How Beliefs and Emotions Create Back Pain with David Somerville

Show Notes:

  • Louise Hay
    • Back pain is from a lack of support
    • Knee pain is fear of stepping forward
  • David offers a FREE 15 min “Discovery call” that you can discuss what you need help with, what the session is all about and whether the session is right for you

David offers a FREE 15 min “Discovery call” that you can discuss what you need help with, what the session is all about and whether the session is right for you:

Full Transcript

Hello, its bill, the knee pain guru, and welcome to the pain education podcast, brought to you on behalf of the comella Foundation. Today we have an awesome guest. I’m interested in digging in with David Somerville, David is going to talk to us about how our beliefs and emotions create back pain. Welcome, David.

Thank you, Bill, I very appreciate you inviting me to the podcast and give me the opportunity to talk about emotions, beliefs and pain in the body. How are they connected? Obviously, when you’re in pain, right now, the first thing you’re aware of, it’s happening, everybody, but the idea, when I first encountered it, the idea that belief could actually lead to an emotional response, and the emotional response can over time, crystallize in something that could manifest his physical pain within the body.

Nice, absolute. We’re gonna dig into all of that. I wanna share with our listeners your background, love to hear your training, like what brought you to… Brought you to today. Exactly, sure. Line Cliff Notes for.

Notes. Perfect. So for me, for me to get in the work that I do came from my own… So feeling actually, I had depression when I was in my late teens and early 20s, quite serious. And then also to deal with that, get a substance abuse and all of that, and I hit bottom, and for me, I had to find a way to overcome that for myself, so I looked into traditional means of that… To counseling and all of that, and then got into more of a holistic area where I discovered, discovered through taking a course or a workshop around the idea that you can have emotions trapped in your body that can be causing changes in your mood, who you are, you don’t feel like yourself. Depression and physical problems as well for some people, and so I just thought, Wow, this sounded good, so I took this course and it was an eye-opener because for me, I was brought up in a family, being a guy, it… Nowadays, guys are a lot more emotional and express her feelings more openly amongst guys, you let alone just Word… So I was brought up in a family where my dad wasn’t a very emotional person, as a loving person, but he didn’t show his emotions, so for me, I was showing…

That was the way to be, right? So that became my experience. My belief… So for me, I had all this emotion that I never learned, I didn’t have the skills to express, so it became trapped within my own body, within my own mind, and because I couldn’t express it, Emotions are energy of… He never had any strong emotion that you have… You can physically feel in your body, so the idea was that over time, I couldn’t express these emotions, and then… So taking this course, it showed me a modality actually, ’cause I learned how to do it as part of the course with other people, and then I was certified in… It was a way for you to get in touch with OEMS and to release them in a comfortable way, and in doing that, leave me my physical body felt the response to that too, so attention and a depression on a line level and over-thinking and it comes with depression and all of that. So that kind of disappeared. So then also, this stuff really works, use because it worked for me, it became real. I took other courses in this method, and then I started to work with people in that…

What was a method called…

A cell pattern release was the name of the method. And it was quite a while ago in my 20s, so it was like 35, 40 years ago, so… Yeah, so I got into that and then other… I just continue to other means of trying to deal myself with different modalities, I took rahi, which is an energy exchange method to help the body heal itself for a less… So I became certified in that, I’m also a certified rebirth ER, so again, it’s working with trauma that’s stored in the body, it actually can go back to the birth, were you use breath to breath, work with a person for a period of time, and it actually releases the memories that are stored in your body and the trauma that’s attached to those Marines within the body, they can go right back to your birth actually, because birth is actually something that’s dramatic for everybody, so they got a good birth or not just the idea of it. So anyway, that’s another thing that I’m trained in. Let’s see what else. And then what I did was I developed recently… Well, actually one more thing ever or I mentioned is I’m also trained in FATA healing, which is a believer.

So, just like I mentioned, that pain in a physical body can come from emotions, it can also come from a psychological thing, like thinking the way you think of the lease you have about yourself, the way you think about yourself, so those can translate actually into a physical response, ’cause you think about yourself feeling… Having a belief about yourself, you don’t feel good about yourself. We have a belief that you don’t… I don’t have made to anything, let’s say you’ve been brought up that way, where you know how you support a relationship from your parents or something as an example, so that can psychologically create a reaction in your body, right. So when you feel good about yourself, thank you. How do you feel in your body? You feel relaxed and your body and reflect that, so if you have years of being in a negative environment where it creates a belief, it can manifest in the physical reaction, so the belief work that I took training in is what I use in my session as well, as oil as the emotional component to… So I work with people on the belief level, if they have limiting a negative Subconscious Police, unconscious place, and they might not even know, would be aware that they have helping them release and change those, and also on the emotional side, if they have emotional cell Pattern memory trapped on the inside their body like Brownell devil, that we can actually…

