrap this up here in a little bit, did you have anything else that I didn’t ask about or didn’t talk about those we send out there that you’d like to address?

I have all these little signs on the wall over there, things perfect. So an ABC treated body has a much easier pregnancy and birth… Okay, I just met the year out in the honest role, and so women, I had children before and the women had had the next bar with the ABC treated well. Yeah.

Nice. That’s incredibly helpful information. It would make total sense that a body that’s structurally in alignment would be able to… Especially a woman, pregnant women who has structurally, Heine able to pass a baby much easier as a result of that alignment. Yeah.

I don’t know if everyone who did, this one woman said it was like The Contractions where Hal is painful, that twice as effect.

Yeah, nice. Yeah, cool.

Any other sticky note over there off camera that you’d like to bring into the conversation here that… So different websites and advertisements and stuff like that, they’ll put these sparkling people on there, and then you got the little asterisks down there, and they say These results are not typical. But if you go to that and you be seeing your clarinets, the pictures that you see there, that’s to… That is what I would try. That’s the kind of changes that I would expect this maybe so, to do on bodies, it’s the right number of treatments to get you there, but the picture changes that you see, those artificial results.

Great, and I’ll make sure we have all of those links down in the description of that as well as information as to how to contact you, and.

There’s an ABC provider map and ABC website. So Pepin Australia in China, in the UK and Canada, throughout The Heritage person in India under Operon in South America. Outside logic.

It is that… Cool, we’ll have all of that information as well as the practitioner finder, provider finder in that information, be in the vision box below for that. Is anything else you’d like to say or share as we wrap it up today.

You know, I’m always happy to what I call provide a free 10-minute chat to people if they’re gonna come and do my clients so I can answer the questions. See if you do a good fit working together, so…

Perfect. What we’re doing, and this is, I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you as well, with the Kamala Foundation, the non-profit, is we’ve set up a pain relief portal, and that we have some people that are doing muscle testing, remote muscle testing, so they fill out the application on the Kamala Foundation website, that sends an email to one of our remote muscle testers, and then they test on which practitioner would be the best alignment or be able to help them the most, based on when they.

Sat, does not technique, the practitioner.

The practitioner yes, anyone that I have interviewed, they’ll get the muscle test to zero in on the page on the website in a specific practitioner, then they get a link to the interview that I did, and then the ability to set up a consultation with that person to get help support direction, whatever that is, from that practitioner. So.

That way I will do my best as…

Yeah, so that would be in total alignment, we’ll get… We’ll be in touch after this to get that all set up and lined up for you to be able to be… That the correct contact information will get to you. Okay, great, thank you. Perfect. Well, I thank you so much for being here. This was an interesting journey, learning about advanced bio-structural correction, also known as ABC, we referred to as abaya. It was a pleasure having you here and talking with you, so thank you very much for taking the time with us today and sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. Awesome, so if there isn’t anything else you would like to share that you got it. So you did great today. I know you were… There was a little bit of hesitation. You did awesome, you breathe, you shared your good stuff, so this is fantastic, and I will go ahead and wrap it up now, so… This is Bill parravano, thank you. This is Bill parravano, the knee pain guru. Bringing you the pain education podcast, brought to you by the comella Foundation. Thank you so much for being here. Have a wonderful day.

And we will see you on the next one.

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