There’s a method that I developed from that method, and I mentioned I was trained and it’s a little bit quicker and it works, it even online, so I can work with people online, and they don’t really… People don’t need to get into their emotions, some people are nervous about that and Lopes my emotions. Well, the original math… And I mentioned to you, I did, that was part of it. You had people released your emotions, well, this method that they sort of developed, that came to me and I developed, and I’ve been using it now for over three years, really good results, even with physical issues, people are having really good responses ’cause it deals in the body, so it helps people release that energy without having to re-experience the trauma of the emotion, they’re witnessing it, so they just see that energy leaving and it actually can shift their body out of the fight or flight response that they’re stuck in, which is… A lot of times the pain and all of that, if you look at it, the bar is finding… Almost like you’re in a fight or flight response. Yeah.

David, you mentioned something as you were sharing that information, one of the things, and it happened in the last interview that I did, and I’m noticing is about people who are really skilled at helping other people, helping people out of pain or otherwise, that they gloss over this one point, for instance, one of my last person I interviewed, she had been in a car action and she was like, Oh, I was in a car accident, and then I got into studying this stuff, and then she shared, it was like… Yeah, she completely shattered her ankle, in her foot, she snapped off or humorous, clean break. The doctor put her arm in backwards and she had stuff where she broke her collarbone in her ribs, she glossed over it like, Oh, it was a car a… So you had said you hit… You hit bottom. Yes. And it almost seems like a similar pattern, ’cause that’s what I do, I watch for patterns, and I’m really observing the people that have gifts for helping people out of pain or gives for helping people resolve issues in their life, they gloss over the thing that made the biggest difference for them? In the littering point.

So it sounds like this, whatever bottom meant to you… Yes, in your late teens, steered the ship in the direction that you started, the cell pattern released the rake, the rebirth or training, the theta healing training. Yes, I’d like you to speak more about, What does bottom mean to you? Exactly. Hitting that bottom.

Thank you for taking me back… No, it’s totally understandable because it’s done like that was 40 years ago, and I wouldn’t be who I am now doing what I do without it. I resolve that I realized that that was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I live an exceptional life now, and back then, I couldn’t even imagine what that you even wallaby… I realize I lived an exceptional life now, and this is just how I feel about myself in my life and how I was olaus, I was pushed to uncover things out myself, and they were hidden, and I discovered strength that I had within myself that I didn’t know I had, by being forced to, because no one else could help me when I had bought him, Suri had supported Maliki, not saying I do not support… ’cause I do that, the first thing I discovered was as Ren, I’d never asked for help. I thought it was a weakness, I’m a guy… Just for me, the way I was right up, you do things yourself, you overcome… It’s a weakness to show something wrong, you don’t even talk about it.

Like I mentioned my father, he didn’t really talk much, so for me to even ask for help was huge, so I did that, and then it was like a breath of fresh air, so things open for me, all this and I realized I couldn’t do it all myself, I had to ask for how… So that.

Was the… What was the difficulty? It was a suicidal thoughts… Was it staying in bed for days, was at gaining… What was bottom… What did it look like?

What did it look like? Yeah, yeah, bottom was pretty much what you’re saying. I actually had a suicide attempt and thankfully, it didn’t happen for me that way, and I’m here, but really, life was so painful, like when you talk about pain in a physical level, I’m lucky, I don’t really have a… I haven’t encountered that in my life really, but psychological from what was going on in my head, and I believe that I had about myself, how I felt about myself that I didn’t even know… I didn’t know what it was, I was just feeling it was so real. So for bottom for me was just not wanting to be here, wanting to medicate myself away from those feelings, and then of course, I did work at first, and I’ll be honest, I had a lot of fun doing it for a period of time, but then once I stopped working. Guess what? The issues are still underneath all the medications, so for me, it was a point where I had to change or else I wasn’t gonna be here with the suicide attempt, it was… That didn’t work out. I changed everything. And right then I realized I had to change my life.

It was almost a spiritual awakening for me, I woke up one morning, I realized that I had to change my whole life. I completely disowned all the people that I associated with that I drank with nothing against them, I just… For me, I couldn’t be that person anymore, and I don’t even know what that meant, I just had to act for self-preservation, and that put me on the path really to my healing, and then of course, I asked for help and had traditional counseling that got me talking and then that got the energy moving, it got me out of my head and then I was… I had some anti-depressants I was taking for a while that help me get over it to a degree, but…

Yeah, and just so our listeners are clear, and I’m not digging this up to like on David, this is more for… Because the person that’s looking for how the person is going, My back hurts my neck, hurts my shoulders here, and I’m doing this, I’m doing prescription drugs, I’m drinking, I’m doing this thing, if they can relate to the person that has already been through it, if they could go, Oh, David, I’m in that same experience, David was in, I’m gonna trust David more because he’s already been through the same stuff that I’ve been through, like he’s doing the same thing, so he knows what it is, so it was… I heard you were drinking.

And taking drugs as well.

And drugs, and was it prescription drugs are just… No.

Just some whatever available, what was available at a few times and comical, but luckily I was out of it before some of the scarier later… Drugs came on board, yeah. Anything that would help disconnect me from what my reality was in my head and in my body… Totally.

Yeah, that’s the bit. I get it. And that’s awesome. I think it’s really key to your story, and for those that are listening, ’cause they’ll just say they’re in physical pain and they won’t connect it with all this other stuff that we’re gonna dig into today in a call… Yeah.

And just fucking that one more thing, bill, on top of that was, like I mentioned it, I love my life now. I can envision me being in that feeling knowing that I love my life, that I wanna be here as long as I’m here in doing what I do, love what I do. Yeah, possible. So I wanna say to people, it’s possible, it really is. You just… You don’t know how to get there. And that’s really what my job… I see my job and the… I’m a facilitator through my experience, ’cause I can be compassion, I can be… Obviously, I haven’t been exactly what you’ve been through, or the client that’s coming to me, but I can relate to it in my own way, so there’s no judgment ever in what I do, so I’m here to just help help you through your process to find out whatever it is that that’s in the way from getting you to where your version of me right now would be…

Yeah, and that’s an excellent point because many people when they’re in, when they’re in the weeds, when they can’t see past the next five minutes, there’s that place where very much like you were saying, you couldn’t see the version of yourself that… The life that you’re living right now. And how wonderful it is. And I think that’s the carrot, it’s the unseen carrot that how do we get to that place? But know that if you steer the ship in the right direction, you’re gonna get there…

Exactly. And that’s people say, I’m stuck. Well, that’s not just a word. That’s what happens is you just… You can’t go forward on the body a lot of times, well, not even just the body and the mind, one thing I’ve discovered with the modalities I work with is that the body is an amazing thing, it’s trying to keep balance, it’s protecting you. So sometimes the reactions that happen even on a body level or a line level around beliefs and stuff, it can be the body acting up a protective mechanism within your… It’s based on the past. A lot of times it’s based on something that might happen to you, or maybe it even happened through a genetic pattern, so something passed down through your mother, through your birth or something like that, so there’s these experiences that you just can’t… You don’t know where it came from. So the process is about getting unstuck by taking trusting and taking that first step in allowing the process, and that’s really what I help people that… I say, I’m like, I’m a guy. I don’t take you to France or Spain, but I help you as a tour guide, a facilitator through a process where we can uncover what the source of your back pain might be, Trainor, maybe we’re talking here, and all of a sudden you’re relating back pain to something else on a line level that just popped out on the end of your head, those things can be tied together.

So again, I help people connect the dots of that and the methodologies we work with together are to release that energy so you’re free from it, ’cause once you’re free, but it can be… It’s gone, it’s gone forever. The stuff I went through, yeah, I have a memory of it, but it’s not… It’s a black and white picture on the wall. It’s not a moving picture anymore, so I see it there and it serves me… It might come up again, it might be an occurrence where I’ve had it, actually, it’s been years since I had it, but recently, does a covid stimulating all this fight or flight response for people because our survival is challenged now with covid… Right, that I’ve seen it in clients, but I’m seeing it myself or something’s come up where all of a sudden I haven’t had that thought of I and Evergreen, I’ve had that in decades, and believe it or not, the PTSD response from the covid fear of dying or whatever that came up and I was shot ’cause I actually felt it in my body, that feeling like, Oh, I could have a great now, and I consciously looked at it and said, No, we’re not doing it.

Because it’s a black and white picture. So I’m the master of that. Now, it doesn’t control me. Right. So the idea is, is that you’re still gonna have… You’re still gonna be aware and conscious of it, doesn’t mean to say it’s every… It’ll disappear in your conscious living, but if it does come up again, part of what we do is to clear the energy and even give you skills to deal with it, that’s part of the session work I do that there’s action skills given to help the person I’m working with action, the change that we’ve made to make it conscious, so when they see it come up again, they make a different choice, and then of course, when dealing with physical issues, you might be dealing… Now, I’m not sure what you do a bill exactly, but someone that works more physically with the person, you give them physical ways to work with that, but I give them what I like to give them middle exercises or something where they can be consciously aware of their behavior, so they don’t continue to consciously do the same thing they’ve been doing for three decades or whoever, all they are, that they’ve always done, but we’ve cleared the pattern, what they need to action to change and they may become the master of it, and then guess what their body benefits from it, because the body is the result of the mind and the emotions action ing on it, the body doesn’t have a choice, it’s just sitting there, it’s like the foot soldier that doesn’t have a choice.

So our negative thinking or limiting thinking, emotions stored in our body from the past, those basically play out through the physical body and the really, the body has no choice, there is no choice on that level. Does that make sense?

It does, it does. And I’d like to tie this into one of the… The role, how the role of the brain plays in physical pain, how do we start tying that, ’cause a lot of the stuff we’ve been speaking on is more well-theoretical for someone who’s in physical pain, it’s out there in Woodland-ing it in the physical body and how we can start shifting that in a physical body…

Exactly, so maybe the hashish knows that it brings your awareness and attention to it, and that’s the purpose of pain in the body of… Serves, of course, if you’re a CRO pain or acute pain for a period of time, you’re not thinking of it as this wonderful thing that’s telling you you’ve got a problem, right, idea of… Okay, so the idea that’s a positive user, but what happens is, is that we don’t realize we have the choice of our own thoughts and our own thinking to allow ourselves to disengage the body from being stuck in that attention. So some people might meditate and there’s different physical things that you would do to help them bring their awareness away from the pain, right, so they don’t notice it enough. So the idea that you’re thinking… So let’s say if you have patterns of thinking that you were brought up with around the belief around who you are… Right. So I don’t know if you’ve heard the essays book, You Can Heal Your Life. I have, yes. So that was like a landmark book in the 70s, I believe it was, where she tied the idea of emotions, trapped emotions and emotion, emotional content to areas of the body where people have problems, so one of the things it was anger, frustration was like liver and gallbladder her back pain, for instance, back pains about support, so if you think about the back is what supports our whole system, so the idea that if you have back back problems, there’s…

You can see a tie and she’s worked with many people and I’m… In my sessions, I see where people that I feel like, Hey, they got so much weight on their shoulders, they have beliefs and patterns around supporting other people, the ways of thinking that a good person helps, a good person helps everybody. So the idea of that, it sounds like a wonderful belief that a good person helps people, but that isn’t always the case. What if you don’t have the energy? What is that… Believe for the way, you brought up the sort of golden rule type thing, what if that does… What if you can’t do that? What if you physically can’t do that, what if you’re in a situation where you feel like you’ve gotta support the family, ’cause the family is falling apart or RTOS, someone that you’re taken care of, and you’re the only caregiver, and then it feels like it’s all the weights on your shoulders or supporting your back, so what can happen is a psychological component of that can actually translate to the physical problem in the body. Okay, does that make sense?

It does, it does. When I looked into Louisa work, of course, I was looking at it from a perspective of knee pain, ’cause that was my whole deal, and knee pain was about the fear of taking that step forward.

Yes, that, did that resonate with you at the time?


There we go. Still frozen. Still frozen. There you go. You’re back out now.

There we go. Okay, yeah. So the Louise Hay work was about knee pain, and it was a fear of… That taking that step forward. And when I read that, I was like, Oh no. I got a spotlight shine on it, I was like, Oh man, and it was totally true for me in my life at that time, and how it was… How the pain in my knee was showing up in my life, and then did she get into the right side, left side, male female stuff, I wasn’t.

Totally the body symbology. Right side is a female right, the left side is now the state… Left side, that’s right, sorry. Yeah, so the idea is where the pain is, so I work with people where they have pain on the rain side, so the idea was, and it came up that they actually had beliefs that they’ve gotten from the father the right side, so the mail. And so we use muscle testing as part of… I use muscle testing as part of the session with a client, so we do muscle testing to confirm where beliefs come from, and then we work on resolving those, resolving those beliefs, and then freeing the person from that energy and the belief. So if you think of the mid-level as it’s like a computer, I don’t wanna make it like we’re a bunch of robots or computers, but our brain does work like a computer in a lot of ways, so the memory that started there, that can be changed just like we use memory exercises to learn how to play guitar or whatever like that, you can use that same method now be at the method that I was so that I help you with that access is a state of brain wave.

It happens a lot quicker, so you don’t have to use repetition, it’s like changing the pattern and the memory that’s there, and the belief that army, and then even download and a new belief to support you, just like someone would use repetition to say, I’m gonna hit that golf ball perfectly, every time. So they say that to themselves and envision it, so I think of it in the same idea, but it’s in a session where we’re removing stuff that doesn’t work with you, that’s effective, believe almost that don’t support you on… Support is a better way of saying it. And then downloading new beliefs, some programs that would actually benefit you and support your whole bean, and then your body comes back into homeostasis because I can let go of the tension that was caused by those limiting lied.

Now, I wanna make sure we’re bridging the gap here, listeners that it’s like… So we have this limiting belief, this belief that is no longer working for us, that is causing us to hold tension in our physical body a certain way, that’s creating back pain… Yes, whatever that is. And what you’re doing is you’re facilitating, you’re working with them to identify this belief that no longer serves, and then we’re removing it, these techniques that you’re showing, and then you’re re-programming, for lack of a better term, it’s not that the ideal thing, but how can we replace this with other thoughts or patterns in our mind and our emotions that will allow the body to feel differently, to move differently, to function differently, because now what feels differently and you’re thinking differently, so the back pain doesn’t happen.

Yeah, so if you think about it, I think of even beliefs, ’cause I work in the body level, which is different than that belief level, the body level is… I call it memories, ’cause there’s memory stored in the body like frozen and time, so if you think of the body as the past, that the thinking is like a higher procreation we ever think before we act, we’ve all heard that’s… I think before I act, which is a fact… We always do, right? Well, hopefully, we do think before we… But the idea is, is that is, if you think about it, the frequency of thoughts or are… We don’t see your thoughts, so they’re very fast, emotions are like a lower frequency than that, so we feel emotions ’cause it’s in the body than the lowest level is our body level, which is where these memories are, so I kind of look at… Even beliefs is a memory, so the idea is, is that the memory is the past, so all the work I do really, whatever method I use, whether it’s working on a belief, so the memory is stuck in the body, cell memory is to…

We need to unlock the past, ’cause the problem is, is that there’s like a memory or a belief stuck that’s based on the past, so we need to awake in the past, make a change in the past, and then bring the awareness of the change into now, time okay, I know that sounds a little esoteric. But anyways, you’re gonna say…

Yeah, well, it’s interesting, maybe we could use your experience as an example of what they were talking about, you had this really low point in your life, suicidal thoughts, were medicating with alcohol and drugs, and prescription drugs and things like that. Can you give a person an example of how you might take the younger version of David and apply that and how that you would move forward from there?

Sure, brilliant, I can do that. So the idea, if I came to see me with that is we would go into… You might say about what’s going on with you and I’ve just under-pressed all the time, I feel terrible in my body, I don’t wanna be here all that. So what we might do is we… Like we’re gonna use muscle testing, so we would use muscle testing to discover if you have beliefs in the subconscious and your subconscious that’s supporting where you are, and also we would ask to see if you have body level memories, the fact that I’m having a physical response usually indicates there’s body level component to it, it’s just not a psychological Byram, so what we would do is we would work on… For instance, maybe we discover me with muscle tests, and we would discover that the beliefs come through your mother’s side of programming, your mother is programming is a programming around self-worth, so if you think about it, if my mother has a self-worth program, what she doesn’t feel good about herself. She doesn’t feel like she’s a good person for some way, some belief or around that it’s impossible for her to parent you or parent me in this case, saying I’m a good person.

It’s very good, I’m not impossible, but it’s very difficult for her. Because how could she give me something she doesn’t feel… She doesn’t feel good about herself. So then all of a sudden, guess what? We have that same program and I don’t feel good, but I don’t even know I have… I’m just maybe right, I’m just… But were imprinted with it the time we’re in the moms mothers womb, and I’m only using mother for an example here, is we’re imprinted with the motions, the beliefs, the energy around the way our parents are mother acts, so if that’s implanted right now… So here we’re born, and it’s like We’re imprinted with the programming that I’m not worthy… No, there’s something wrong with me. So I go through my life with his belief, I can achieve things in life, which I have is things I was good at, where he’s younger, but if people would say, you’re really good. Yeah, you’re really nice person day, you’re really kind person. But do you think… I believe that, no, because I had programming that I had to resolve that said, I’m not worthy on some level, or something like that.

You’ll never Mattachine. That was one of my things my dad used to say, You’ll never a Matt anything that was one of the phrases you’d say, so I guess what… I took that. So that actually led to a way of being that I thought that… So then it would create psychological pain and pain in my body, so then the drinking… So we get to the point of where I’ve already told that story. So when you come to me and work with me, then we would muscle test, and chances are in… In my case, I did have emotions on a body level, so we were work on having you uncover where are these emotions in the past or stored, so that’s not necessarily by finding out what the story is, like traditional counseling would be looking… Oh, we gotta find out the source from a story in your past, in fact, it’s completely the opposite. We don’t even need to worry about that. All we’re gonna do is I’m gonna get you to tell me where in your body of the memory store, and then you’re gonna tell me, you’re just gonna know it might not make sense, but you’re gonna tell me where they are, and we’re gonna actually get you to witness where those memories are in your body, and when you do that, it’s like you’re awakening in the past, ’cause witnessing is…

It’s like quantum physics. I won’t get too technical, but the idea of some quantum physics exercise or experiments have proven that the idea is when we witness something, it becomes real, when we look away from it, it doesn’t really exist, it’s a wave, it’s not a physical object anymore, so I go too deep. So the idea was when we uncover it, you witness it and then we work on clearing that, and then even witnessing the change and bringing it into awareness of who you are, so it’s kind of like we’re going back to the past, awakening it, clearing it, and then bringing the awareness of the new you, it’s changed into your present time awareness, which is where all power resides in the present time, you have to be conscious before any change to happen…

This is, I’m digging a conversation I… Since there’s a couple of pieces around our beliefs that we were exposed to growing up when we’re born, when we’re growing up, our parents or grandparents or aunts, uncles, cousins, whoever… It’s our environment. And one of the big things that I hear is, Well, my mother had knee pain and her mother had knee pain and my hands had knee pain, so it’s like, Oh, I’m gonna have to have any pain and I’ll have to have a new replacement ’cause there’s no other option, but it just ties into a belief, or if it’s the same emotional pattern that your mother walked with and her mother walked with in your aunts and uncles and cousins, and brothers and sisters, and everybody else walked with… That was your environment, so now you’re gonna walk the same way and your knees are gonna hurt in a very same pattern.

Yes, so there’s two components, and that’s beautiful, the extra example, because there’s two components could be working there, right, there can be… They’re actually a genetic component, like a epigenetics is… Oh, sure, they’ve done studies where genetic components, we all know about like, oh, there’s a heart problems in my family, and how Liaoning… But actually behaviors and the way you’re reacting is they’ve actually proven it can be passed down, so that component could be the need could be a genetic component. Right, right. Who knows what, it could be an ancestral component seven generations ago or something happened traumatic, they froze the memory in the need, and I remember the genetics passes it down one generation to the next, and like I say, scientists bring that… This is a real thing. So the idea is, it could be that physical component that’s genetic, but then also the belief component is the mind takes a hold of that, it makes a story of it. Right, that’s always fun. We get together at Christmas and all I got that bum shoulder still. Yeah, so do I and O. And then it becomes a story. And then we even get when work in belief work is if people won’t honor their stories, which is the beliefs, and then they can even hang on to it and not wanna let them go on an energy level because they could be honoring their family…

That sounds a little strange, but the idea that they could be both the mind and the body working… That example was really good.

I see a lot of people gain energy, they gain attention, they gain validity for their pain, and if they didn’t have their pain to talk about… What would they talk about? Who would they be? Yes, yeah. How would the conversations go on Christmas if I didn’t complain about my knee or my back, old time, and a lot of times, people take on that victim role that it allows them to be significant or validated, or they wouldn’t be seen or heard if they didn’t have that issue. Excellent.

They play the role. It could be their role, we all have… And when it comes to our family, we all have our position and role in the family, or consciously know it or not… Not very, very true. So the idea is, is that when I work with people releasing these patterns, it’s also knowing… We also work on the downloads that I talked about, and beliefs and also feelings where… What if you could actually get what you got from being in pain without having the pain… That’s.

Attention, the attention, the energy that being listened to, being supported all of that, instead of using the injury… Yes, as a way of gaining it. I could live my life, I could live the experience of my life and a rich and full and awesome way without having to go through the pain to get it… Exactly, exactly. So at a concept, that’s great.

It is possible, I’m a living… An example of it, I was a living example of payment suffering at 20, and now I’m the living example of joy and wonder. People don’t realize… One of the things in me that helped me a lot was I discovered that the choice I had, the emotions that I was experiencing, anger, frustration, a lot of those lower emotions that were tied to depression, sadness, grief and stuff, all of those were tied more to my fight or flight response than they were to my true emotional state, which is Joy, Wonder… Happy, you have to ask anybody, What’s the one thing you want? I only wanna be happy, I get a picture in a million different ways in our lives individually, but really they just wanna be… People wanna be happy if you ask them one thing, what is that, that’s an emotional response that has a specific frequency, it has a specific way of being… Now, the thing I learned in my discovery was you can actually develop the ability to be that… In other words, you can actually train yourself just like you would train yourself to with any… To play guitar or whatever, play a certain cord, you can actually train yourself to tune your emotional state to a higher frequency, like joy or wonder, you can have…

Two seconds later, you’re back and pain and suffering around your back, there’s a way to actually do that because of stress and the way stresses affected our environment, and we all have… I don’t know, an expression of that, that psychology is actually normalized these lower emotions, which are more tied to pain and suffering in a fight or flight response, just because so many people have them, it’s like, Oh, this is just the way we’re supposed to be… No, it doesn’t have to be that way. So one of the things I help people is when we release these patterns and beliefs and the memories are stored in a body level, it actually frees the person from that fight or flight response, which more automatically gets them in those negative emotions, and then guess what? The beliefs go along with those as well, so it’s like we’re stuck, but if you can free the person… If I can free myself, if I was working on myself like I did of those memories and beliefs, replaced them with positive ones, then what happens is, is it opens the door to those higher emotions, the state of happiness and joy and wonder, and…

That seem unachievable if you’re sitting there in pain, and.

That’s our natural state actually, and I think it’s unfortunate that you have a lot of different professionals that set the bar really low, that it’s like… It becomes normal because they set the bar low, and I think it’s time, and I’m all for empowering people with setting the bar higher, having higher expectations for doctors and physical therapists and massage therapists, anybody that’s out there that’s doing work that is just being complacent and setting where they’re at? Yes, I think when the people that are coming for that type of help, I either demand a higher level of support from the people that they’re going to, or they leave that person and now they begin working with someone who is going to up level and increase their game in a way where now it is possible, now we can look and see how we can increase that vibration raises those emotions, those higher levels of experiences in our physical life.

Not very chewing, that’s the biggest thing for me, is that I’m consciously aware that if there’s something I want to achieve and I attract someone, or I’m connected with someone to help me, I just… They’re not onboard with me, they’re not the right person to work with. I know right away to nothing against them is no judgment, it’s just… I know, like you said, if they can’t envision it with me that it’s gonna become difficult to do that. Now, the other thing I discovered was, is I gotta do the work. As much as what I work with people, when people can have shifts.

Tegus wanna be clear, have to do the work as a therapist working with a client, or you have to do the work as a… Define that a little bit more. So.

Everybody, they’re spikes the idea of when I work with people, the modalities that I work and I’ve gotten so much quicker that people seem to get quicker results from it, but there are components of it where they have to action it. So even if we work on clearing this stuff and changing it for the person, there’s still enough component of action, not to say that… Not to say that it can’t clear it, but really the idea that they have to do the work, some people, they want it all done for them in the five-minute fix everything so quick nowadays, nobody wants to watch a video longer than five minutes, and I understand that, but the reality is, is that there’s a work that might be done and you’re gonna benefit yourself, you can’t be all done for you, and the component of taking responsibility for your own health was a big part… I forgot to mention that. Really, that was probably one of the biggest things is that unless I took responsibility from my own health, now, that doesn’t mean to say I’m not saying do it alone, I’m not saying that at all, but I’m the master of my own house.

Even when I go to a doctor, I don’t just accept what they say, I understand his training and everything, but I’ll listen to him and I might get a second opinion or I might feel like just just feel right for me or do some research myself. I’m not a doctor, so I’m not as arrogant. Say, I’m better than him or anything, or no more, but the idea is that I take responsibility ultimately for my own health. I might not know what that means, I might not see how I can action that, but that’s the thing I’ve discovered, that as soon as I realized that many health, Mike, Healing Back to health accelerated immensely, that was a big part of the mind aspect of healing that really transformed me, that allowed my personal healing, and I see that with clients, is that a lot of what we do in sessions is to give you a mental concept to take away, as well as to actually do the work to clear, change the police and work on the body level memories and emotions, clearing those, but a lot of it too, is that they’re giving people perceptions of themselves that they didn’t know that those negative imitating things like when people have unconscious police for instance, I’ll say to them, Did you act that way? Because of those beliefs? Yeah, I did.

Yeah, well, you acted that way, but that’s not who you are, you didn’t even stand a chance, it’s an unconscious belief. People don’t realize we’re only a conscious 6% of the time, I remember I heard that in my train… What, 6%, that can’t be, right? But we’re actually running unconscious programs that run our life, it’s like when we drive our car, when you first drove your car in 16 years old or I don’t know when you guys drive from the States there, but 16, 16, 20. So you’re like, You’re Troyer hands, they gotta advice or your hands off the wheel at the end of the first time, ’cause you’re so focused, but then now you’re just thinking about what you’re gonna do and you’ve driven the last quarter mile, not even watching the road because your unconscious mind did that, right? So that’s good. So the idea is, is that if you can realize that that unconscious mind, it runs your life, but what program is in there? So that’s really where if you have negative programming and your life is an a picture of that, it’s not working out, you got pain in your body, you don’t feel good about yourself, or whatever it might be out of…

Friend, I always say to people, Don’t worry about it. Take a breath. It wasn’t your fault. It was unconscious when you blame somebody that didn’t know that they were doing something that they created in an outcome that was negative, you put… No, they didn’t know. How do you blame them? They didn’t know if it was your child. You don’t blame your child, so we do that to ourselves, so that’s another thing, it’s those type of mind perceptions that are part of everything I do is ’cause I want you to be free of the psychological component, even with… I’m talking about, there’s a little bit of ascetic stuff, even with pain in your body, people can become to hate their body, have beliefs around their body, ’cause I’ve been caring pain so long. So part of the process can even be learning to communicate and connect with your body and love your body again, you body is doing its job, you naturist trying to keep you safe and do it… What it’s trying to do and do the best I can. So again, all those psychological components can be as part of a session as well, when it’s needed, so…

Well, David, we’re gonna start ramping down here, tying up today, there’s a lot more that we can cover in what I’d really like is to begin the conversation about our next one we’re gonna have, ’cause I think the content that you have here, what we kinda outlined for this can be broken up into two conversations, but I want to… There’s a couple of things, and I think it’s more for people that are looking for support from you that this isn’t one of those deals where they go for one session and we’re good, this is generally gonna be a little bit more… You wanna make sure you’ve thoroughly remove those belief systems and then replace them with other things where you’re really seeing the changes in your life, that’s one of the pieces on there. And let’s see, and that there are a number of other tools that you offer clients, could you speak to a few of those real quick? I certainly can.

Yeah. One of the things is to create the solo stasis in the body to it… ’cause really, I look at healing as the body body can heal itself, it really doesn’t need to us or a doctor even, or pills. It doesn’t need it, if it’s put in the proper space, if it’s given what it needs, I’m not saying obviously, that’s where doctors and people that work like myself, is I help you with that aspect, but… We start that again, sorry. Yeah, sure, go ahead. Second, so can you ask the question again?

What are the other tools you use to help clients… Right.

Yeah. So what I try and do is part of the process beyond clearing the emotions and the cell memory and the beliefs, is to give them tools that they can use in a daily basis to help them stay out of the fight-or flight response in their body to allow them to become conscious of the thoughts that they have to be more present with, you allow the body to stay in homeostasis and hopefully the body will relax and then the pain and the suffering that’s coming from that won’t be needed. That response of the body to the beliefs and memories and emotions will be gone. So what I do is, when we work in a session, I actually use a little meditation as part of the session right at the beginning, it’s only like five minutes long, but it gets people connected with their own inner heart intelligence. So I don’t know if you’re familiar with heart math, it’s a wonderful site where they’re realizing the idea of connecting to heart intelligence can allow the body to stay out of stress, which puts the body into the perfect space for healing, whatever that would be. And that’s one thing that people get…

Everybody that I work with, that’s a tool that they’re experiencing it, but they also get a recording out of it, and a lot of times I’ll share with people, you know, why don’t you do that every day? I do it every day, it just keeps me centered, it keeps my whole body system and homeostasis or whatever that would be for each individual, but for me, I would never go a day without doing that because it just keeps my mind, my emotions and my body in a balance state. And so that’s one of the things, like I would mention earlier, the individual sessions, generally, there’s some take away that I give the client, it’s unique to the situation we’re working on, so it’s just a little exercise or something, nothing difficult, so they don’t have to meditate for like two hours a day or something that they can’t do is generally something small that they can action the changes we have done, and again, what’s the action, then it becomes real for them, just like practicing when you work with them on a physical love, you may get them to move their leg a certain way, and then over time, all of a sudden their leg just does that naturally, so it’s in the same idea, whatever this little exercise, they act and they feel the benefit of it, and then when they feel it, their mind sees it, this is a good thing, I’m gonna do this every day, ’cause I’m feeling advantage and that’s the power of it, so…

Yeah, that’s wonderful. David, I know we’ll have all of your contact information in the description of the video in the show notes as well, and you’re going to be… We’re gonna have a link below this video that will allow people to schedule a time directly with you through the Comella Foundation, a wonderful… That’d be on it. Perfect, did you have anything else you’d like to tie up… Right before we end here.

Let me see. You know what the thing that comes to me, Don’t give up on yourself, you know I didn’t… 20 years, I could have easily… I could have given up, but I didn’t. And it was the best thing ever. Did as far as that stairway up to where I am right now seems… And if I reflect on it, it wasn’t one session or it wasn’t even a year for where I got… Everybody’s unique in that process, but don’t give up on yourself, ask for help, whoever that is, whatever… If you feel safe and comfortable with a certain person, even if your mind might say, I don’t really understand necessarily what they’re doing, but something feels right about that explored… I’m not saying leap into it, but at least explore it, and that hard intelligence that I talked about that is you… That’s the intelligence everybody has, and you trust that… ’cause that’s really what got me to the point where I am today. So don’t give up on yourself. You’re worth it.

David, thank you very much. That was awesome. I appreciate you for taking the time to speak with us today to share your knowledge, your wisdom, your experience. It was wonderful. We’re definitely gonna have you back, if that’s okay with you, we’d like to be in in a few weeks or a month, get you on there to tie up some of these other pieces that are out there that I’d like to dig in with you a little bit deeper on. That.

Would be wonderful. I’d love to…

Yeah, I’ll be reaching out for that, but for today, we’ll wrap it up. Okay.

Thank you. And looking forward to a stock… And.

Thank you everybody for listening. Whoever listens to is. Yes, yeah, thank you. Okay, thank you, David, for being here. This is Bill Parravano, the knee pain guru on behalf of the comella Foundation for the pain education podcast. Appreciating you being here. Have a wonderful day and we will see you on next week’s podcast.

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